Please fix toolbar on left side of screen

Case in point for the above, btw.

As someone who is smarter than you, I get the idea that the point of this change is to bring more order into an overwhelming amount of unidentified symbols, which is what the new player would be looking at.

When they’re somehow magically unable to look through the menus, then they’re also somehow magically unable to just hover the symbols to know what they stand for. Apparently they’re also somehow magically unable to use their brains, I guess.

Brains is all that’s really required, you know?

It’s written right there.


And here too, look!

In essense, your initial post is ■■■■. This thread is ■■■■ too. It’s - at best - intimidating for idiots who can’t read or lack the attention span to wait for a hover to show up. Maybe it’s both, sure, maybe they just can’t comprehend the written text, because their minds jump around too fast.

All you’re doing with this thread is defending the worst.

Man, seriously, you’re absolutely no contest for me.

*spreads glittery nails on the road*


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As a new-ish player, you wouldn’t know my main if I had bothered to log it in to make this thread instead. The character I post on doesn’t matter. The content does.

Cool. Now they have to search for the isk they may or may not have, they have to search for any tab related to doing the tutorial and seekers investigation, and of course there’s nothing in game that lets them know they Can change the toolbar. bquz ppl r dumb lul. what a ridiculous attitude.

Again, new players are coming from other video games that do not operate on a windows 98 ui. There is a reason for that, which you don’t seem to grasp.
I’ve tried to explain it in a way even a ridiculous troll like you should understand, but alas, here we are again.

I’m almost at a loss for words for this.
You’re being ridiculous, even past your trolling. The tutorial is a joke, the initial missions are a joke, and neither of them address the toolbar, other than to tell you to access tabs you don’t know exist.
Which part of the tutorial tells them the Eve E on the top left is actually a menu? Oh, right, they’re all dumb because they should just know everything that a 10 year veteran of the game knows.
Decades of customer service and technological advances have passed this game right up. Your attitude tells me why.

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Yeah, the reason is … drumrolls … because they’re idiots. You don’t seem to grasp that players, who are having a hard time with this aren’t really players this game needs! As long as you’re arguing that these people are worth fighting for, you’ll always be wrong.

And tell you what! Every entry in the menu can be dragged onto the neocom!
Mind blowing, isn’t it? Absolutely flabbergasting!

Think about it, if you actually can! There is no bottom limit to making things easier. People need to be encouraged to think for themselves, instead of having it as easy as ■■■■■■■ possible! The easier it is, the more boring it is for someone who does not require it easy!

Those who do not require it easy,
are those who can think and explore everything for themselves,
which are those who are of high quality!

Yes, they are! I totally agree! CCP should be ■■■■■■■ removing them!

Hundreds of THOUSANDS before the current moronic target audience of cognitively challenged did not need them at all, yet they made this game grow and thrive for over a decade!

And then there’s clueless people, like yourself, who want to tell everyone that the ■■■■■■■ buttons missing on the ■■■■■■■ neocom is too much of a ■■■■■■■ problem for these idiots!

■■■■ NO!

edit: had one “■■■■■■■” too many.

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Again, they are not idiots if they do not immediately understand the ui and all the functions. You are an idiot for thinking that and typing it out.
The UI that this game uses does not exist in modern technology for a reason. Decades of customer service, player feedback and technological improvements render this style obsolete. Even CCP recognizes what you wont, as they try to upgrade to somewhat modern technology.
Even that is outside of the point of this thread. There was No Need to remove the tabs on the toolbar, as the initial gameplay requires you to access various tabs that are now hidden behind 3-4 menus.
I’m super happy for you that you never had any trouble learning an outdated video game.
You know what is fantastically amazing? I have to teach people in rookie chat how to drag and drop to the toolbar. Something I didn’t have to do months ago. It’s an Unnecessary series of steps that the game its self does not teach or even elude to.
As for making things easier somehow being a negative thing, perhaps if you took a look at the number of subscribing players, you’d rethink your position. Even WoW, with all its failures that continue to come out, has a bigger player base.
You ever wonder why the big alliances just sit there doing nothing of any real impact? CCP is losing players even as those few alliances gain players. Eventually, it’ll be the 4 major alliances sitting there stagnant. When I played in '08 i saw an average of about 60k players logged in at any given time. Now, coming back in mid '18, the majority of time it’s around 20k. We all know that the majority of players also have alts logged in, which means it’s actually far less than 20k people online at any given time.
For that reason alone, we’ll never see another massive war again.
The younger people coming into this game are generally putting more into it than you are, and they learn rapidly. They are quality players, and the only hope for the continuation of this game.

