Player Bounties

If you gank in starter systems, you get banned. Simple as that.

Also, the bounty system was indeed inherently flawed, and I guarantee that someone in CCP did introduce a charater age value, but because it wouldn’t really change anything, it didn’t get past concept.

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That’s not even true. I do it all the time.


It is against the rules however to grief new players in starter systems

If the person you gank is in an Orca, that’s fine, but if they are new, you should be removed from this game.


Calm down miner.



XD I solo pvp, I don’t mine.

I wasn’t aware that Bounties had been ended. I love the coconut in the middle…

hmmm coconut bounties

I reakon I could sell them to NPC’s if they were added to the game.

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Okay double post to this thread but what would spark interest in Highsec is the ability to turn anyone teal (at an isk cost) to 1v1 engage in pvp with but limit by ship class. ie Orca vs Orca. Barge vs Barge… Venture vs Venture.

Be prepared or watch it burn.


true that

Just rename it to “tip” and confusions are gone.

… that’s what it is, leave a tip for the one doing the necessary job.

Gone are the days of putting a bounty on my victims and accusing them of being pirate…

Bring back player bounties!


bring it back bring it back

Simple answer is to allow placement of bounties only on players who have destroyed your ship. So easy.

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Simple answer is to not care, and let people place bounties on any player, and stop trying to coddle and baby whiny sore losers.


No, this is stupid and leads to abuse. Thus why the system no longer exists.


How does it lead to abuse?


CCP needs to apply the bounty fix to many other game mechanics that lead to abuse. Ganking, griefdecs, and belligerent asteroid destruction (BAD) using griefing crystals to deny availability of ore to innocent, hard-working players, all need to be addressed and improved by CCP just like bounties were.

100’000 isk to anyone who kills Phaade.

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No, none of that is relevant to the OP.