Photon UI - TQ Feedback Thread

The UI is pretty good some small things like in Radial Menu the Item blocks the upper part of the Radial menu and have just alittle space to click the very top of Radial menu. So Far this is most annoying but will look further and keep using cause it is nice to resize windows and still be useful. Also the capsuleer event does not load properly to claim points unless you go into the agency and do it from there. Also cannot move locked targets around unless you unlock them to put into a new order or move down so you can lockup target to give boost away from locked targets to fire upon.

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Photon UI gives me massive stuttering when near gates. Turning it off fixed the issue.

Dazzling highlighting in the active window.
Margins are too large for the font size.
The star map and solar system map are bluer than before and difficult to read.

What is this?
I don’t see the need to change to the new UI.

@CCP_Paragon I am running 2560x1400 resolution on my monitor and when I go to edit my market orders the spacing on the edit box is incorrectly coded for the “ok” and “cancel” buttons are overlapping information in the box about the market transaction. Again this is when editing your own market orders.
Thought you would want to know about this spacing error. o7

I also chose to disable the new UI because I like the old station undock/view outside/take control buttons setup as well as the large station service buttons that I lost in the new UI. All of those controls in the new UI are too small for people like me with multi monitor setups where we dont sit 12 inches away from the screen (I am probably 30 inches away from my screens)

This slides across if you click on it. I think its working as intended?

Any instance when referring to the default UI (not Photon UI) will be named “original UI” here below.

1 - General:

  • There is a very large amount of space wasted overall compared to the original UI. Currently I am running at a reduced UI scale than usual to have all windows still take up more screen real-estate.
  • There is an excessive border around Button text making several Buttons much larger than needed and decreasing legibility of Buttons.
  • Not sure why this happens, but hovering over a Stacked Window’s tab will show the name of the tab twice.
  • There is a severe lack of contrast between fields and areas within the same window (some areas will simply display their borders as a sudden cut off).
  • Some windows have overlapping text, or text overlaps with visual elements.

2 - Inventory / Holds & Bays:

  • The Inventory window when undocked seems to launch in some semi-compact mode. Doesn’t display the # of items and est. value of items (like actual compact mode), but does display the side folders and filters.
    – When in this semi-compact mode, Looting will open a separate window (not focus the Inventory window) and not allow dragging into a different Inventory folder since it will display in some sort of compacted mode too.
  • There is also the redundancy of having both “Inventory” (accessible from Neocom or shortcut Alt-C) and Holds & Bays (accessible from HUD), and Photon UI will make a great opportunity to merge these two finally.
  • Compact Mode for these windows doesn’t have to mean Minimalistic Mode, rather retain information, yet display it compactly as the name suggests.

3 - Mail / Chat:

  • Mail has always been rather sub-par, yet somewhat bearable with the original UI. Photon UI creates a substantial amount of “invisible” areas (sorry, can’t find a better word for it) where text fields do not actually span as far as they appear, causing mail or text edits to not go as planned since going over this invisible area will cause text selection do somehow select the other direction than intended. (in short, text editing does not feel intuitive)

  • When typing in text fields the field will not auto-scroll along with the typing causing “off-screen” typing (more like off-field typing).

4 - Probe Scanner / Solar System Map

  • The known issue with the Solar System Map (F9) (the issue where the D-Scan cone/sphere is centered in middle of system instead of where the Ship actually is in the System) is now even more frequent, consistent, and will arbitrarily re-set itself when changing System/Docking (changing session) (whereas closing and relaunching the Probe Scanner / Solar System Map would fix this for the entire duration for the play session using the original UI, now it doesn’t with Photon UI)

Noteworthy Praise:

  • The new notification “light” (e.g. for chat channels).
  • The sleek design
  • Higher consistency overall
  • Industry Window overhaul

Overall Photon UI does look nice and sleek though and I can’t wait to see where we will be once it is fine tuned and fixed!

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The Agency locked size has been a thing for a long time.
You can scroll regularly and it will scroll sideways.

I am not lucky enough to enjoy your veterancy and see how much EVE has evolved, so I had to look up what a 2008 EVE Online UI looked like.
I found this link.

If this is indeed the 2008 UI: from a UX point of view, that NEOCOM is extremely noisy and does not conform with good practices.

Designers know change is hard, and getting used to anything new is difficult. Personally, I am getting a headache from using Photon UI due to being so in-tune and familiar with the current UI, but although you subjectively prefer the 2008 UI, you can’t possibly objectively call that mayhem “the best UI”.

It is wiser to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. Change doesn’t have to be bad. This is our opportunity to provide constructive criticism, rather than pointless reminiscences, and help mold Photon UI into an objectively more effective and user-friendly interface.
Most apps and games don’t even bother with asking the community their preferences or even supply a beta-testing environment, and instead force-feed their users what “the design team knows is best”.
We are truly lucky.

Cool theme I really like, except for one thing. There is no clear understanding of the boundaries of objects, it would be nice to make some frames in the same neon style

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-4 in local

and it’s be good to add option to customize drop down menu

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I really like the changes, certainly quality of life update :slight_smile:
Some scaling bugs though here and there.

The bookmarks + fleet header font is big - Probe scanner + Planetary Industry is a good size, use this one for all.

Board my Corvette button is too big, keep hitting it instead of undock, needs resized/moved.

Modern UI though moving in the right way. Take some getting used to.

by default, a window opens

Margins and padding are still much too large all around. Cut them all in half and you’ve got something really nice.

An astero in eve echoes will cost you 27 dollars. This will be an amazing transition where we buy all our ships with real world cash. Ya we wont even build ships anymore we just pay CCP to fly stuff, how cool would that be?

like the new photon UI . for me its an highlight to see more highlights in a world of small font^^ and by the way the click sound is also very decent nice.

also the (x) icon if you open left mouse menue. you find it faster now… in the heat of the night

n00b alpha here, so I’m coming at this without any great familiarity with the non-Photon UI. (I enabled Photon after a couple of days.) And I’m still on a very steep learning curve as to where things are, what they do, etc. I’m changing windows a lot! So the UI details impact me a lot because very little is familiar. Anyway…

I like the added bits of color cues. When everything is monochrome, navigation comes down to identifying icons and windows, and that was proving difficult.

The biggest problem I still have is in distinguishing windows when they’re overlapping, especially with light mode disabled. Except for the active window’s top border, overlapping windows can visually merge into one big black mass, leaving the player having to guess, mousing around until a tooltip pops up — to indicate the edge of a window, for example. It’s easier with the left sidebars, which are a lighter shade—although when a sidebar overlaps with a background window’s sidebar, the threshold becomes murky.

The windows would really benefit from visual hints as to where the borders are, especially on the active window. For example, a gray hairline border, or a soft blurred grayish shadow of a few pixels, with more opacity for those on the active window. With careful scrutiny, I think I can see a slight color difference on the active window? But it’s really hard to make out, and the underlying windows are still just a blob.

My two bits

what’s wrong with old UI? same sutiation like with space map… why I have to use new options if I’m ok with old one, BTW I hope person invented trasparency option will be kidneped by aliens for sexual experiments!!!