Please help me to understand this changes (from a casual new player perspective)

This is the first thread I open in this forum. I am very concerned about these new changes on the point of almost leaving, But I would like to know if my fears and overblown or if I am missing something. I do actually want to learn.

Allow me to prepare the scenario.

I am a new casual solo player that lives HS, I do PI (a few minutes every day) .On the weekend I move all my products to sell them in JITA.

I travel from Balle to Jita. every suicide ganker is my biggest existential fear.

So now the scenario (Epithal) this is my gameplay

A. Enter Sivala
B. Do MWC+Cloak Trick, Warp to Uedama
C. Enter Uadama
D. Try to MWC+Clok Trick to warp to Juunigaishi gate
E. CODE. decloak me with a velator
F. CODE. Scrambled me, can’t warp to Juunigaishi, and died (RIP 1 week of work)

With these changes, in order to protect me, I have to activate the WCS the moment F. happens.

For me, the problem with this is that I really cannot be prepared the moment I press the MWD I am already decloaked and tackled, and a huge blob of catalyst land on me.

A solution would be to active the WCS by default every time I enter a new system and then do the MWD+Cloak trick, this would make the game infinitely more grindy ? How would this change my gameplay

A. Enter Sivala
B. Active WCS
C. Do MWC+Cloak Trick, Warp to Sun
D. Wait for cooldown in WCS
E. Warp to Uadama
F. Active WCS
G. Do MWC+Cloak Trick, Warp to Sun

You see having WCS as a passive module means for me that I can skip steps B, C, D , Is that wrong?

Please help me to understand. Am I missing something?
I feel that CCP handed my ass to CODE, Safety , RIO T and REAVER.

And please please don’t tell me I shouldn’t fly expensive stuff. Those guys can kill a Velator is they are bored.

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You, sad to say, are most likely the innocent bystander of yet another half assed attempt to fix botting. By an artificial means instead of fixing the actual issue.

like how they get an itch to play with drone setups every so often. Botters still bot…real players are going my drones are taking damage if I just think about releasing them still in the drone bay lol

This to me is to try and get the farmers/botters (fw has been infamous for them) who WCS fit to duck out.

They weren’t going after you (or people like you). You are getting the shrapnel from the blast though lol. and botters will be going…3 more lines of code to write to turn these on. sigh…


Hi welcome to eve btw. Basically CCP has a history of releasing really stupid half brained patches and trying to roll them back 6 months to one year later.
But in all honesty CCP has been deceptive with their intentions.
If you were a little bit cynical you might think They want more ships to die, which are then more expensive to replace because of the indy changes, and they have not increased pay-outs for normal activities to compensate. Almost as if they were not hitting revenue targets set by PA so are pushing for more plex sales. (you might say this)
Please let them know how stupid you think this change is on the following thread:
Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun! - EVE Technology and Research Center / Test Server Feedback - EVE Online Forums
I kind of agree with you, I fail to see any real benefit added to most playstyles with these changes.


I already did, a lot of people share my concerns, but I posted and people don’t seem to understand my point of view.

So I came here to find out if I was wrong in something and I didn’t understand it quite well the changes. But apparently, I am right. Sad I was starting to enjoy it again.

this as well., and its “noob” targetted. even if you are making a dedicated hauler transport ships takes time to train and make the isk to buy one. Proper transport…tank support skills, navigation, etc.

So early times…yeah you use wcs and hope they have less tackle to nail you. How my early days on travel fits went in low sec. WCS and hope for lazy pirates who went gun boat heavy and like one fast tackle.

These days I transport it. so in the next year I will expect nano nerfs, again, and maybe even ship hull nerfs. For when we aren’t dying enough. and everyone runs them.


The never ending cycle. I think the fault for this one lies with the CSM trying to fix everyones issues and CCP reacting with a band-aid fix that looks good on paper.
Botters are actually the real winners in this patch because if you bubble both sides of a dead end pocket in null-sec its going to take over a minute to get hunting ships into the system and out of the gate.

