Photon UI - General Feedback

Could we request a wildcard search function for any search util:
e.g., if i wanted to search for only scan arrays (since other variant strings occur in between) I could type scan*array or scan%array to bring up a more precise search?

How difficult / likely would it be to get this implemented?

Well, thank you CCP.

You finally cured me of my addiction of Eve. Photon UI is such a stupid, useless and absolutely horrible experience that my desire to play has fallen to zero since it was forced upon me.
Not to mention it is ugly as sin and can not be fixed, because no matter what, the base color is an ugly grey.
And on top of it, I now get headache when trying to play.
(I better not type out what I wish on the Devs and decision makers at this point.)

Oh and everyone who enjoys it, I have a warning for you: It will not last. At some point CCP will throw this out with the same lame excuses and will manage to introduce something even worse.

No, you can not have my stuff.

Major gipes:

  • The highlighting feature can not be turned off
  • The lock window button is behind the 3-point menu now
  • windows take up to much size
  • No option to customize the color scheme, everything is grey on top of grey in the end, racial color schemes are more or less worthless and lack destinction
  • the entire UI feels unstable (most likely related to the highlighting feature making windows light up like a christmas tree when clicking somewhere)
  • Security Status Colors
  • buttons like the ‘warp to mission location’ button no longer destinc and look liked they are greyed out instead of the clear blue they had
  • compact mode is lacking the information the old Ui managed to provide in less space and still takes too much space (this is on a 28’'4k Samsung Odyssey G7A - I don’t want to imagine how this looks like on lower resolutions and smaller screens)
  • worse performance, occasional stuttering, FPS drops (3090 TI here, so I doubt it is a performance issue on my side)

I understand the need to upgrade the backend stuff, but the frontend-stuff should have been preserved. The proper way to do such upgrades is that the end user never realizes it did happen. If you construct a new UI from scratch, the easiest way is to first copy the old one and try to create one that virtually looks and works the same (for the end user) but uses the new better tech, that way you can offer a seemless transition instead of a hard break. Gradual changes over time can follow while new features are implemented and bugs squashed.
Photon UI currently for me feels like a regression (for example regarding customization and color scheme) and is a great step back regarding useability. This is a creature of the ‘dumb everything down liek tablets and mobile phone UIs’ era. Most people will now never discover certain features, because they are well hidden, falsifying even telemetry, because that way certain features that are actually good, never get used and thus might get cut off instead of understanding that the UI itself is hiding the feature or making it inconvienient to use.


You can change the theme in the ESCAPE menu settings.

Fair complaint, I kinda think it’s fine but to each their own I guess…

I really don’t have a problem with this, as I rarely ever unlock or lock my windows. It’s only annoying on startup.

Ah, you did know about the racial themes. I just use the default.

I suggest welping a few frigates in lowsec to get a feel for the UI.

Remember to enable compact mode and set scale to 90%. Hope to see you in space if you ever come back. (About the “no you can’t have my stuff thing…” do people do that? I hear of people with a hundred billion leaving the game, and I’m like… “wow lol that is like literally 140x my net worth and I’ve been playing for 4 years”)

None of the themes change the ugly grey.

This is a theme:

This is a theme:

This is not a theme:

2 our 3 have actually discernible color themes throughout the UI (buttons, window background, window borders, category headers, text boxes, highlights), one 1 of 3 was even adjustable to your custom liking. 1 out of 3 has no way to use discernible colors, and to make matters worse, the tiny amount of color that was left in the UI was reduced even further in the last major update.

2 out of 3 are color themes. 1 out of3 is just grey.



This is meme-worthy.

Why on earth is the “LAUNCH DRONE” not on the top? And why the ■■■■, is that button positioned in slightly different places, depending on whether I’m selecting a single drone, or a group [or, I assume, a drone grup that has mixed drones]?

I KNOW THERE’S A BUTTON FOR THAT. But that does not explain half-assed r-click menu.



Yes, it’s ■■■■■■■ bad, and ■■■■■■■ slow. And seems to query the server every time I open it up.

