PLEX Price prepare to be shocked in upcoming days over subscription charges

Why would a trader character have a presence on zkill?

I was born 09/09/09 and have never fired a shot. But I’ve been logged in nearly every day since. When KBs have a section for trading/ scamming, I’ll be near the top.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

That makes sense.

Now the question is why a player would be doing that.

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I have to PLEX twenty accounts every month. RIP in peace my wallet …

Hopefully next month, the price goes down or i have to downsize.

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Plex related products will just trend with the price of Plex unless discounted.

Will the large and small SP injectors also go up? CCP had a lot of events that showered people with SP and boosters(Cerebral Accelerator).
What do you think?

Plex4Good was announced. I expect that anything plex related will go up. And Injectors might drop as people will try to liquidate for plex. But that mainly depends on people interest.

I won’t be surprised if that manipulation is attempt to seed market to cushion impact of P4G.

Wow I really never expected this, yeah that’ll do it. A lot of other companies are doing matches for this, my company is actually doing a double match on donations to UKR, I’m gonna ask if they’ll double $ match my Plex donation equivalence.

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So, like, you do realize that being so diligent (and quick) to scrub any traces of this particular discussion is only going to make people even more suspicious about what’s going on, and then they’ll take this discussion to a place like Reddit or social media, and then it would become much more difficult to control, right?

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Most days I don’t even think there are moderators on the forums. Then we get this thread that is getting moderated like we have found the Death Star’s exhaust port.


That’s not the exhaust port you’re looking for. * waves hand in a Jedi motion *

We found a Sith, 2 of 'em, there are always 2.

After research I am convinced they are not CCP’rs as one has been trading PLEX since game time cards since at least 2010.

But who is the master? DC or Gix?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Ew, force users are so cringe.

I’ve always embodied the spirit of Mandalore.

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