Player Bounties

Nah…you post BS and it gets called BS. What makes you think you can call out others but you are immune from such ? ( And by the way, hiding your profile means I cannot simply block you, which would be my preference )

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I think you can still do it from within your own profile, using the search function in the “preferences” → “users” section.

Oh…that’s handy.

Reminds me of a time when trying to explain how CCP Swift was, in fact, a CCP employee. And the timestamp of Swift’s post saying „ganking still allowed“ was indeed after that years fanfest.

Trying to agree together on two readily verifiable facts earned me „harasser“ status.

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I have a slightly older, non-gamer friend who has a kid (not yet a teenager, but getting there). One day I noticed the kid was going ballistic because he was losing in some online game (some kind of Roblox thing). I tell my friend that he’s going to have to exercise some degree of control over that. He didn’t understand why and thought that his kid was just spazzing out like kids are wont to do, so I opened up the EVE forums. I gave him a fast one-minute synopsis of the game, and then showed him some post samples from the local anti-PvP “Axis of Misery” crew (e.g. the Baloses, and the Natalies, and the Renlys, and the Epeens, and the Lucases with all the too-many-to-list alts, and the DMCs, and the Kezrais, and the Most Molikos, and the Dracvlads, and the Razorbacks, etc etc).

He was absolutely mortified. He wanted to take his kid’s games away right then and there, but I was like “nooo, you don’t need to go for the nuclear option, just do your best to make sure your kid doesn’t develop a victim mentality and learns how to be a gracious winner and loser, and it will be fine.”

He was asking if these were just dumb kids acting stupid online, and didn’t want to believe it when I explained that most of them were close to twice my age.

“But they don’t actually play this game?”

I explained that they likely don’t, but it’s impossible to verify, though if they did play the game, they probably wouldn’t try to hide the fact.

“But they want to make all the rules?”

“Yes, lol.”

He actually brought up Dunning-Kruger by himself at that point, which I found hilarious, but wasn’t really surprised because he’s dealt with crazies before as part of his job.

The best part though was when I showed him some of my posts. and he was like “aw pal, come on man don’t do that, they have to be hanging on by a thread.” But I told him it’s fine, they’ve been doing it non-stop for years and aren’t going anywhere. He told me he didn’t understand why I’d want to play a game with such a horrible community, and I explained that it’s fun to watch them whine and cry when I shoot them. I asked him if he wanted to try it (“it’s free!”), and he just turned around and walked away without saying anything.


Well, that’s little kids and Roblox. Glad I never actually played outside of with my friends when I would go over to their houses.

If even your IRL friend tells you to stop being sarcastic and unproductive all the time…

you showed him the worst part of the community. My advice to this person would be to play the game, ask questions in the game, and ignore the forums.

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Wow way to rub it in, jerk.

Retorted for causing me IRL grief.

¯|_ (ツ)_/¯

I think there’s zero chance he will ever play any games anyway.

I also explained to him that in a few years, anime is going to become a very prominent part of his life, and to not get freaked out about it because it’s not all “cartoon porn” and is ubiquitous in the 14+ age group. That was certainly an entertaining conversation while we were drinking.

Sore losers are two a penny. The real problem is people who are sore on behalf of everyone else and who have some saviour complex that they are saving the world from demonic forces.

It is precisely such people who wont see the hypocrisy of whining about ‘new player ships’ being zapped by PvP whilst a larger number are zapped by NPC pirates. The mechanics are identical. Its all just pixels on a screen. Yet its harder to argue that NPCs are motivated by ‘evil intent’…even though they were programmed by a human who coded that intent into the game.

Once people develop saviour complex they collapse into a self imposed bubble of semantic word salad virtue signaling in which they are impervious to the actual facts. Anything they can ‘rescue’ people from…ganking, bounties, P2W, etc, becomes a dogma that is utterly oblivious to all counter example. And all attempts to point out the actual facts become ‘harassment’.

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Clearly it is important to you and it can be seen that you do enjoy a good debate.

Someone like AZ stokes your fire and by the looks of it, you enjoy it.

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I’m interested in a good debate, just not in having someone posting constant personal attacks because I disagree with them. Unfortunately, the latter seems to occur a lot on these forums.

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Apparently, pointing out the errors and inconsistencies in someone’s argument is now a ‘personal attack’. To people who genuinely enjoy a good debate, its the point where one has scored the home run and someone is collecting the ball from the Walmart car park next door.

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I think it could be 50/50 currently and neither has brought forward new substantial evidence of any personal attacks what so ever.

Becides the thread is displaying reference towards Player Bounties which one may express such strong tendency to attack another player to claim such Bounty!

