Praxis converted into a Mining Ship

(Ima Wreckyou) #21

Btw. How is the smartbombing thing going?

Are you still hiding in an NPC corp because you lack PvP skill?

(Nisanthro) #22

No, mining permits are tokens of New Order loyalty. In addition to having a permit, you have to be Code compliant (e.g. playing the game) to actually be safe.



(darkestkhan Eriker) #23

It is actually pretty decent at mining - but I would see it more like a cross of covetor (yield and hold) and procurer (tank) than a ret, somewhat useful in fleet, useless on its own.

(Transgirl) #24

i thought the vexor was the best alpha mining ship ( assuming thats what this ‘rookie’ thing is about )

(DrysonBennington) #25

If mining permits were tokens of loyalty then why does CODE still gank the permit holders even if the permit holder isn’t doing anything wrong?

If the mining permits were tokens of loyalty then miners wouldn’t have to pay to have them as loyalty should be free.

(DrysonBennington) #26

Fit with drone and cargo upgrades the Praxis can strip about the same amount of ore that a Venture is able too. Maybe slightly more if you use TII expander rigs.

You can deploy four Ogre II’s that will help deter ganking fleets and make easy work of belt rats.

(Solstice Projekt) #27

I am looking at this from a different perspective now.

What you want …
… are combat willing miners.


(DrysonBennington) #28

Its a mining ship that is able to defend itself against small attacks from Gankers or in groups the group of Praxis would be better situated to defend itself against a moderate gank fleet.

(Ima Wreckyou) #29

Man you are ag for how many years and you still struggle with the basics? It’s a battleship and the ganker has a destroyer it will not be able to get a lock before it dies.

Inb4 he opens a thread with the demand that criminals can be instalocked…

(DrysonBennington) #30

Oh I’m certain that its more than fast enough to lock onto a destroyer while still having some surprises up its sleeve.

(Kynami Vaille) #31

If it takes 20 seconds to lock up the destroyer because you fit it for shield tank and mining… he’s gonna be concord bound before you finish locking. And if he brought enough friends you are just out of luck.

And if you try to be cute with smartbombs all they have to do is have the scout that isn’t attacking get tagged with a blast and have you concord yourself.

(Ima Wreckyou) #32

^ what she said

(Anderson Geten) #33

Please stop, this is really embarrassing. For you.

CODE. players have asshole RP. It’s just that simple. Stop trying to argue with/against them about things as morale, this just makes as much sense as trying to argue about your tastes in venusian porn with a wall.

Now some of them also have asshole behaviour on the forum, and that is very sad.
Yet, don’t even argue with them about morale, this makes no sense at all. You are as much entitled to have your opinion as they are to have their. So quit trying to “be on the right side of justice” (or actually to bend the arm of justice towards you), this is stupid.

They gank you, because they can.
They make you pay a permit, because you are too stupid to trust them.
They gank you after, because they can.
They laugh at your tears, because they can.
HTFU and realize your mistakes, that’s the only way to get better.
You CAN defend against them, but it has a price, typically you need to be aware of your environment. and more important, you need to have experience - which you don’t.

typically here IMA is actually genuinely helping you by telling you that they have (cloaked) scouts, so the SB will only make you 100% dead even if THEY screw up.
However you can also realize that you can gank the scout !!

(Ima Wreckyou) #34

Dryson has already met my “scout”

(DrysonBennington) #35

CODE. players have asshole RP. It’s just that simple. Stop trying to argue with/against them about things as morale, this just makes as much sense as trying to argue about your tastes in venusian porn with a wall.

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No one is bending the arm of the law in anyone’s favor. You have proven to have broke at least two different forum rules.

I see that you haven’t read the guidelines because your Guideline Badge is missing…I hope that fall into the bottom of chasm isn’t a long fall…you have used the guidelines.

(Anderson Geten) #36

Yeah, and your post also contains the word “porn” so according to your own understanding of the rules, you are breaking them.
You are taking words off my posts to make it sound like it says something I did not say.

I tried to give you an advice so you could realize why you are wrong about CODE. , but you are just troling around.
Instead of trying to understand what I said, and where you are wrong, you cherry pick words out off my post to be complaining about them.
Seriously, you are not able to gain anything from this thread.

(Mortlake) #37

Which is interesting, considering I’ve recently flagged a post of yours where you’ve been quite naughty.

You’re such a space hypocrite.

(ikutgsdbfnmkf sfrehtejyuki) #38

wow this is actually a really good time passer i spent 1 hours reading this :smiley:

(DrysonBennington) #39

Show me where in any of my posts I have used the word p*rn when it hasn’t related to a post that you made.

You are the one trolling, trolling has two l’s not one, by the way.

No, I am certain that I am correct about CODE. and WILL NEVER agree with anything that CODE. stands for or believes in. Your attempts at twisting words based on some other mechanic that you have attached the words too only affects you.

(DrysonBennington) #40

The Praxis is not a good mining ship against Sansha Incursion belt rats though. It can take out the small frigates with ease and the cruisers with moderate difficulty but will not last against a Sansha battleship that might arrive.