Please take a look at Abyssal PVP

The gate is not opening because there is no one else ready at that time.

Having a queue that is a PvE instance is brain dead dumb. It inherently limits the number of matches that can occur.

Having instanced PvP in a sandbox game is dumb, it takes away from the space PvP.

Having 1v1 instanced PvP is the dumbest of all, the only reason the balance issues are not over the top is it takes a certain fit to even get to the PvP.

The only real course of action is to remove it.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. The gate does not open even if several people are ready for the arena. Arena is not 1v1 instanced PvP.

Wait what?

What is it then?

This is just another option to find PVP in the game, with a high chance of not finding it at all. Where is the instanced? The minimum time spent searching 15-20 minutes. And the maximal ones in the current situation are days, if it is instanced, then all PVP in eve instanced.

Instanced, in this case, means it’s a closed off area not connected to the rest of the game.

Edit- an example that i think describes it well (but feel free to search for definitions as well)

They are called instances because though the environment and structure is the same for all parties who enter, you will never encounter another party while yours is playing through the area, thus it is a specific instance of this area or mission.


And that’s what happens with the abyssal pvp. It is instanced. All abyss is instanced.

Well obviously not.

Start a fight with someone somewhere outside of abyss space, and i can come find you and join in as a 3rd party right? It’s not closed off.

Also there are many copies of the same space, there is only one copy of the rest of EVE.

Seems you are the one who needed schooling!

It looks like you absolutely do not know how arenas work and what it is.

Then how do they work and what are they?

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There are not many copies of Abyssal space.
They are pockets in a set number of known systems, each pocket is physically discrete from other pockets even if they exist in the same system.
So Abyss is not instanced space in the typical use of the word.

They are limited access space however.

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Analyzing the killboard, I got a stupid idea - let all the ships that did not have enough time to go through the abyss throw into the arena =) And then so many expensive ships die in vain)


anything that brings more life to abyssal arena is great

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