Poetic Justice: A view of anti-gankers failing

Now you’re just making stuff up. I’ve never used that term in such a context (in fact I don’t envision myself ever using that term in a non-sarcastic manner). And I’ve never expressed any sort of disapproval of dueling or fair fights in general.

Look, we get it. You think you found this sweet little technicality that lets you act like you’re a fearsome warrior who makes entire enemy fleets dock with their mere presence, while never actually having to do anything to back up any of these claims. It’s such a powerful feeling of preemptive success that it makes you feel completely infallible.

But to the rest of the people here, it just looks like you’re shitting your pants in abject terror. Your words, no matter how much they convince you that your levels of skill and personal accomplishment put you above these silly trivialities of the rabble, do nothing to change the public’s perception of you as a person. But maybe you’re fine with that, so it’s not really an issue.

And there we go, more stealth edits with yet more stories about all of the wars you’ve won, all the enemies you defeated, yadda yadda yadda. It’s actually uncanny how you just can’t stop talking yourself up like you’re the next best thing since sliced bread.

Maybe you were being sarcastic, however sarcasm is easily misunderstood you know and not especially clever if you want to have a proper discussion.

LOL, I define myself as merely competent and when I have talked about things I have done it was because people told me that I should only talk about it when I have the experience, so when I detail the experience I am then accused of boasting.

As for the sense of superiority, LOL, I avoid people like Eurotrash because they are way abover my abilities and I have no shame in stating that.

As if that matters to me, but it seems to matter to you that you get that sense and that it gives you a sense of superiority. I personally think it is the height of stupidity to go hunt you on the undock of Amarr, but that is just me. It is also why I took the P by suggesting I use a shite fit ship, but you could not even understand that piss take.

So if you and those other try hard’s think I am cowering in abject terror then feel free.

I am not interested in the perception of people on the other side, they are close minded in the main.

There you go projecting your own issues on me here. Those times I detailed what I have done is to say that I have experienced things, that you take it as boasting says everything about your own fragility. But I insist your target selection of me for an emotive forum and in-game war is seriously dumb.

Okay we will, thanks.

That is why I used the expression try hard. I should point out that in terms of my target audience, it is those people who read the forums but do not participate, those people that like to do some PvP and enjoy the other parts of this glorious sandbox. It is quite evident that certain people want to make it look like I have no idea what I am talking about to try to invalidate the points I am making and I see that this effort may be part of that. Only last night a dishonest poster used except on me when I detailed the way that RR currently works in terms of AG. But all that person did was come over as having no idea.

Going back to your comment:

When I mentioned White Knights and duels, you may have noticed that I do not partake in the Trig testing grounds, neither do you, you see my Eve PvP is based around need and strategic objectives, not feel good or artificial stuff and a duel and your challenge were to me artificial and pointless. I see them in the same way, so from my point of view it is not Eve.

In any case I hope you find your intense forum / ingame war with someone, but if you think it is me well you are quite honestly barking up the wrong tree.

SITTING in the direction of the gate, aligned to the gate? Not quite grasped the concept of aligning I see.

Destiny is a wise woman. She could teach you much, for a handsome fee, such as how to align.

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If you want to think I don’t know how to align, feel free, it matters not. Positioned would have been a better word choice for me, but I thought even the most dumb forum warriorwould be able to understand that, sadly I was mistaken.

You don’t need to align when camping market hubs.

Just as you berated Destiny earlier for using sarcasm, I’ll point out that on the forums -or in written language in general- it’s important to write clearly to communicate exactly what you mean. Can’t expect “forum-warriors” to read your mind. Nor is it fair to call them stupid because they couldn’t figure out what it is you meant to say. Especially when giving directions.

Smart bombs are great for killing drones, including my logi drones, well that might be good if it is the ganker using a smart bomb but not if it is ag,and for a freighter the drones might not do much but for smaller targets they do help.

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Tbh If I did it It would be for fun not sustainable income.
I would sit 200kms from the most likely gate that someone would gank a freightor fit a cloak and sit cloaked and have 20 bookmarks setup 50kms passed the gate this way I could see where the freighter is and where it will die as they don’t move much.

Then warp to one of the bookmarks in that direction at a specific range that is closest, mwd the last 5 to 10kms to the catalyst swarm and activate all 7 smart bombs would not care if I hit the freighter the smart bomb damage would be much less than the frieghter would have taken from the cata’s and loosing the ship to concord does not matter at that point.

If you want isk then charge the gankers a ganker safety pass where you dont stop them from killing off freighters for some isk every month.

Only problem I can think of is freightors have a large ship model so the cata’s will be quite spread and even large smart bombs are only 8500m. So you would get half of them at most. But still forcing gankers to commit double what they need would be a pain in their side. So they might even pay a fee depending how small.

