Player Bounties

100k, really? Lmao.

I like that actual bounties can still exist as originally intended. Someone can say “I’ll give anyone 110k isk for every 100k isk you kill of Player McDudeface in the next week.” Sure they might scam you, but then they lose credibility. I am astonished that there aren’t well-known public bounty boards on 3rd-party sites with credible established groups managing the transactions. Maybe I’ll start one of those.

“Abuse” is not the reason bounties are not in game. You may need to go back and read the devblog and re-educate yourself.


Hopefully the quotation arrives from Blackflag, though it can’t be more than it’s worth right?

A single player bounty!

Good idea, but they really should exist in game. So simple to implement

Yes, until alt kills and rookie ships and market manipulation overvaluing items and other various crap.

Don’t be silly. All of those things would be prevented in one fell swoop if they put a stop to the griefing of the ‘Log In’ button. It’s appalling that 21,000 people are allowed to grief this button every day. I say it is clear victimisation. I mean…what has that poor little button ever done ?

We already have that, it’s called a Kill Right.
Bounties need to come back and be able to be put on anyone’s head. That’s sandboxy for a sandbox game.


I want a 500m ISK bounty on me…that my alt can then claim.

The perennial problem. How does one prevent that ?

The old way was to only give out a portion of the bounty pot per kill, paying out a fair bit less than the value of the ship destroyed so even shooting yourself with maximum insurance would pay out less than you spend.

That was the second iteration.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wasn’t the first iteration a full payout? So second iteration was the attempt to fix that?

So there’s one bounty but numerous kills can occur ? I can see why that would be put a stop to, as with 1bn pot you could have some smaller ship player being killed ad infinitum.

Yeah so eventually it paid out over loads of kills. The problem was that it didn’t really offer much of an incentive to actively hunt people for it so it mostly just ended up as a random payout in fleet fights.

I think they actually got rid of it because people would put bounties on random other people just to annoy them by having the wanted banner on their character image.

Effective bounties that can’t be exploited are a hard nut to crack.

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Maybe, but I’d introduce a system where the person being hunted gets a small percent of the bounty for every minute or hour that they are undocked. So the hunted could potentially end up with the entire bounty…which would be poetic justice.

There’d need to be a whole bunch of caveats on that. Like can they undock in a rookie ship, jump into a wormhole and fly to a deep safe? Can’t be located by agent and very unlikely to be scanned down. If they are, they lose a rookie ship.

I’m pretty sure that without a whole heap of restrictions people would find a way to use it for passive income.

Well, personally I don’t think the value of bounty claimed should have anything to do with the ship being flown. A bounty is surely a kill contract…it should suffice that the hunted is killed.

Yeah I agree, but then we get back into the problem of killing yourself in a cheap ship with an alt to claim the bounty. Just look at kill rights now, mostly just scams :grin:

This is why it’s tough, because it needs to be enticing enough to encourage someone to actually hunt the target but not allow the target to use an alt or a friend to profit from it. I’ve never seen a workable bounty system suggested for EVE.

The bounty system was fine the way it was. If you killed a Retriever, you got a few million isk, which paid for the Catalyst. The system did work, which is why troll wants to pretend it didn’t work. It’s just another double argument, simultaneously claiming that bounties were abusive and griefed the poor innocent new players, and at the same time claiming the bounties wee meaningless and insignificant.


Cap the bounties at 200mil max? Make it not worth cheating for.