Policy Update - Real Life Threats & Harassment


(Kaelen Mosar) #588

Cfc trolls every where spamming ingame reports

good idea

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #589

spamming reports wont do anything but get the spammer banned unless the person they are reporting is actually doing something wrong. If the person is doing nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about

(Ima Wreckyou) #590

The mittani got his punishment for that, and yes maybe if he wasn’t such a high profile player he would even have been perma-banned. If he would do such a thing today he would clearly would be.

It’s also a bit funny that a guy who makes a forum alt just to troll so his main will not get banned for his behaviour would moan about that… A bit hypocritical if you ask me

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #591

I find it more funny with the new changes alts wont save their main anymore because all accounts ever logged in with that IP also get banned according to the new polices

(Ima Wreckyou) #592

It’s a player ban not an IP ban, that means if they figure out who you are on a new account you get banned again.

(Aetrid) #593

Behold your future, EvE. :cry:

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #594

“When individuals are removed from the community for breach of this policy, they are removed on a user, not an account basis. This means that any game accounts created by or associated with the individual will be permanently banned and if any new accounts are created, these will treat the same.”

(Ima Wreckyou) #595

That is what I said yes. No one calls that an IP ban

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #596

I mean that’s how they identify new accounts made, is by matching the IP and MAC address so I would call it an IP ban. They aren’t waiting for your new account to do something wrong, it simply states any new accounts made will also be banned, that is an IP ban

(Kaelen Mosar) #597

Iam a forum alt? Mhh kk scrub :smiley:

(Kaelen Mosar) #598

Guys Google " Stickyban"

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #599

semantics different words for the same meaning. An account ban means you can make a new account, an IP ban or sticky ban as you call it means all accounts made by you will be banned as well.

(Kaelen Mosar) #600

No IP Ban only works with static ip

(Ima Wreckyou) #601

They may use that as one of many factors to identify such a player yes. But that does not mean they ban the IP. An IP ban is when they block a certain IP directly, but since they are often dynamic or providers NAT all their customers behind a single IP that is completely impractical.

It’s a player ban, not an IP ban.

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #602

I digress, irregardless my point was them making alts won’t protect their mains from being banned.

(Kaelen Mosar) #603

Run eve on virtual machine with dynamic ip

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #604

I mean if you feel the need to troll / break TOS that bad you will find a way. People always do.

Though I mean at that point, you’re just as sad of a person, as the one who made that corp and post I linked earlier

(Ima Wreckyou) #605

The best method to identify them was probably the credit card. Since alpha that is probably no longer the case. But if they figure them out by whatever means they are gone yes.

(Kaelen Mosar) #606

CCPhail just try to regulate something not necessary, ressources lost… Better nerf some stuff cfc constantly cry about like claws 4 example

Gn8 scrubs

(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #607

good night sad little man, go blop some ventures and feel like a man :wink: