Please separate sec status and bounties

TL;DR: As the title says.

Today sec status gains from killing NPCs is tied to the bounty payout. Hence NPCs without bounties like sleepers and especially trigs don’t provide sec status gains upon killing.

With more and more NPCs in k-space having their value in drops (which is good!) this makes it harder to help with sec status on the fly while doing events.

Cut this bond, and you are free to make all bounties become drops in New Eden.


I agree, destroying enemy NPC’s should at the very least provide a security status increase.

Personally I think all NPC’s that are labeled as an enemy by Concord should have a bounty reward.


I completely agree.

Not necessary tho, the idea of having the value in loots is not bad IMO.

I do agree that it makes no sense for them to not count toward security status. If anything, they are probably more of a threat than regular pirates from a lore perspective, so… Yeah.

Except for the fact that loot drops have been nerfed so much over the years there’s not much loot available, most of what’s dropped is Metal Scraps and some Tech 1 mods, mainly good for reprocessing into minerals.

You raise some very good points!!!

You misunderstood, we are not talking about normal module drops. The sleepers and trigs effectively have bounties, but not paid in cash directly instead “blue loot” or “red loot“ drops which can be exchanged for ISK with NPC buy orders.

This is a much better mechanic than direct cash, as it can be disrupted by players. Unfortunately the sec status gain for killing is code-wise directly linked to the bounty of an NPC. May ask is to refactor this part so that all NPC can give a sec status gain, independent of whether they pay bounties directly or via trade good drops.


I have thought about this as well and I think it would be a good addition to the game. It would greatly affect those in nulsec though. They would have to transport ships filled with bounty loot to some sort of market station. It would introduce more player interactions for sure. I’m not sure everyone involved would care for that though.

OP sounds very reasonable. The current sec status mechanic should be updated to include npc threats that have no bounties.

However, would it be out of line suggesting getting rid of sec status altogether? Seems like criminals already get punished through timers, ship loss, and kill rights as is, and sec status doesn’t seem to even be an issue for more hardcore players anyways.

The last thing this game needs is a lack of sure currency generation. Terrible idea all around.

I understand exactly what you’re suggesting.

Those NPC’s don’t have a Bounty price set on them and you think their loot drops are effectively the Bounty. I disagree with that aspect simply because CCP constantly nerfs loot drops and over time your Bounty pay will go down.

Now if CCP actually established a Bounty price on all NPC’s that Concord has labeled as an enemy, the player would then be guaranteed to at least make a set base amount of ISK, regardless of how often CCP messes with the loot drop tables.

The ability to disrupt other players from collecting the loot drops already exists in-game right now anyway.

So yeah, maybe I did misunderstand what you were saying. Guess I only half agree with your proposal.

All my poor standing pilots LOVE this idea as it’s REALLY expensive (time or ISK) to regain sec status now…

This would be so good for gankers so I fully support it!

I thought it was about Trig and Sleeper Red and Blue cards.

Afaik these have never changed value, but I could be wrong

Value is fix, but drop amount for trigs was changed. I don’t get that point of DMC anyway, as bounties can be changed too.

I’m advocating for loot drops instead of bounties for years and I also see positive statements by CCP in the CSM minutes.

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The necessity to move bounties to the next CONCORD station to receive money, I like that.

If bounties are sufficiently bulky, have an ESS replace individual bounties with much more compact bounty coins that fit into a ceptor* with ease.

For any decent outfit, that transportation effort might just be unnoticeable next to your regular jita runs anyways - but gankers would rejoice that even when spotted in local, they’d still have a handful of valuable loot to snatch.

Absolutely agree with the general idea. This is the sort of mildly nuanced game design that CCP so often completely misses out on.

My only modification to it would be to separate and make use of all 3 categories: Status gains, Loot drops and bounties. There should be targets you hunt for ‘Status gain X’ (including things like attacking Faction Navy targets to gain status with pirate factions), targets you hunt for ‘max ISK’ which should involve loot drops, and targets you hunt for ‘safe(ish) ISK’ which would be bounties. The three categories don’t need to be exclusive but should definitely emphasize different targets for different priorities.

The loot drops should also involve different varieties of loot rather than simple blue loot sold to NPC orders. Blue loot, valuable item drops and dogtag type drops would all promote different disposal and transport methods, as well making it hard for bots to simply endlessly farm and cash in.

If that ever happen, I would be glad to see those NPC which only provide status gains give significantly more than what the current NPC give, with the downside of giving nothing else.

Would make it less of a pain in the ass to farm security status just so you are not banned from high sec because you dared to do some PvP in Low sec.

Moving all currency generation to physical items is such a colossally bad idea I can’t begin to fathom why anyone would suggest it.

Well, I can, it’s because people want to grief other people into oblivion. If someone spends an hour killing mobs for bounties and en route to wherever to sell it, they are exploded in high sec by a gank squad… Not only does that player now have zero isk to show for their time (whereas before, they were simply out their ship and not the past hour of bounties) the gankers are actually getting an INCREASED payout.

Simply put: of course those who engage in high sec ganking want this, it’d make their lives obscenely more isk positive than it already is.

And it won’t affect nullsec at all, because logistics, umbrella, etc.

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this is a good idea , omg how unusual , get a reward for killing all kinds of rats +1 to this

When was the last time the amount of Bounty set on NPC’s was changed?