Player Bounties

Aiko, I quite understand that you’re more interested in image than reality. And you’re all angry and upset because a few posts of mine in the past couple weeks have made you look a bit ridiculous (although let’s be honest, it’s your posts making you look ridiculous, not my replies).

Still, if you think my position in this thread is about “taking the bounty system away from people”, you’re not only ridiculous but blind as well.

Stick to your knitting, grandma. You do better ganking at defenseless targets than you do debating.

Oh golly gee, hun, I wish I knew what you were talking about. I actually don’t, because you write long walls of text which are generally boring, aimed at some pedantic arguing about some irrelevant issue, based on assumptions and interspersed with emotional jabs at (apparently) everyone.

I just want to repeat this here, cuz I know my fans will be amused…

Literally? Historical Fact? Is this another exaggerated claim? What do you mean by “literally” demonstrated? That’s quite an emphasis, as if CCP did some kind of peer reviewed statistical analysis which was “literally” published on the front page of the New York Times. I think the real truth is the bounty system worked for some people, and you are a sourpuss loser, who wants to take it away just because it didn’t work for you.

Actually, I do cross stitch.

@EVERYONE - If they don’t have a killboard, they don’t know what they are talking about, and you can just ignore them!


By my math, I think you’re at around a -5.175, by now.


irl lol

This isn’t wholly true. They were abused by a subset of players, but not the entire population. The players with the most worthwhile bounties generally didn’t self-collect, and were shunned by the rest of the pirate/outlaw community if they did. We literally kicked people out of our corporations if they did it.

Though overall that original system was still very deficient, and the new, value-based system was much better.

my killboard is squeaky clean and should not be included in that @ Everyone comment above ^ about being ignored as we both know that comment is just some type of witch fairy tail.

It has been a long time since I flew in a little pirate corp of over aggressive newbies that were just out for fun, and I absolutely admit that I don’t have any empirical data to back up what I am going to say, but the old bounty system was fun. I loved that the top bounty holders were plastered on the concord billboards. It created a sense of drama and if bounties became large enough, it drove conflict, which is generally what EvE needs.

I think the only issue with the old system is that PvE players thought that they were punishing “bad people” by putting bounties on them, when in truth the bounties were a source of either extra isk for the “bad guys” or, better yet, a source of more content for the “bad guys” as it spawned more fights (PvE players sometimes don’t understand on an emotional level that PvP players like fighting, are generally ok with being killed, and anything that makes more fights for them is a good thing).

The current kill rights system does not generate fun, (at least not for me) where the old bounty system did.

I hope CCP can come up with something that replicates the fun of the old system.


You should check out my killboard, kinda proves that incorrect…

Have a good day! :wink:

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lol, seems CCP got tired of you griefing new players.

Zkillboard last active on Apr 04, 2020

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That’s pretty funny. I do have a clarification, though.
Ganking high value targets in starter systems is fine, but griefing new players just for fun in starter systems is most certainly not.

A day-old player hauling 18 skill injectors is fair game. I day old player hauling 100 units of Veldspar is not.


After digging into the Pandora website, turns out you can create assassination contracts on other players and it tracks if they’ve been killed by whoever takes it.

Sounds similar to creating bounties i guess. Will have a play about with it later.

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You are a legend in your own lunch time and of course Dunning-Kruger applies to you. Did you show him this as an example? You were fishing for an emotive reaction on the forums with this post, which is hilariously funny, I just looked at it and went, hmmmm that looks like someone who has zero empathy, which was pretty evident in any case. By the way that guy should not have played Eve.

Still, I hope that they were able to put a bounty on you? ROFL…


Can we see :blush:

We are guessing it would be similar to this.


One of the local boomers must’ve gotten more upset than usual, because I got a threat over that story our favorite bigot pasted above! I’m actually kind of sad though, because it used to happen more often, but now I get one every couple of months at best.

Anyway, in his desperate attempt to fish for a like from Epeen, he “forgot” to paste the addendum, which is that Mr. Heart Condition was back to mining Veldspar in Renyn two or three weeks after he so tragically and regrettably passed away in real life.

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Dracrab, you promised to go back to Bannerbear.

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You wanted people to get upset with you on the forums which is why you posted that off topic story and more importantly is that you appeared to be gloating over the possible demise of an Eve player. All it proves, is that you are one sad individual, nothing much else to say, Mr Dunning-Kruger.


That’s what they do. This same handful of people have spent years on this forum trolling and abusing people and every single time the mods support their abuse. There’s no way you could get away with celebrating someone having a life-threatening heart condition as they are here.

TBH you’ll probably get a warning for calling them “sad”. That crosses the line if you aren’t besties with the ISD team.


Who has celebrated someone actually having a life-threateneing heart condition? Do you have any proof that such a condition actually existed? What they have done is not believing the claims that someone actually has one, but rather suspecting that this claim is a lie, purely used to put emotional pressure on them to be left alone.

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Why am I not surprised you support them? It’s convenient that you can just decide that a heart condition is a lie to justify mocking it. Blocked.

I have not supported them in any way. I have asked the question what proof do you have that such a condition actually ever existed? I suspect you have none. Which makes you accusations ridiculous.

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