Please remove these annoying roaming trig groups from hi-sec

Indeed, which is one reason why CODE. is important. Not many people accept to lose money and time to teach lessons to newbros.

Seems CCP realized it’s too much work for CODE. alone, and therefore added triglavians to help them in they work.

LOL. There are very few places in NS than aren’t safer than HS.


In null someone won’t get blown up for shooting you without asking :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you going to shoot in null if they’re all blue?

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In my case, everyone, i don’t do blues :stuck_out_tongue:

This actually makes me wonder why there’s no alliance called …

… The Blues Brothers.

*bad-um tish*


No. you’ll get blown up for being neutral instead.
And if you dare blow someone up your entire alliance space might get burnt in retaliation.
At the least you are likely to be KOS for a long time.
So… ya know… high sec looks like the space with less restrictions. 15 minutes and it’s all over.

What is this horror story? At worst you get some cussing/banter in local chat. And the usual reaction is “GF”.

You may be surprised how often non-blues are in local, even in home systems.

surprise i have only one account XD

This part is vaguely correct, everything else is utter bollocks, though.

You’ll get blown up as a neutral if you put yourself in a position to be blown up. It’s actually pretty easy to ■■■■ about in most sov null as a neutral without dying. Many neutrals pass through our space without being pursued.

Provi is about the only area where the concept of being “KOS” might have any meaning at all. In most sov null, anything not blue is already KOS, but KOS doesn’t mean, “Form up and pursue to the ends of new eden,” so much as, “If you see this guy, shoot him if it’s reasonably convenient and practical to do so and you feel like it or whatever. Or don’t, just report him in intel. That’s fine too.”

Scoring a few kills and generally making a nuisance of yourself might eventually result in a response fleet forming up, but we’re certainly not burning down anyone’s space over ship kills. That would be ludicrous.

Things we like:
-Ship fights

Things we hate:
-Structure bashes
-Sov wanding

There’s actually a certain level of appreciation for someone bringing a fun fight into our space.

TL;DR you have no idea what you’re talking about.


well just was bout to Play a round of eve… i hit undock button then it loaded and after a few Moments of loading all that was left was my pod… outside the stations where About 30 trigs and my vargur was a Burning wreck…. thx to ccp to this ■■■■…

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Problem is some have worser loading times duo to Server Location and their home… then its over bevore you can react.


Given you have a 60 second invuln timer after unlocking, this is clearly a lie.

Pretty sure there’s a warning popup when undocking in invasion systems, as well, unless you’ve disabled it.

LMAO i just made a thread with the same Topic About this and i said the same stuff! :smiley:

but i 100% agree! i tried to get 3 rl Friends into eve and they all quit the game because they got insta killed by a trig Invasion (one survived but only because he did stay in the Station and after some Hours he quit the game too because he could not leave the Station without losing his ship)

its not fun, the Invasion just sucks! atleast bring it to a certen place and not around newbie start zones!

dont get me wrong, im all for Player freedom, ganking etc but having some wierd high end npcs travel around is just a big trap for new Players and im 100% sure if anyone starts the game and loses his new ship he workd hard for because some Invasion Camping his Station he gonna find a better game!

so im sure ccp wants to make People quit so they have a reason to say ‘‘sry guys but we have to shut down eve because we dont make any Money with it’’ OR they dont have any idea what they are doing lol

I have flown a literally untanked corvette straight through invasions multiple times. A tanked frigate is fine.
Not to mention why didn’t you tell your friends to just fly their pod out and you would give them a 1 mil isk frigate on the outside of the invasion.

I mean really… you clearly didn’t support your friends playing EVE at all with how little effort went into helping them.

u clearly know nothing so just stfu pls!

i gave all 3 of em 2mill and im a pretty new player too and lost alot of stuff because ganks and stuff so its my fault they quit because i didnt gave em enough isk?! how should a new player handle this who dont have ingame friends? no eve for them?

are u a wow player?

edit: ah i just gettin pms u are a forum troll lmao, gonna stop feeding you now xD

thanks for the info guys <3

edit: @ccp give Players more freedom to gank each other but not stupid npcs!!! player freedom is the core of a good sandbox mmo, reducing it and adding wierd npc Events the majority of the community clearly dislikes doesnt makes it a better game! since i started with eve the Server Population is only decreasing! listen to ur community and stop throwing free stuff at us!

That sounds more like an invasion system more than a roaming Trig group.

That’s a huge number of ship.

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That’s not necessarily true. Depending on the state of cached game resources and your network bandwidth, it’s conceivable that someone may need as much as 60 seconds in some cases for the undocked game environment to be displayed. I’ve experienced 20-30 seconds a fair number of times, and I think I came close to the 60-second mark at least once before.