Police Question: Account Sharing

(Emma Tasto) #1

Hello Concord, and CCP Police.

I’ve been lacking interest in the realm of space ships, with my new child be born and my long hours at work. Speaking of work, I have a friend who recently got into this game on my behest and he is quite new still around 1.5 million SP. Me myself I only have around 5 million. When you sign up for eve online, there is a laundry list of rules and terms that no one ever read unless you’re the mittani looking to abuse the game as much as possible.

With that said, can I give my account over to my friend since I am no longer playing anymore? I am not sure what the rules are in this regard. However if the answer is no, I guess I will just let the account save space on the memory banks, for if I ever return.

(Kira Kaliandra) #2

Account sharing is prohibited.

You can however transfer your character/s to your friend’s account (if he has space for them on his account) or tell your friend to create a new account and transfer your character/s there.

You can do that using a plex or by paying 10 bucks i think it was…

(Emma Tasto) #3

Ok great. Ty :wink:

(Memphis Baas) #4

EVE Online EULA rules

They will overlook if you share accounts with your family, because it would be silly to expect that to not happen, but it’s technically not allowed, and they CAN detect the change in IP address / computer it’s accessed from.

You do have the option, if you really want to give it to your friend, to just transfer the main character. Post in the Character Bazaar forum that you’re doing a private sale, and then transfer your character from your account to your friend’s account (use the Account Management website to initiate the transfer). There’s a fee for it that you must pay.

(Ganellon Devians) #5

Wrong! I have the right to install EvE and to access my account from any computer in the world.

(Sonya Corvinus) #6

And if they see you regularly accessing one account from multiple IPs, they have every right to question you for account sharing.

(Ganellon Devians) #7

I never heard anything like this and i dont think they have the right to ask you anything at all.
You have a username, a password and possible “authentication” enabled, thats the only way to identify you - anything else is against the law.
Is not allowed to ask you anything about your IP, Computer or any other personal information.

(Orren Grund) #8

Identifying your computer, maybe, but they see the IP you’re on when you connect. It’s not automatically a question either. I’ve not had any issues with MMOs for logging in at a friend’s place 50 klicks away, for example. Or for using a service provider who doesn’t assign customers static IPs, for that matter - many big ones charge extra for a static IP and just give you one from their pool, changed every week or so. It’s not “suspicious activity” that you sometimes log in from a nearby city, or have a different IP in the same region under the same ISP.

But logging in from New York, logging off and then logging in from Paris fifteen minutes later? That sounds like a hijacked account!

(Ganellon Devians) #9

lol, indeed!

But like i said i never heard of this or had an experience, i’m active in many MMOs, i’m accessing my accounts from different computers and from different countries, never anyone asked me anything.

I know that other online-services like FB or Google protecting you in such cases (like you said) but idk if the game companies reacting also the same way.

(Sonya Corvinus) #10

It’s definitely not automatically a question, but they are well within their rights to question it if they want.

(Sonya Corvinus) #11

…why do you think it’s illegal for an MMO to view your IP?

Every website you visit has your IP address.

(Memphis Baas) #12

So, first of all, your IP address is recorded by every website you go to, because it is a PUBLIC address. CCP also records your IP address, for various purposes, some described above.

But in any case, here’s more of the EVE Online End-User License Agreement EULA:

Not only are they monitoring your IP Address, like pretty much everyone else on the Internet, but they are looking at what programs you have installed, and what else you’re running, to see if you’re using bots or cheats.

And as far as “the law”, the EULA is an agreement. You agree. If you don’t agree, then uninstall the game (and all the monitoring with it). As long as you agree, it’s lawful.

(Ganellon Devians) #13

I said its not allowed to make questions about personal information and not about “viewing my IP”.
If i want to i can have a new IP every hour and nobody has the right to ask me “why”.
I hope this is clear.

(Memphis Baas) #14

So, they have the right to ban your account for any reason.
They ban and they send you an email, "explain why your IP address has changed and we will unban."
What do you do?

(Ganellon Devians) #15

No, they will not 'cause i can prove that this is still me. They have my email address and thats more than enough. You’re not restricted to use only 1 computer for playing a game.

(Ganellon Devians) #16

Btw, my IP-address changed many times, nobody asked me why.

(Memphis Baas) #17

Ok, so, without quoting the EULA anymore (you can look it up if you want, I already linked it).

They can BAN you. You’re banned. That’s it. End of story.

It is your responsibility to create a ticket to ask them why they banned, and ask them to unban.
They may answer this ticket, or not. If they answer, they may ask you to justify why you shared computers with someone on the other side of the country.

Through monitoring they can see not only that your IP address changed, but that a completely different user logged into Windows, and logged into your account and their account at the same time, etc. They can see all the details in Windows, file names, user names etc.

And you’re angry about IP address, haha.

(Memphis Baas) #18

Because they detected the same computer serial number / your Windows account / files / etc. and they could tell that it was the same computer but with a different IP address given by the internet provider.

It’s different when you give your account password to someone else. They can see it’s a different person.

(Ramona McCandless) #19

If they cant tell your IP (which their servers know anyway) or PC information then why or how send the confirmation email that says “Youve logged on from a different PC, please confirm via email?” Or such to the effect.

(Ganellon Devians) #20

You dont know what are you talking about, this is illegal, CCP doesnt monitoring windows accounts and computer serial numbers! but if you want to spread further your conspiracy theories then pls go ahead, that subject is over for me.