They need to be retooled, not simply removed.
“hundreds of thousands” of people needed help to learn the game, just as the current wave of players do. There is a reason the rookie channel exists. You need to remove those rose tinted goggles and recognize how many of those hundreds of thousands of players are even still playing.
As complex as this game can be, it still isn’t enough for the majority of people that come to this game. The reason is simple. There is no objective. There is little game content, and as we progress in time, even less player driven content. The game is stagnant.

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Yes, they are, because using a mouse is not challenging and because reading the words on the screen is equally not challenging. You’re not wrong in general, but we’re not “in general” here! You’re completely ignoring what’s actually happening!

You’re not understanding that these people are apparently unable to do the most basic things, which they get to do in plenty of other things “computer”, including hovering the mouse over things and reading and comprehending the text that’s written on the screen.

When you try to design everything around the lowest common denominator, then eventually the lowest common denominators will be the only ones left!

If you want it to be easy enough even for the dumbest of the dumbest you will alienate literally everyone else who isn’t a freaking moron. These people are not worth fighting for, they’d be much happier in games tailored specifically to them anyway.

I am not going to read, and react to, more of your post if you can’t even manage to make it properly readable, with paragraphs. You know, distances between blocks of text. I can absolutely expect you to respect that, as making it easier to read for everyone shows that you actually give a ■■■■ about who’s reading the ■■■■ you’re posting.

Add some ■■■■■■■ paragraphs.


You’ve figured it all out.


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Quick, someone go inform Del Rey that you are required to double space between paragraphs, otherwise it’s lazy and wrong. ■■■■■■■ imbecile.

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Be prepared to receive an ingame message that he changed his standings of you to “bad”. That will teach you.

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Do you know this guy?

Honestly, I can only smack myself for even responding to this generic guy in the first place. Is there a forum that’s actually behind a wall of high standards, keeping out all those wannabe smartguys?

I can absolutely ask you to make ■■■■■■■ paragraphs. You not knowing why that’s important is your problem, not mine. Educate yourself.

Here, found this one with a quick google. I know you’re not going to read through this, because you’re so full of yourself believing you know better you refuse to learn something new, but at least I’ve given you the chance to educate yourself on the matter.

I only know him from this topic. And he send me a “bad standings” message in-game. To which I replied: “you’re my bitch now”.

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I didn’t know you’re actually playing! … killed Elo Knight yesterday

With a little help.

Elo joined the chinese? Okay!

Me and Pedro are contemplating heading to lowsec. I am damn tired of playing minigames in EVE and I want my old way of playing back. A continuous story where I get to live in an area, get to know people around, forcing them to know me.

I really, really hate what CCP turned EVE into for all these short attention spanned casual morons who treat EVE like a collection of mini-games. This game isn’t an RPG anymore at all.

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Agreed. That’s why I am still in Brave. I have been there from the beginning of BNI and Brave and that has become part of my RP: following the Brave Newbie narrative.

I could never do that. Too many people around me, who I am supposed to get along with.

I used to have some fun with BRAVE when they were still staging in lowsec. They formed a conga line made up of multiple dozens of people, behind my high speed ares, trying to catch me. :smiley:

Glad you’re still having your game.
That’s much better than what I have.

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The Rahadalon days were some of the greatest fun I ever had in any game.

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Wow, you two guys sure know how to quickly derail a thread, there was no need to do that here.

I just recently created 5 new characters and I agree with the op, the neocom bar definitely lacks important icons that it use to have.

After completing the in-space tutorial - rotate camera view, approach wreck, destroy NPC, dock in station, (can’t believe that’s the NPE now) - I spent at least a 1/2 hr on each character just setting up their neocom bar, importing Overview settings (saved time compared to creating new Overview tabs), along with configuring settings, resized and pinned various windows that are used to actually play the game.

No wonder the retention rate for new players is so low.

Huh. That is somewhat surprising.

I don’t think removing something from the first layer of the UI literally everybody playing EvE will use for the entire time they play is anything other than a bad idea, myself.

Yes it’s a simple thing for the player themselves to fix, along with much of the rest of the icons showing thankfully…but it seems a silly thing for ccp to do in the first place.

I’d actually like to go back to more picture icons…oh well…

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It got derailed on the first day and only occasionally gets back on the rails.

I can see the arguments for and against the change, but IMHO I don’t think there is ‘one right UI’ because experience has shown that UIs change over time. Even Apple. Even WoW.

Too long for simple “NO U”. :grin:

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The problem is having to do this for several, dozens or hundreds of accounts and every alt on them. Especially so when CCP’s UI management system is janky as hell and typically doesn’t work, causing you to have to reset them all again the next time you login. Extremely frustrating and needlessly time consuming. If we can drag and drop overview settings, why not drag and drop UI settings too?