Professor Stephen Hawking Has Passed Away At 76

To know the magic behind what Professor Hawking wrote about you have to understand the beginning of faith. Whether that faith be Muslim, Jew or Christian or New Eden or the Khar-Toba.

One must know the beginning.

Ride the photon Professor, ride the photon old boy…ride the photon.

A poem I wrote honoring Professor Hawking

The Singularity and the Tree Seedling

The beginning of the Universe is like the tree seedling.
The Singularity smaller than the seed but both come to be from wanting to be greater,
The singularity like the tree seedling took in nutrients and built something better. From something that cannot be seen with the human eye to something that can be see in the tree that branches out in many directions like arms of Universe.
Each branch of the tree like the quantum network of energy in the Universe branching out but like a highway. Both networks carrying billions and billions of information back and forth on the high way each second. Circling, rising and falling around each other the bits of information get on and off the highway every moment.
At the end of each branch there is the bud where that blossoms into a new seed every year. A harbor of life like every galaxy in the Universe, but a galaxy on the tree of life.
A bud fed by the singularity through the veins of the quantum network into the tree that is millions of times larger than then it had been, just like the singularity that was millions of times smaller than the Universe is now.
The new seed drops when it has become what the Universe needs it took be. The leaves wave good-bye and their soul is heard in the wind of the rustling trees. The new carrier of life descends into the darkness of the ground that is the void of space-time.
Day by day and year by year the process of the Singularity and the Tree Seedling continues to grow outwards like the roots of the Great White Oak and the Greatest of the Greatest Redwoods and all those galaxies in between. There roots digging deeper into soil of the Universe to seek nourishment like the Singularity so that life will flourish all across the Universe of space and time.
Know that I am there. Know that I am here. Know that everywhere is where the seed of humanity needs to be, but of the Universe.



Something relevant:

“I wish I read that book by that wheelchair guy” - Homer Simpson

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking.

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Noooooooo my favorite RL professor, by far. Sad, I would have loved to see what he was going to try and solve next.

Its amazing he lived such a long time in his condition, yet at the same time he still had so much left to do.

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We always have to look too.

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