Praise Aiko Danuja, Hound of Halaima, Mistress Mercenary

The winner of the poetry contest wins an AIKO corpse.

:ghost: :princess: :ghost:

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You are griefing me
I just want to mine in peace
Why do you do this?


I supply a copy of the kill mail without concord on it . With the right ship you can get 3 cats without npc getting in the way .

With lesser ships you use our note pad trick

Random question who was the leaf Queen if anyone knows

The Leaf Queen was a powerful sorceress who ruled the autumn season of the forest moon of Endor.

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Did you just make that up

Apparently she is pissed with NEPF for confiscating her sceptre

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Nope, it is from the Ewoks cartoon series:


Sweet delicate toes,
Lives with a bunch of mean cats
Hail the saviorette!

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Forget my past, if you want to get in Fleet with me you better make it fast,
If you want to be my Fleet Caller** you got to be my friend,
Get your act together it will be just fine,
Want you to think about that, if you really want to,
If you want to make this last then you got to be my friend,
Now I won’t go wasting your Precious time,
Saying it is too easy that’s the way it ends,
Thats the way it ends!

Mistress of Mercenaries. I think I read somethig bout it in a sci-fi novel. But she wasn the main hero. :+1:

You suck at poetry Frosty.

No AIKO corpse for you.

Well I had waited out the 8 days and still hadn’t received my prize for best poetry entry.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
No corpse for you
Star Wars

I know that Aiko doesn’t care, I know that Aiko lies about stuff…

Thank you very much for gifting the Nestor to Vinny which I maneged to win, appreciate your generosity.

That Nestor went to someone who actually cares to say thank you.

You tell that liar space Witch that we :slightly_frowning_face: are losing interest in what even does Aiko stands for…
You tell Aiko that Code. are way better than Safety…

At least they wave to us when we are in same system. o/

You can tell her that IF I receive my Maggie back in the same condition it was Contracted out for that Loan.

Frostpacker will continue honoring old agreements by burrying the old past aswell as settling this petty conflict between us.

First month payment begins as soon as Maggie is returned safely into Frostpacker’s hanger o/


Lol, who doesn’t have an Aiko corpse yet, haha


This Pilot’s frozen Corpse is worth way more!