Praise Aiko Danuja, Hound of Halaima, Mistress Mercenary

The winner of the poetry contest wins an AIKO corpse.

:ghost: :princess: :ghost:

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You are griefing me
I just want to mine in peace
Why do you do this?


I supply a copy of the kill mail without concord on it . With the right ship you can get 3 cats without npc getting in the way .

With lesser ships you use our note pad trick

Random question who was the leaf Queen if anyone knows

The Leaf Queen was a powerful sorceress who ruled the autumn season of the forest moon of Endor.

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Did you just make that up

Apparently she is pissed with NEPF for confiscating her sceptre

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Nope, it is from the Ewoks cartoon series:


Sweet delicate toes,
Lives with a bunch of mean cats
Hail the saviorette!

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