Please remove these annoying roaming trig groups from hi-sec

Um what? They can use the money as soon as it hits their account. For “accounting” purposes they expense it when it is used, but that has no bearing on when they “use” the money.

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Okay so, I didn’t have any opinion on this before. When I tried to solo mine with retriever I was able to escape them everytime - all I had to do was to keep looking at overview and dock immediately when I saw them warp in. It was kind of annoying but at the same time it made mining bit less boring activity.

When I was mining in a fleet with Orca we were able to kill them with drones and their wrecks net extra income so I liked it.

However it turns up that all the triglavians roaming fleets were for is to get players to sub in another alt. As always in this game, every problem can be solved by throwing another multibox account onto it.

There are two ways how to prevent triglavians to roam and kill your afk-mining characters.

Method 1: You put your alt into 4km+/sec speeed frigate, find them, warp into them and then you fly away from them in opposite direction. They will see you and start chasing you infinitely since they never catch you. Problem solved.

Method 2: You put your alt into combat ship with cap stable active rep, find them, warp into them and you kill all but one. Then you stop shooting/pull your drones and let that last triglav frigate hitting you indefinitely. (Didn’t test this actually, if their damage ramps up over time it might not work - comfirmation needed.)

Until this gets fixed, I consider triglavs to be just another fail and bad mechanic.


Or, y’know, just get friends.


I told you already to stop using terms you don’t understand.

What inflation. If anything we are likely to see deflation atm.
Stop inventing stuff.

These … things… are like tossing HC Lich king into a wow newbie area and say it is fine you just need to run faster or die :slight_smile:

So what is afk mining really? if i go grab a coffee and are away for 30-45 seconds is that afk mining? i watch a YouTube video while i fill my orca that take ohh 1-2 hours not timed it? i mostly mine in high sec where i have my refinery and my ships chosen range from venture to orca, filling up the orca is rather tedious so sometimes a venture is nice and fairly fast, but it dies in no time Vs the very nasty …things… compared to the regular belt rats.

I feel if i like to be 100% attentive 100% of the time i would be mining in null, which i do and i do keep a constant eye on local and d-scan, but null and high sec is different or should be when it comes to risk.

Ohh and don’t forget these f…ing npc miners that seems to be in most systems now, heck even in null you run into them clearing out belts, feels to me like the amount of them has increased.


No friend would want to spend his EVE time by afk pulling triglavs in fast frigate, this is a multibox/alt activity.

Real players, especially those who has single account (I heard such players still exists) want to mine themselves or do another activity.

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Or, y’know, he could just kill them.

In which case they immediatelly respawn elsewhere in the map. Please make research before posting.



In which case what we need is an AI fix to solve that sort of exploit.

warp to dock or to any friendly citadel’s tether range.

set up Shield/Armor/Hull HP alarms properly so you hear when they start shooting. Orca should have plenty EHP to last the warp out timer or while you killing them.

Simple as that.

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Yes we do. But be careful on using a word exploit. It is forbidden, bittervets will tell you that everything you can do and that is not labeled as exploit by CCP themselves is intented and thus not an exploit. At the worst case it would be “emergent gameplay”.

Just a friedly advice, you don’t want to deal with dozens of bittervets angry replies that it is not an exploit. :smiley:

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I have been around these forums a few days.

Yes that is an option but that also is bit frustrating since an orca for instance, or a barge is not all that fast, getting back into range and start mining again is bit slow, and with drones even more so since i just don’t target one rock and send all 5 drones to it, but yes my orca can take out the scouts easily enough, but my mackinaw sure can’t tank it long enough to take one out.

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can survive way more than 30-40 seconds against roaming trigs.

is not as slow to warp and is not drone dependent.

So i’m coming late to the party on this one. Personally I don’t have an issue with the roaming trig gangs. I think it is pretty cool. Even with how it might disrupt some activities a bit I like how things have been shaking up.

However, I would agree that it seems there would be a nice balance if players had some way of being able to knock them out for a time. Some way that if you defeat them you at least get some time (30, 60 minutes or whatever) breather rather than instantly respawning.

From a gameplay perspective that seems like it would have a positive benefit. Sure if you actually want to hunt them that is one thing. But for many who don’t really want to hunt them, it would be an incentive for them to at least get out and knock them down.

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When they spawn with 3 frigates, a 30-60 minute downtime would be significantly excessive.
If it isn’t already so linking it to the presence of the emerging conduits and giving those a respawn timer would work.

well that’s why i put “or whatever” as a qualifier. The time was just an arbitrary number. But the concept is the same. Emerging conduits are one thing. They are static. On the other hand with something that is warping all over the system, a reprieve seems like a balanced incentive for people to kill them.

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The point is that the emerging conduit is the source of the roaming trigs.
Therefore closing the conduit would be a good way to handle giving yourself a reprieve, as closing the conduits isn’t childs play like taking down one of the roaming groups is.