Please remove these annoying roaming trig groups from hi-sec

well that’s why i put “or whatever” as a qualifier. The time was just an arbitrary number. But the concept is the same. Emerging conduits are one thing. They are static. On the other hand with something that is warping all over the system, a reprieve seems like a balanced incentive for people to kill them.

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The point is that the emerging conduit is the source of the roaming trigs.
Therefore closing the conduit would be a good way to handle giving yourself a reprieve, as closing the conduits isn’t childs play like taking down one of the roaming groups is.

Ah yes, fair enough. That would be a cool mechanic as well. It seems odd that they respawn every minute after you beat them. It’s nice for farming.

Maybe it could be something where beating a conduit stops the roaming spawn for a certain amount of time, after which they come back. So if someone is actively farming the conduits, it keeps the roaming gangs at bay.

That could actually encourage cooperation between indy and combat players in HS. If you want to run a mining op, try and get someone or a group to come to your system and run the conduits to keep them at bay.

Dunno just a thought. It seems CCP is trying to foster more teamwork in HS overall.


“Real”** players make and have friends in the game, though.

**(how stupid is THAT, really… :roll_eyes:)

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That too, but it’s also meant to increase destruction,
because there isn’t enough of that happening.

They also want to make the game feel more interesting
and a common enemy helps with that.
Especially an invading one, who actually affects you.

They also use them to learn and gather data about player behaviour,
which feeds into their AIs.

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Over several months I’ve speedtanked lvl4 mission rats in a 10mn AB rifter, so my friend and only corpmate could shoot them down in his hurricane. The conclusion to draw from your post is that you have no friends, or don’t understand what a friend is.

Reminds me … have you already provided any evidence for your continuous claim that you have a ganking char?


AFAIK, trigs camp NPC stations in invasion systems but only player-owned stations in non-invasion systems. I concur trigs should give beginner systems wide berth.

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Thank you for clarifying that. Then I don’t see many problems with it. Makes life a little bit harder, but that’s what it should be like. Sunshine and rainbows I can create for myself, but it’s hard to make things more difficult, without going full retard.
I haven’t seen an invasion of the beginner areas, so I guess CCP already have thought of this. Or I’m just blind. Both equally possible.

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It’s the opposite, plex are considered an income for CCP only the moment they are removed from the game.
Subs are considered an income in the month they are purchased.

So from CCP point of view, using all the plexes on one month would be a huge boost in income :slight_smile:
Of course it does not mean that the person using or losing the plex is the one that made that income.

This also means that the plex sale events are not increasing the income of CCP. The events where you get more off a plex are.

Then you’re blind cuz there’s been plenty of complaints posted about Triglavian Invasions happening right next to the starter systems with NPC’s sitting on the gates destroying newb ships.

You didn’t refute his claim at all–in fact you statement supported his statement about trigs no being in the starter systems. I don’t see any problem with them either.

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“I haven’t seen an invasion of the beginner areas” is still valid then.
I haven’t read every post on the forum, so it’s possible it got past me. It’s a bit excessive they gate camp right next to a beginner system, but I also guess it would take too much out of the Devs to address invasions system by system, other than excluding a few - argue how far away from a beginner system it should start, and how much the invasion would be worth in the end. As people complain about getting blown up anywhere in High-sec.

Heh, my statement doesn’t support it. Having Trig NPC’s camping the gates next to the starter systems is basically the same as having them in the system, especially since new players have to exit those systems just to visit the Career Agents. Having overpowered NPC’s designed for experienced players killing new players doesn’t do much good for new player retention…

I’ll agree with you on this and some new people have voiced their “I’m leaving this game for: -Trig or Elite/diamond rats related issues” in help chat. Most can see that they didn’t really lose anything when speaking to the more experienced players, but some just blow up at their desk too.

It does seem like the whole invasion needs a tad of tweeking, but - from my point of view - it’s small details in the end. For example, gate camping beginners systems shouldn’t really happen.
But then again, if they gate camp the next gate over… What’s the idea worth? I think, as others have suggested, that the Trigs need a bit longer target lock. From what people have been telling, even the fastest ships barely escapes, and beginners should be able to align properly and warp, or jump through a gate, before the Trigs starts their certain death.

The Trigs are very quick to target lock and there’s usually about a dozen of them in the group. A new player usually has very little SP’s with poor fit on a sub-par ship. Plus everything is new to them and they’re still learning how to operate the U.I. Also the graphics in-game probably have them looking around in awe. When getting attacked from the Trig NPC’s out of the blue, new players are probably fumbling around trying to figure out what to do.

Anyway, some of the supposed Vet’s here say that new players can easily get pass the Trig Invasion camps. I disagree with them, especially since I tested it out myself.

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what ?

Most of the issue relates to people clicking the OK button and do not display again radio button, without properly reading the warming that clearly states what they are about to face if the leave station or jump through to the new invasion system or emerging conduit.

Look we know noobes what to try everything, but as we know even we have issues if we don’t know what we’re doing.

It’s a learning curve, we’ve all gone through, some learn or don’t want too, others just want the instant win option.

A noobe can fly through invasion system with no issue, it’s only when the stop to sight-see they tend to get killed.
And after the first lose to emerging conduit Trig, they should have learnt they don’t have the tactics, skills and ship to solo them, if they done ask around after the first encounter about what to do, then they’ve only got themselves to blame, not the game, not CCP, or other players.

EVE is a game the forces you to realize your own limits and to learn how to improve, if anyone asks they tend to get good answers, fail to ask, you’ll never learn.

In that case any sympathy I may have had for these folks just evaporated like spit on a hot griddle… :roll_eyes:

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