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What happen, OP?

Let’s take it a step further:

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Well, I’m learning Jeet Kune Do and Kali, so I’m good. I’d highly recommend both styles to anyone who wants a more technically challenging martial art to study.

I’m way outside being classed as a kid though :frowning:

My exercise:


I did that as well, Jeet Kun Do, Kali and Escrima. Few years later I did some Brazilian Ju Jitsu and then Krav Maga. Now am too old to do anything :frowning: it sucks. Age + 3 surgeries, 1 of them pretty heavy leave a mark on you. There are a lot of things I will never be able to do in my life and martial arts is what I miss the most. Hell, I can’t even ride a bike anymore for more then 15 minutes, really sucks.

I just did. I feel really buffed now.

I have also done martial arts, and I have kinda noticed that with most martial arts you would not apply them in a real fight (maybe boxing or wrestling tho). I kinda stopped. For self defense weapons/being strong tends to help more. Dont rely on it I tend to say.


One reason I chose those two styles is that they are arts you would use in real self defence situations. JKD includes boxing, along with elements of many other arts. Bruce Lee’s philosophy was to keep what works for you, ditch what doesn’t. Kali philosophy is to put down the person attacking you in the fastest way possible, but it’s a weapon based system so that’s to be expected.

And strong helps to hide some lack of technique, but won’t help against someone who’s good at any art really. For a start, no-one has muscles in their bollocks.

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You are correct, they are excellent exercise though, IMHO best actually because they work out literally every aspect of fitness as well as prepare you mentally for exertion far better then anything else. Also, the Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga are both applicable to much more extent then the other ones, thats my opinion based on my experiences of course so other peoples opinions will vary. The thing they taught me in jujitsu the most, is not to get into a conflict in the 1st place.

That’s the first thing any good school should teach you, and I honestly hope I never have to actually use the arts I learn in a real setting.

For me I find martial arts better than a gym. The motivation from working alongside others really helps me, and learning new techniques keeps it interesting. It’s also a full body workout just training. I’d recommend martial arts to anyone as a way to get in shape.

Here is your daily reminder: Please Workout

I enjoyed teakwondo as a child. Im built for it as it is leg focused martial art. Being tall and mostly leg my kicks looked great and I could develope a lot of power in them for my size. If the instructor hadnt of insulted me after winning some large trophies I would of stayed with it.

It can be used in rl ssituations if need be so long as you keep your wits about you. Thats the biggest determining factor imo.

Yeah, I mean its mostly based off of your goals. I have always been a big kid, I am the oldest out of my siblings and I have always been a foot or more ahead, even though by only a year difference. I have also been very chunky. I was 5’5 and 187lbs, which is a 31 bmi (obese) when I was 12. Im just turned 16 and im now 6’1 and 223lbs, which is 29.4 bmi (overweight). The scale doesnt take in account bones, organs, muscle, and basically thinks that your weight is all fat, which is simply not true. I am actually “Big Boned”. I do have some chunk, and muscle, but my bones are big cause im apparently growing, with another 3-7 inches to go (I do have large joints, a weird frame, and a size 15 wide shoe).

I have been trying to just get stronger, but at this point I could go to lose some fat. I stopped martial arts a while back, because I was self conscious. I dont think they would help either to be honest. I have just been lifting weights, basically the 3 main lifts (Deadlift, Squat, Bench).

So I dont know if I want to do martial arts again, maybe its a waste of time and money, maybe its not.

It comes down to finding a good club too, with the right people you enjoy going, with the wrong people you’ll feel self-conscious. In terms of fitness it absolutely will help no matter which style you do as long as they include some element of fitness and strength drills in the training.

Muay Thai or kickboxing can be better for wieght loss/strength gain in my experience, but any will work if you put in maximum effort. That said, you may just prefer a gym in the same way I preferred JKD and Kali. Each to their own, find what works for you and stick at that.

I tried to work out, but it didn’t work out :smiley:



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