Praise Aiko Danuja, Hound of Halaima, Mistress Mercenary

Looks like a nobody.

She is Jody’s mother who handles shipping consignments.

…And this <<— Pilot is not the father though —> Harry Longbuck is also an ice miner.

Is it just me, or does it seem like 90% of the stuff Frostpacker posts is just random words strung together into incoherent sentences and acts like it’s some sort of recognizable language?


No it’s me too, but more importantly what’s with the new picture

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Time for change

A season is coming to a close and a new one is starting.

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Don’t forget that it is me aswell as there is more than one of us.

He failed to pay his billion isk fine, and so I cursed him with Mushbrain IV, turning everything he does and says into a confused muddle.


Ok thank you. I’ve been trying for like a month to determine if there is some kind of cohesive lore or backstory to what he talks about, but the more he goes on….


I just hope Iceacid doesn’t figure out that any corporation which applies to CODE. will be accepted. Since the alliance died, it’s just open to everyone who wants to join. It’d be really embarrassing to see a bunch of ice mining CODE. Hulks, but fortunately he hasn’t figured out that the door is unlocked.

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Frostpacker is starting to wonder if all ;

Alliance Applications

First must run past your desk for temporary approval.

My approval costs 1 billion isk.

You know the rules.

:ice_cube: :moneybag: :princess:

After consuming a few beers and while sitting here with my cat as we both lap up the remaining sunshine that the current day has to offer it occurs to me that I do have another Corp, one that might suit my future needs with progressing in my ganker abilities if we can call them that. Anyway the corp name is Snake Oil … blah blah (need to log in to obtain the actual name)

Though if you meant what you said in your reply and that to Alliance with Code. Would cost me just one billion isk then I am sure I won’t be mining as remember you Aiko alone changed that path. Now it would be up to you to put in a good word. Agree?

ps I do understand the processing fee and confirmation fee. Can you please confirm it also fixes the departure fees that Sargon once demanded. Remember it was not my fault for leaving Safety. Though no one is to blame other than myself and lastly I am sorry for using you, extraordinary situation happened and I want to thank you for what you did.

I confirm.

The fee is 1 billion isk and it fixes all fees.

Please do not use me again.

My brother in Christ you have to stop. You’re down like 6b to her in the last month. What are we doing here?


We are even and that is the main thing, it just fixed up old debt!

@Iceacid_Frostpacker? More like Wordsalad Frostpacker. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


14805464732.6 - 14062013164.42 = 743451568.18

I believe a generous contribution of 743451568.18 isk is a sufficient bond which will convince the court to release Maggie on good behaviour.

Oh dear what am I going to do with you?

I know Maggie is gone, I gave it to you as you helped change my path, I am not getting it back not even if you flash your fancy math at me!


Let’s move on from this please.