Please take a look at Abyssal PVP

Ran some sites on Sunday morning (USTZ) and was rather surprised to see not a single PvP gate. I don’t enter then if I do see them of course, but was rather surprised to not see a single one.

I think this kind of content will die soon, the developers just don’t care about it. They are so afraid that some money will go to cheap Caracal, that in the end this money goes to even more players who could have been killed by another player, but he didn’t open the gate. They didn’t even try to make more players use this kind of content, they just took it and closed it for most users. This is very sad.

P.S. By the way, I didn’t even see a single response from a CCP in topics like this.

Proving conduits so close to die =) Arena appears less than two hours after DT. CCP fix it.

yeah noticed the same. Today I had 4 empty arenas and one gila that took wrong gate within 1 1/2 hours lol

I made a post on reddit, maybe even there the developers will pay attention, since there is not any reaction on the official forum.


No one is responding because no one cares. Abyssal PvP is a joke, and people have already had a belly full since they nerfed ECM.

Balancing 1v1 PvP in an MMO is a fools errand.

simply always giving combat timers even if they were 15-60s based on class of sight rather than full suspect timers would be a good step

check zkill on abyssal pvp from january, you will notice that it used to be much more active then

That’s because it was new. Everyone tried it out.

  • Make Abyss PvP it’s own filament with no loot cache
  • Once you enter it takes you to an arena based on your ship class
  • It can support 3 man teams
  • The timer in the filament doesn’t start till another team/player enters and you are free to exit until they do
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Make it all pvp, no more instance wow B.S. cut that crap.

Sure Sounds great letting everyone run it with battleships in pairs or more… Won’t trivialize the content with perfect fleet comps.

yeah that would be a problem if the content wasn’t already optimized to triviality. know what would mix it up? if at any point your run with those battle ship pairs could be interrupted.

And all 3 would be the same because everyone would of course fly the biggest and best ship.

No one would run 2 battlecruisers and a logi cruiser…

Removal of Asset Safety?

Imagine a structure explodes and 1000s of crates of loot are blasted out into space. The ensuing carnage would be legendary! :skull_and_crossbones:

I was one that was against it being added in the first place. You’re preaching to the converted

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For a month till goons have burnt the rest of null to the ground.
Then it would be super boring and EVE would die.

posted it in the known issues thread, we might get answers from CCP there

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I hope we will get a solution to this problem, besides the answers =)

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today, on a SATURDAY only 1 Gila got destroyed by another Gila…

@CCP_Falcon or @CCP_Rise if you made gate spawn permanently, more pewpew would happen in the arena.
What also got mentioned on reddit is that with the current mechanics, it ends up that ppl that just do pve get a proving gate while those doing tier 3 for pvp get no gate, or worse, no gate when someone else waits in the arena.