Photon UI - TQ Feedback Thread

Its possible to make in staion menu a option for leftbound and not only center it will be awesome

That right there is a show-stopper for me.

TOO MUCH PADDING! Why is this so hard for CCP to understand?

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Yeah…it was annoying hacking cans and ship starts orbiting when I want to open because hacked can have smaller icons and they move like this leading to missclick -.-


The header bar is still to wide and do the icons need to be that big?

Please make them smaller.

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Please consider a scalable mouse cursor as part of this UI refresh. The existing cursor is impossibly small on a 4K screen for those of us with aging eyesight and challenging at 2560x1440 resolution. Something as simple as small (existing), medium (2x) and large (4x) would make a huge difference. Ideally the cursor would adjust to contrast with the background if it isn’t too much additional work.


I still don’t get any blink notification from chat windows.

If you turn this mess into an opt-out, I really hope you put more effort into this mess than you did so far. Some bugs right now even seem to prevent people from docking their ships after a cyno jump. Not to mention all the feature removals from windows (see above for fleet window as one example).


For a game about Space, there’s never enough space on the UI for the information we want.

UI layout profile presets would be extremely useful.

Tear offs to either other screens or devices would be useful. Perhaps they could expand their Eve Portal app to allow it as an button input controller or some kind of button panel/HUD combo.

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I enabled Photon UI on one account to give a second try, and it sadly still cannot compete with the current UI.
The main grievance is the ton of wasted space everywhere, text too big, icons too big and padding/margin way to important. My Inventory window shows rows of 4 items instead of 5, Local chat shows 3 less names, chat channel names are now unreadable cause the font is bigger and margin between tabs is insane. Fleet broadcast history window shows less broadcasts, Overview shows 2 less rows … every single window shows less.
(I tried scaling down the UI, but with only a 10% step, text was now too hard to read)

Way less information displayed for the same screen real estate not acceptable.
(and the new skill UI is still dogshit in that regard btw …)

UI must be practical and usable above all, please go back to applying these principle.
(And please let us get rid of these 5 imposed icons on the Neocom. I have better things to put there and I am sick of having it overflow every time i get in a fleet FFS)

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I will not use any complex or slang expressions in my report. use google translator to understand me well.
after I saw in the news that you are going to introduce the photonic interface as the default, I decided to write this appeal. I have tried this interface before. I noticed that it has a huge number of flaws. after five minutes of use, it begins to cause an overwhelming feeling of disgust. common sense tells me that it will be years before the new interface looks acceptable enough. I beg you. I beg you very much. DO NOT REMOVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO USE THE OLD INTERFACE FROM THE GAME!!!
Below I will give examples that I managed to collect in an hour of using the photonic interface.
this is what the local property management window looks like WITHOUT the new interface

the same window but in a new interface

what happened to the filter settings? Why can’t letters find their place? why do they overlap each other and go to a new line for no reason?

the next example is how the new interface changes colors for some reason
Скриншот 14-05-2022 14:56:13.jpg look at the colors of my route systems
Скриншот 14-05-2022 14:56:41.jpg what’s happened? where are my colors?
I ask you, please, do not remove the ability to use the old interface. I am completely satisfied with its functionality and appearance. if someone wants to use the new interface, let HE spend a lot of his time communicating with the developer to eliminate all the flaws and errors. PLEASE

Useless as always, as what you do for last 3 years or so it, guys :smiley:

If your main goal was in filling empty spaces on 4k-monitors with colorful big buttons then you success but in case have been tried to make a good interface with a comfort readable content - you miss it in 10 cases from 10

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4k? Players wanted content in the Eve Universe, so every particle of space MUST be filled.

When I would move my mouse to click on the “Open Cargo” icon, the icon would change size, resulting in a me clicking on the “orbit” button by mistake.

Also, I have a flag under “Events” and I am unable to clear it under the new UI.

There seems to be a lot of wasted space in the windows I have seen so far. When I open the Market window at half my monitor screen size, about half of the window is the header/blank space. This only allows barely three buy and sell order each to show in the lower half of the window.

The only thing preventing me from using this is the bug where selling a single item overlaps the quantity and price fields.
Screenshot 2022-05-14 145951

just loaded it up again to check…nope i still can not get the light background working…it says its on and i adjusted the slider…its still jet back an can not see thru it some like the current UI…please fix this before its forced live…i need to see all my screen even behind the windows

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With all these new features and new UI, the transition to eve echos is almost complete.


The UI is pretty good some small things like in Radial Menu the Item blocks the upper part of the Radial menu and have just alittle space to click the very top of Radial menu. So Far this is most annoying but will look further and keep using cause it is nice to resize windows and still be useful. Also the capsuleer event does not load properly to claim points unless you go into the agency and do it from there. Also cannot move locked targets around unless you unlock them to put into a new order or move down so you can lockup target to give boost away from locked targets to fire upon.

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