Wormhole PI is actually rather good, and if you get involved with an organisation that is half decent at wormholling you might find that is a good chunk safer. Trying to spin this in a positive way, if there is always a high level of risk you might as well go get yourself a higher level of reward for that risk.

If you look at the Zkill pages for the ganker tackler ships; Gnosis typically, you’ll find they they have multiple points… I’m not sure if any ship could fit enough WCS?

Granted. but want to know if my scenarios are valid.

Tank ur ship properly lots of cheap fits. Don’t carry anything more than 100 mil and the gankers won’t bother u. 2012 vet here if u must move a lot of expensive stuff flying a heavy tank pvp battleship if they try to kill u u farm the kill Mail’s.

Thanks for to response. So I should assume my theory es correct. And my only defense is economy
I shouldn’t carry expensive stuff

The changes would have zero impact on your gameplay. There’s no need to activate your WCS if you jump a gate and see nothing.

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It has to be said, Isn’t Balle a .5 system in a row of .5 systems. My advice is to move your PI to another system (yesterday). Use Dotlan (google) to find a .6 system or two that has the planets that you need for what you want to make. Balle and Udema are Code/Safety Chokepoints. Its never wise to do PI there. PM me if you need further help.


some other options as opposed to transporting your self is contracts setting up a monthly sales contract at a good % under jita saves your time and risk and Balle is a good system for this or setup a shipping contract with collateral to cover if they loose it
these methods are far from the best returns but a good option especially if you have low npc & sales skills

Or run at slower times. I pass through Belle and even Uedama often.

You fly at rush hour it probably sucks. FLy not rush hour…its clearer skies. Hauling in the past has been simply a case of not flying at a bad time. Inconvenience to your play time or the inconvenience of lost ship and cargo…pick your poison there basically.


Yes, but there’s a snag with PI, you can either make one or two trips in an Epithal, or you can make countless trips in something else that can’t carry that kind of cargo properly.

No, you should do what you need to do, the thing is you might need to change how you are doing it now.
For me using contracts doesn’t work, what I make in PI I actually use to manufacture other stuff, so I’ve got my ship stabilized to the gills, it’s saved me countless times.
These changes will make me either alter how I move this stuff or simply stop doing it (this doesn’t bother me much, it’s friggin tedious!).

My suggestion is to wait and see, this might not be as bad as it seems at the moment.

Lets forget about travel , lets say I am exploring in WH or HS

I am already pressing V as a mad man , the moment I watch probe or a Suspicious ship in 5 AU, I am out warping away. I fit 3 WCS in my Astero just in case some cloaky camping guy try to scram me

It same thing when I am in a POCO. I am pressing V (d-scan) and I already pre-aligned to the Station just in case some land on me.

What is so wrong with that ?.

“Is just a button, what are so upset about, are you upset for just one extra click ?”
HELL YEAH AM UPSET!! This is Eve and seconds matter.

Why give sooooo much advantage to gankers ?
Why not increase the difficulty of their game? They already cause a lot of trouble in all HightSec
You do realize I am not PVP savy , I am an inexperienced player, they have years of experience.

They have all the advantages, the rules of engagements are defined by gankers.

Have you tried setting the WCS to a hotkey? I generally put all my important modules that I use frequently bound to F1-F8. You don’t even have to move the mouse. I would also make sure to activate them preemptively if you see anything sketchy inbound so it doesn’t break your warp attempt.

Wow , just wow dude.

Now I am already pressing D-scan (v) while solving the Hack puzzle or transfering materials in the POCO , I have my attention split, have enough fast reflexes to warp away if something gets too close to me.

Now I should be worried about another thing, just because CCP think I am too safe.

I remember exploring was the first thing I did in EvE and then PI. I remember I lose my probes. If someone would have to tell me this I wouldn’t have even bother with the game.

Things were ok, I accepted the risk , bots are gonna bots I am just a solo player.