PiRAT people sucks

Few days ago i was on my way to jita to buy stuff.
I bought some stuff and im on my way back while i was killed in perimeter at Jita gate.
Well its okay for me and then i saif GF on local.
But when i hailed one of the guy who is on my kill mail to say GF with him he said very bad curse words in russian.
I dont know why the people say very bad things about me and my family without me doing anything wrong.
Why are people like this ??
Are there are rules in Eve Online that bans people for saying very bad ■■■■ without others doing anything??
If so ill report to CCP.
Just dont think its a salt ot rant post.
I just wanted to share my story with you guys.

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Bite your tongue, PiRAT are the good guys who offer protection.

What is the difference in saying that or this?
[can’t link a locked thread] though inside that thread your pilot had asked;

Can i have your stuff??"

How do you know that those items was’t for that persons Family of Corp Members before you reached out to ask for free stuff?

I think for Russians, you can contact Отдел по обидным чувствам in Moscow…they’ll look into it as it’s a national issue at that point. If that fails, there is always the U.N.

You’re Corp has been at War with Pirat a lot, maybe they had you still marked on their overview to KOS.
It’s always best to travel to Jita on a Neutral alt.

I kniw that mate i just tried to out smart them. But i failed i accept it.But the only thing i hated is them saying curse words,Very bad words when i hailed them.Thats just made me a bit sad.

Woah im not going to quit the game mate…
I love this game and probably stick to it until it goes off.

You can’t outsmart Pirat, they have eyes everywhere around that area.

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When did PIRAT became the police force of new eden??

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Hey there friend try not to take things to heart inside this game.

Skill into those areas that build a barrier on what people say over the internet. I know how it can be at the worst of times and hope things start to brighten up in your current environment.


Hey mate Thank you for your concern.
I dont wanna take it into my heart but the words they are just like a spear that just going through my heart tho.So its just a bit sad but im knie now.

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Some people don’t like it if you don’t mind loss, and don’t show tears.

Bit old now, but you might like to read these:

Confession of a botmaker

The Omist bots were ShtirliZZ from PIRAT (evidence included)

DLS ceo of the PIRAT botting corporation in KWG lost next botting nyx pod.

You’ll notice the links between PIRAT, Botting groups and TEST…

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i have a friend irl who play in a group “affiliate” with PIRAT
so i don’t have nothing agains they per se
but nobody should insult peoples mother or faminily for nothing
this is very bad
except saying peoples MAMA IS FAAAAAAAAT
thats a joke


Yeah as far as I understand is that they offer mercenary services for pilots like you and I who may at times decide that the items a pilot just purchased were the competition.

If you buy something on the market think that perhaps those items were purchased at a lower price than the person before you and that might cause an issue when you undock with said items in your hold.

Never undock with same day purchased items, contract said items for someone else to take the risk ie Red Frog Freight.

This is Eve where people will scan your cargo and decide within a second if they want what you have.


This is SO important…both for risk mitigation but also for time saving…I love Push…they have saved me so many hours over the years…and never lost a shipment too! Amazing.

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If have just said you momma is fat i will just take it as a joke but they said much worse Bad things tho.

dont botter with that @Laila_Majnu
you said GF
you did the right thing
in time all will respect you for that
dont let the vermin take you to his level
let hin suc# , all will see it …
best regards o7

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Thank you so much mate…


np mate
you have the right attitude
in eve thats gold

btw i think moderation should close this one to imho
poor @Benji_the_Blind :rofl:

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