Praise Aiko Danuja, True Savior of Highsec!

You know if those in code would spend more time in actual RL pursuits instead of trying to be antagonistic which they find “charge their minds into a serotonin rush” they wouldn’t spend hours and effort to be what amounts to pennies.

How long should I hold this umbrella?


You know how people say , your on an empty bus or train and the nutter comes and sits next to you , this is what Aiko must have all the time

I expect suitors to bring something to my table.

Necro was trying his best to impress.

Reading this and it being a new player I’m surprised she never asked for isk

Was this a private convo between your alt and Aiko?

No it’s on the Pirate Princesses blog, sure you can find it

Why are you so obsessed with her?

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Aiko Aiko she’s so pretty
She reminds me of Hello Kitty


Thank you Destiny.

@Aiko_Danuja what have you done with @Destiny_Corrupted , it was last reported you may have her locked in a tower writing poetry.

Free Destiny now !!!

From: Destiny Corrupted
Sent: 2021.06.10 23:28
To: Aiko Danuja,

Tell Githany that I tragically passed away after a brief battle with EVE cancer.

I’ll wear something black in memory of her

Wait, you wanna wear her black hair as a wig?

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You have greater need for a wig than I