Mobile UI design principles. Your thumb must be able to hit a button accurately, even on a 4,7 inch scree, when on a toilet, at 3AM.

Watchlist window has ridiculous padding issues in terms of nickname displayed:


Why does it need to be so much wider in order to display the nickname fully? What’s the rest of that spece dedicated to? Broadcasts? If so, make this dynamic, instead of wasting 50% of the window width 95% of the time.

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One of the latest updates increased the padding at the top of the fitting window, making it inconsistent with every other window. This is triggering my OCD and carefully crafted window layout. Can we have the old version back?

Yep, but this is not a mobile game, and won’t ever be able to be adapted, so much so that they developed an entire new version of the game for that.
I’m afraid that some UI designers got so used to mobile that they started to see those principles as useful everywhere, while they are derimetrial here

Ever since Photon was made mandatory, I noticed a serious degradation in responsiveness of the UI. After I gate jump and start a warp, it takes a noticeable amount of time now before I can reliably F1,F2 my Cloak and prop mod. More often than not, neither activate after I started the warp (even though the server reliably registered the warp because the anomaly notification window appears right away) and I have to press F1, F2 again.

Similarly, the Start button in the industry window is also much less reliable and much slower to recognize clicks. In the past with the old UI, I could reliably start 2 jobs from BPOs within 1 tick. Now it is a lottery to see whether the game recognized 1, 2 or 3 jobs.

Photon was lauded as improvement for the UI performance but so far I have not experienced any better performance. Quite the contrary, the performance has gotten worse in many areas.


CCP UI being helpful again:

Skin list with the setting “Only show Skins I own”:
Skin list with the setting “Show all Skins”:
Skin list with the setting “Show only Skins I don’t have”:

How is that even possible or a rational thing to do? It makes no sense that to tell me that I own 16/16 skins and as soon as I get a new skin of the line, I own 17/17 skins. Or the reverse, first I have 0/32 skins and as soon as I get a new skin, it turns into 0/31 skins. It makes no sense to change the total number of skins available to what I have, which is much less than what is available, or what I don’t have, which is still less than what is available, and the decreasing number only makes it look like skins were removed from the pool and the unchanging 0 makes it look like I got no new skin despite activating one. Surely, this can’t reduce cognitive overload, make the UI easier to use and streamline the UI experience.

Instead of changing the number of skins, these settings should only show or hide the Skin categories where I already have all Skins or where I don’t have any Skins. There should be a new setting “Show partial Skin collections”, which shows Skin categories where I only have a portion of the available Skins.

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Annoying Feature, Since I’m stuck on my laptop right now. Small screen little space for windows I have a few doubled up.

I dock up with D-Scan and Overview(New window Target)

But when I undock its switched itself to Probe scanner and Overview (Target Drones)

Not game breaking but bloody annoying.

Obviously I can just switch the windows order but Just thought I’d mention.

NVM It defaults to Probe Scanner and Overview (Drones) WTF???

Old bug. It gets even better when you have a second overview window up. In that case, the UI always not only switches to that secondary overview, but it puts it back on screen from minimized and dscan only observes this overview. It is not enough to click into your first overview to make the dscan observe that overview window, you have to actually click on an overview tab to make it work. With every single undock. But since CCP stopped working on Photon (no new bug fixes for 2 releases), we’ll probably have to live with this glitchy abandonware for the next decade.

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Photon Ui is an abomination, the skilltree release absolutely perplexed me, literally facepalmed everytime i opened it up.
Whats going on?
Is there anyway to have the original UI back?

they get this urge to change the UI every few years…

…And everytime we mostly hate it.

We get used to it then they change it again. It’s Bloody annoying.

The Only good thing I like is having ‘New Window for Overview’

Photon UI quality at its finest. :slight_smile:

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Every time I log into Eve I can only shake my head seeing that CCP removed the great UI we once had, to replace it with this nuisance of an interface called Photon.
If CCP stops throwing such annoyances on the player base, no “login rewards” will be needed to give people an incentive to play Eve-online.


this i a truly masterpiece!