Photon UI - General Feedback


Yes, it’s ■■■■■■■ bad, and ■■■■■■■ slow. And seems to query the server every time I open it up.

Mobile UI design principles. Your thumb must be able to hit a button accurately, even on a 4,7 inch scree, when on a toilet, at 3AM.

Watchlist window has ridiculous padding issues in terms of nickname displayed:


Why does it need to be so much wider in order to display the nickname fully? What’s the rest of that spece dedicated to? Broadcasts? If so, make this dynamic, instead of wasting 50% of the window width 95% of the time.

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One of the latest updates increased the padding at the top of the fitting window, making it inconsistent with every other window. This is triggering my OCD and carefully crafted window layout. Can we have the old version back?

Yep, but this is not a mobile game, and won’t ever be able to be adapted, so much so that they developed an entire new version of the game for that.
I’m afraid that some UI designers got so used to mobile that they started to see those principles as useful everywhere, while they are derimetrial here