Praise Aiko Danuja, True Savior of Highsec!

If you like poetry you should read Aiko’s latest blog post. And if you don’t like peotry you should still read it, it is so beautiful! Thanks for the free isk, bro!


Princess Aiko sat there, trimming her purple nails, and admiring her blue eye shadow. She tossed her hair back, and smiled into the mirror, winking at her reflection. With a twinkle in her eye, she remarked unto herself, “Why, I’m the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.”

She thought for a moment about all the jellybears, common peasants who could never hope to even reach the pettiest of noble ranks. She tried to feel sorry for them, imagining the plight of the poor with a shudder, but she just didn’t understand. The commoners were so silly, and her gaze was drawn back toward the mirror. She smiled again, an impish grin with perfect teeth, “You are so pretty Aiko.” She was in love with herself, and happy.


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I don’t need to ask. I know.



As long as I keep getting my dividends from your investment funds, I don’t mind that you are pretty.


I’ll just go ahead and link this here, so people now where to go for market solutions.


Following the Code. is not the answer for High Sec.
Code. brings very little to the citizens of New Eden.
Broken Barges can be replaced with or without the Code.
Code. is a mere dream to the minds of the few that follow.
Alerts should go out that Code. don’t run High Sec.
Code. Run from High Sec Faction Police are in charge.
Don’t buy a mining permit as the risk is very low.
Code. hold next to zero ability to hunt you down.
Miners are the backbone of New Eden & Concord are the True Saviors of Highsec!

Riddle me this: What does a mining stooge need with gank catalysts in their orca cargohold?

I feel that Antacid Meatpacker isn’t telling us his whole story. There’s likely much less Jekyll and much more Hyde than we initially thought.

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A whole lotta crazy.

Destiny Corrupted Corrupted

Y’all mistaken and while confused y’all mixed Frostpacker with somebody else? Longbuck perhaps?

Frostpacker did cargo a couple of cats that day in the photo. What Y’all didn’t notice that the POS was being taken down in the middle of the Invasion. Frostpacker would never lie to such fine pilots such as y’all.

Not like that Witch Aiko… that’s right even referrers to herself as a Dark Witch. She knows it, she likes it. Longbuck is wrapped around her long purple nails.

Not Frostpacker noway never, it was made very clear about that in private.

Then you will continue to die.

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If anything you say were true, you wouldn’t be desperately trying to lure others into following your treacherous ways.

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This much is true.


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I suddenly have an urge to mine ice.

What should I do?

Mine it from the dropped cargo of dead miners.


I tried, but it always comes out in liquid form, so I have to freeze it manually.

Frostpacker only pays for services rendered and sometimes the competition needs to be moved.

Hm, I think there haven’t been enough praising of James and Aiko in here.
Praise James and Aiko!


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