Praise Aiko Danuja, True Savior of Highsec!

I’ll wear something black in memory of her

Wait, you wanna wear her black hair as a wig?

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You have greater need for a wig than I


“Ten million ISK invested in my permit has earned me billions while I watch ships in the belt next to me get popped like pinatas” Knitram Relik

Interesting what sys is that


Join the Dark side

I am your Father… :vulcan_salute:

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Location: Stargate (Sivala) (17.97km)
Time: 2021-07-17 05:35

Such a sad day to have missed such a sort after corpse

Send me a billion isk and I’ll give you one.

I’ll send you one for free and Aiko stop asking for isk from my corp members . Why would I ever want them to send you 16bill.

It’s 17 billion now.

Most certainly Princess as soon as I return from this extremely dangerous mission in which Frostpacker had ordered. There is news of a extremely large temblor in one of New Eden’s highsec asteroid belts and if not found soon there will be a form of electromagnetic reverberations that could increase to a magnitude that potentially could take out the entire Minmatar shopping mall. (which is knwon to some as Hek)

Is the concept of role-play lost on you or something?

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Who are you?? Did I quote you or something?

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Hi, my name is Destiny, and I was responding to a post you made on this forum!

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…hummnaah, that name doesn’t ring a bell, sorry.

Good for you! You can crawl back into your hole now.

Well, according to your profile, I’m one of your “most replied to” posters.

Are you okay? :confused:

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So after telling all those lies about @DeMichael_Crimson you’re trying it with me, eh?
Well, you will find me a more detached and apathetical customer than he is.


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