This happens a lot, when the type of posters who get emotional and non-factual about their posts get refuted. No matter how much you say “your point is invalid, your data or references are absent, you’re stating your opinion as fact” etc., people interpret this as “personal attacks”. It’s natural actually, because you’re not debating against their facts, references or data - you’re debating against their opinion, which feels ‘personal’ to them even when you only refer to their points.

As far as facts go, some posters assume “bounties are abusable, and the old system was used for griefing”. No evidence has ever been provided to support these statements, but they accept them as a given because it’s what they want to believe.

Yes, when bounties were terribly designed, such that you could have an alt kill your corvette and collect the whole thing, that was a bad system. It wasn’t “abusable”, since it was an entirely voluntary system - you couldn’t force ISK to appear out of thin air. In essence it was a tax on the stupid and naive.

The extremely lame bounty version, “20% of hull value” payout, was useless for encouraging bounty hunters. But it had uses for player activity tracking, for making a ‘statement’, for lols, and for encouraging new players to ask about the PvP system in EVE. These were all useful ‘sandbox’ tools that are now gone.

Boosting the bounty system, by a non-abusable means, to the point where a typical ‘bounty’ kill would net 2-5 million ISK, would absolutely encourage bounty hunting as an activity.

Heck, some posters are adamant that various groups make lots of player kills with no profit motive at all. To then turn around and say “but yeah, if bounty kills dropped 3 mill, nobody would be encouraged to do it” is directly contradicting their own argument.

Don’t tell them that though. Pointing out logical flaws in arguments is a personal attack.

You are contradicting yourself.

20% of 10 million is 2 million, which you yourself consider sufficient to encourage bounty hunting. Since most individuals are flying a hull in excess of 10 million, your own logic suggests the bounty system encouraged PvP.

I know this from personal experience, as I was a bounty hunter. The bounty from ganking as sufficient to encourage me to kill targets. This is the reason why spergy antiganking cowards (who hide behind anonymous alts) are opposed to the bounty system, because they know the bounty system will encourage people to engage in PvP.


Everyone here just has their opinion. Even when you drag some statistics in to try to prop up your opinion, it’s still just your opinion, especially since your statistics don’t match the statistics far more trustworthy people have presented in the past.

The problem occurs when you start becoming condescending and dismissive and acting like your opinion is gospel and when you say “your point is invalid” the other person is supposed to accept that and change their view.

Right from when we disagreed over bounties you said:

That implies that you see the full picture and I only disagree because I’m not able to see the full picture. Which is nonsense, your opinion is just different from mine. You can’t see more of the picture than people who don’t agree with you.

What evidence can I possibly provide you? All we really have is history, When bounties paid out too much, they were abused. When they paid out proportional to damage, there were very few people who actively hunted people and it became just a random payout on PvP kills.

I think you underestimate how much time and effort it takes to hunt down specific targets. It would still only ever be opportunistic and people would not put much effort into chasing a target because the payout simply wouldn’t be worth it.

But that doesn’t mean they have no motive. Their motive is to generate outrage. When you’re suggesting a bounty system that pays you are catering to a profit-driven motive. Otherwise, why have bounties at all? Just give people points and chuck them on a leaderboard.

No it wasn’t, you were killing targets anyway. What the bounties did was give an additional payout. It wasn’t the deciding factor, you didn’t opt out of PvP if targets had no bounties.

My opposition to bounties is that no one has yet managed to come up with an idea that is enjoyable to play, encourages active hunting of bounty targets and isn’t exploitable with alts.

Nah, you’re just better at boasting than you are at math. You’re also trying to argue against historical fact, since the old 20% system was literally demonstrated to be a failure on the “bounty hunting as a significant activity” front.

The potential cost and time to take out a hull worth over 10 million isn’t worth the 2 million extra. I’m referring, as I did in previous examples, to taking out destroyer-sized targets for that level of payout. And bounty-target destroyers certainly didn’t (in general) have 10M+ hulls.

I’m in favor of bounties because it improves the overall game environment in various ways. What the spergy ganking cowards who primarily only test their ‘PvP’ skills against defenseless targets think about is irrelevant.

You might not be smart enough to know when you contradict yourself, and apparently have an inflated ego which prevents you from admitting it. Regardless, we can all see that 20% of 10 million is 2 million, and you cannot simultaneously claim that 20% isn’t enough and 2 million is enough. Nothing you say changes the facts.

You are someone who consistently talks more than you think.

Literally? Historical Fact? Is this another exaggerated claim? What do you mean by “literally” demonstrated? That’s quite an emphasis, as if CCP did some kind of peer reviewed statistical analysis which was “literally” published on the front page of the New York Times. I think the real truth is the bounty system worked for some people, and you are a sourpuss loser, who wants to take it away just because it didn’t work for you.


With the size of her TLDR posts she might as well write a book. Not saying it will be read tho…

I don’t read that garbage, it’s exaggerated over-confident blather with an obvious agenda, filled with random attempts to insult whoever she responds to.