Pirate Base Changes FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

(Kaioken Black) #1

Please when you have a Forward Operating Pirate Base in system put something into the standard ui to signal it. Same as incursions have a bar that say the system has been occupied. Every time I lose something expensive because a new system has been implemented and makes you play a new way (ie having to check the agency every time you fly) it makes me consider quitting when the said new system has critical consequences.

Was there any reason we had to take it to the extreme where mining ships get taking out as fast as if it was an incursion in system but also not let people actively know so we can punish them for not using the new system. Like I think it would have been better to maybe double the rat pressure to make people sweat a bit but not use lethal force until people got used to the new system.

(Kaioken Black) #2

I honestly don’t even know I want to log on any more I am getting real tire of having to be punished hard to gain knowledge in this game but for future new players it might be something to consider that is someone has only played a month or 2 this could be enough to make them not come back.

(Quelza) #3

It is kind of dumb that you’d only know about these new dangerous NPCs by either checking past patch notes or by getting shot up.

(Kaioken Black) #4

I mean I probably should have been checking patch notes. I played WoW for 10 years I know they can be important. Only a few months into this one I guess I didn’t think anything in there would effect me enough make me want to pay attention to them. lol

(Quelza) #5

I mean yes, but does CCP really expect players, and especially new players, to go through a backlog of patch notes and dev blogs in order to figure things out? That’s fine if they’re joining within a short stretch of time following the introduction of a feature, but once we’re months or years out?

Dying due to mistakes or willful ignorance is fine. But dying due to a lack of communication, or an inadequate method of directing players towards sources they can use to become informed, is just bad design.

They’ve already taken FOBs from being sites that had to be scanned down to sites that show up in the Agent Finder. Adding something as minimal as an icon in the corner of the screen wouldn’t kill them. They apparently have time to add dumb chat bubble icons to the chat window so we know they have spare time for UI changes.

(Kaioken Black) #6

I mean you can see them making a lot of steps lately to trying to smooth things out. It makes me think they are listening and motivated me to make this post. I think a simple ui change to something like incursions would be a good idea for the future. Something big and in your face makes you ask wtf is going on in this system I need to know about.

(ISD Buldath) #7