Policy Update - Real Life Threats & Harassment


(Kaelen Mosar) #608

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(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #609

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(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #610

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(Kaelen Mosar) #611

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(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #612

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(Kaelen Mosar) #613

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(OR-6 Ashley Frost) #614

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(Kaelen Mosar) #615

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(Aetrid) #616

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(Makavi Madeveda) #618

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(Kaelen Mosar) #619


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(Kaelen Mosar) #620

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(Aequitae) #621

See, I like the idea of punishing people who take their behaviour to an extreme, but the way the current policies have been worded means that, at the sole discretion of CCP, we could be permanently banned for basic in-game interactions such as “I will evict your butt everywhere you go” after another player does something to provoke that. The policy fails to accurately address boundaries, which means it is open to abuse (and frivolous reporting). It needs to get a distinction on what is and isn’t accepted.

Yes, it is stated that harassment has certain types of behaviours attached, but what happens if I follow a player inside the game whilst giving him the threat that I always will fight him on EVE wherever he goes? The current wording of the policy and the points made would imply that such a game-exclusive action would warrant a (permanent) banishment from EVE, undermining everything EVE stands for.

Mind you, I am all for the banishment of all threats that transcend the game. You should not put another person at risk over a game and if you do, you deserve to be permanently shunned. But the way the current rules are worded means that practically every player can be banned at any time for making someone angry. That isn’t what EVE is about, and if we are going to pander to these types of limitations you bet this game will be reduces to Fairyland Online rather soon.

(Nana Skalski) #622

What is wrong with some people that cant comprehend a simple -be nice- concept, even here. :thinking:

(Eve Griefer) #623

I know, it’s strange.

(Mingja) #624

Because Eve never was a game for nice people. Even CCP encouraged players to be not nice. Why is this so hard to comprehend? How is shooting anyones stuff nice?

It is not clearly defined what is a problem and even CCP sees a question for more information as “rules lawyering”. That is the problem.

For all intents and purposes, CCP might see “shooting others” as a problem now (because someone might argue it’s harassment). Is Eve still the harsh place that it was or has that changed. It’s a fundamental question for the game.

(Aequitae) #625

What is wrong with some people that cant comprehend a simple -be nice- concept, even here. :thinking:

Not sure.
That said, this community has been open to critique and commenting on eachother for 15 years. Current changes put that freedom at risk by having badly described boundaries. Even if you may not swear, it should be possible within EVE to tell someone to “eat a bag of dicks” if they kill someone. It’s the emotion and the gravity of loss/wins that makes people so interested in the game. Current iteration of the new policy sadly restricts that, by effectively calling all behaviour within the sandbox to be potentially bannable.

If one of my members would steal from my corporation, and we vow to hunt him down within the confines of the game, then it becomes a potential harassment case under these rules. That is why I personally am against this version of the rules. Another example would be my recent critique on a streamer, who promptly started banning me and others that called him out on mistakes. Does that warrant harassment? It is very subjective, he may consider it to be harassment because he may not be able to handle it, while another person can.

(Nana Skalski) #626

Shooting is one thing, being obnoxious in chat or on forum is another.

(Mingja) #627

I agree, just that CCP didn’t define these rules to be just that so they might see it totally different now without communicating it to us.

I mean, I’ve elaborated on my personal problem a lot in this thread. Within the confines of the current rules, everything you say or do could potentially be a bannable offense because someone considers something a “microagression” and because of the UN’s definition of racism, any microagression could be racist and thus, bannable.

The problem is not the “be nice” thing, because most eve players actually are reasonable human beings, it’s because it’s not clearly defined what is “nice”, what is “bad” and what is “Ok within the rules”.

How can you not see that as a problem?

(Aequitae) #628

It entirely depends.

EVE has never been about limiting the interaction of people other than when it crossed the line into real-life related things, or blatant racism/sexism. They actively encouraged behaviour that would set up strife to one another.

Right now, with the new rule, I could get in an argument with you over anything. I tell you that I will find you in-game and destroy your ship, creating healthy content and a conflict that can escalate within the game to more. You, on the other hand, could then report me to CCP under the new rules. It would put me liable to be permanently banned because of the lack of distinction within these rules. Any in-game content could therefore lead to a permanent banishment if someone reports it as harassment, even if it isn’t.

That is what we’re fighting against. Not that we need these rules, but rather that they are so broad that we can be banned for ANYTHING.