But then you can start an alt put him in a new corp and do the same thing and charge a fee on that char too and keep going till they are bankrupt.

Either that or they will know its not sustainable for you, bait out your bs suacides till you are dry then laugh and continue their day as usual.

How many times have you actually done that? And how many of these SB-runs were successful? Asking for a friend.

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If he is using a batteship - zero. By the time he has aligned, warped , turned towards the freighter and mwd’ed the 10km, it will be dead.

I feel like smart bombs are also not going to be very effective anyhow. They have a what 6k range on a BS Is there a ship that increases that?

I’m a bit of a smart bomb noob. I fit one once on a BS I used to run sites and I was underwhelmed by the speed at which it killed frigates in relation to the cap it used so I never picked them up again.

A lot of sus ‘aNtI-GaNkEr BaD’ posts lately.

Seems to me that Anti-Gankers are hitting their mark.

Just because some idiot with a 5m killright undocks with 10B doesn’t mean anything for Anti-Gankers or that playstyle. It means don’t be stupid.

Just like when your corp/alliance is war decc’d. There is always someone loses a freighter/marauder/orca on the first day.

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0 I’m theory crafting but I mentioned that. Cruiser with mediums might be viable as it aligns faster and is cheaper but not sure if the dps is enough will have to do the math. Might be better to just try it tbh as its not really expensive, guess bs’s are way to expensive considering you get no insurance back.

You need at least 4500 damage on a ganking Catalyst (lowest resistance) to bring it down for sure. Now calculate. That would be 3 rounds with 7 Large Smartbombs, and all of these shots would have to hit. You would have to use multiple cruisers to get the same effect. You can reduce it to 2 rounds with 8 LargeSmartbombs, but then you don’t have a cloak.

But besides that, even if everything goes perfectly and you can do it, you kill the Cats rather slow because Smartbombs have a long cycle time, so their target would probably die anyway. Unfortunately you have thrown away a Battleship now, so at least 200M when using a Praxis, more when using a regular BS.

Besides this you have lost massive SecStatus for hitting the ganktarget and the looters/scoopers which instantly burn in there. But of course you could invest in another hundred million ISK to get tags and reset your SecStatus, making this strat even more expensive. Unfortunately the gankers still have killrights on you for hitting their Looters. So the next time you show up to do it, they simply decloak you with a frig (which is incredibly easy, since a cloaked BS does not move much at all and you can see where it cloaks). And then they get another free kill on your BS.

Not even counted - and thats just for the fun of it - even if you wanted to create a bubble of bookmarks around that gate in ~15km distance so you could directly warp to the closest one when their target decloaks - we are talking about a sphere of 20km radius here. Even if you spread out all of your bookmarks 5000m each to have a great chance to land in smartbomb-range, thats more than 200 bookmarks you would need. Just on that ONE gate. You’d spend hours over hours to even create them and then be able to use the strat once, for reasons given above. And if the gank starts, you have like 1-2 seconds to initiate warp to the exact right Bookmark out of the 200.

So yeah nice theorycrafting, but no, that won’t work at all as a reliable strat. In my opinion at least.


@Syzygium is right on every little detail, spot on! We can see he has done his study correctly.

Effectiveness? Usually the best doctrine is armor logi with high resistances and cap for +24 seconds. Logis don’t have to be cap stable at all if they are not in war, they just need cap until CONCORD arrive and a bit of cap for taking one warp. Shield logis do great too but they are a slightly more dependant on the victim’s fit.

Cost-wise? Logis are also the best option being T1 or T2 hulls (preferably T2 hulls), no blings, all high slots being repairers, one ancillary remote shield/armor repair and no cap chain.

Logis are heavily dependant on skills tough, you need perfect skills for any logi fit:

It is feasible having fits with +50k ehp with very high resistances with no blings, then logis can even save each other instead of just taking gate immediately if they get shot a little bit, just add all logis to the watchlist.

Don’t get bumped, webbed and scrammed away from the gate, the basics are still the basics even in logi doctrine. Also don’t be a kill whore if you are not in null sec, don’t aggress anyone and only use logi drones, otherwise you won’t repair enough and you will get the agression timer that will prevent you from taking gates or docking.

Safety green for sure, otherwise you could end up repairing someone who will do something crazy and the person will acquire a timer and you will get the timer too… don’t let others control what happens to you, this is the number one rule.

These are the basics, good luck!

By the time you’re putting over 6 bill into an asset you should have a basic understanding of these mechanics…

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Wut. They are definitely flexible and adaptable.

What it comes down to, is that you and your ilk are simply bad at AGing.

If you were serious about it, just ask me how to solve it :slight_smile: