Project Mekhios

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #61

Miss Del’Thul, I am simply making arrangements for my boots. I’d offer you an appointment time but I think I’ve recently been told that I have an appointment to lick Gallente boots so my boot schedule is just terribly crowded right now.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #62

Well, do remember there’s another appointment to finish up, hmm?

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #63

Play nice.

(Ascentior) #64

Read: We anchored it under the guise of a neutral party and then intentionally transferred it to a party who has initiated wars. You know, for the safety of the people inside.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #65

You find it strange that the defense of the facility is done by those who already fight the rabid zealots? I mean, given the last eight months of Amarr’s Finest largely running away or cowering in stations, I can sort of see why Amarr’s Finest would prefer to fight an industry section instead of us, but I’m afraid making it that easy on you isn’t a priority.

(Arrendis) #66

You do realize this is pretty much the SOP across New Eden for anchoring structures in space you don’t control, right? And that you do it that way to keep them from blowing up? Anchor it under the auspices of those who’ll be responsible for its defense, and it’ll be blown up before it can be effectively defended. Leave the defense to those who anchor it, and it will be destroyed, especially in high-sec.

Will the next criticism be that it doesn’t have enough gravity to hold an atmosphere on its own? You’re literally complaining about someone following tried-and-true best practices for securing a structure in potentially hostile space.

(Arsia Elkin) #67

The reason why it’s potentially hostile space is because of the actions of the holding party against the denizens of said space. Calling something a hospital makes it a hospital and the burden of proof is always on the defendants who have to prove it’s not a hospital, right? I’m sure you would gladly allow warring groups to anchor citadels in your home systems if they called them hospitals right? That’s your standard operating procedure out there in your space, right?

If not, get off your high horse and leave this issue to those whom it actually concerns. Namely Amarrians. Thanks.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #68

Fun fact: I’ve never called it a hospital. Not once.

(Arsia Elkin) #69

Because what little conscience you have left won’t let you.

(Arrendis) #70

I could say the reason why it’s potentially hostile space is because you’ve been uniformly hostile, and you live there.

As for ‘warring groups’, last time I checked, Mizhara’s corporation is not, in fact, at war with the Amarr Empire, the owners of that space. She has CONCORD-sanctioned wardecs in place against certain Amarr Loyalist groups, but she is not technically at war with the Amarr Empire. In fact, let me check… nope, Kyn’aldrnari isn’t even affiliated with the Republic Militias. Not at war with the owners of the space in any way. As a result, she’s blatantly able to fly in Amarr space and dock in Amarr stations.

So, to address your question?

Any corporation that is allowed to fly through the Imperium’s space unrestricted, and dock up on our facilities unrestricted (as opposed to say, certain freight services which are allowed limited access to some installations), is in fact allowed to anchor citadels in 1DQ1-A.

As for who the issue concerns… many of those recovering in this installation are member of my Tribe. They are not Amarr. I think whether or not you bloody-minded savages shoot at it concerns the Tribes they belong to, too.

So why don’t you try being right about something? Can you do that, just once. You never know, you might actually find it’s a nice change!

(Arsia Elkin) #71

And once again with CONCORD’s corruption as clear as it is, a CONCORD’s permission is far from justification for her actions. Ultimately she’s using loopholes in poorly laid out regulations in order to dance around the Empire and cause as much trouble as she can.

As she herself has participated in assaulting citadels far more harmless than hers, why should we look a blind eye when this violent psychopath anchors a structure for any purpose, much less to try to circumvent allowing the Empire to process these poor people through the correct Empire channels. Instead she is using the people she claims to be helping as another means of grandstanding and a means of attacking us in another way.

So save me your faux concern for the people she’s using. Your biases are as clear and your arrogance is repugnant.

(Arrendis) #72

You mean there’s corruption in a system set up by (among others) the representatives of the Amarr Empire? GASP!!!

She’s abiding by the laws that govern us. You’re free to choose not to. Until then, your whining is but sweet, sweet music to me.

(Ascentior) #73

No, corruption in a system run by (among others) the representatives of the Minmatar Republic.
Literally choosing to ignore all other facts (empires) and ONLY discuss those that suit your position (The Amarr Empire is involved) betrays your intent. You have no interest in any part of this except to ruffle feathers and pick fights. No surprise though.

After nearly 8 years of on and off hostility towards The Empire (or Empires in general), “not currently in a corporation that is at war with The Empire” doesn’t cut it for anyone with a memory longer than a week.

“CONCORD says it’s legal”. Well CONCORD also say it’s perfectly legal for a capsuleer to buy a million slaves and murder them in horrific ways for their own kicks. It’s Imperial Law that prevents that. And It’s Imperial Loyalists that have put a stop to it.

I cannot argue what CONCORD allows, it’s pointless. We have no control over them, and they are impotent against even to simplest circumvention of their “laws”.

It’s been stated before, but if anyone has any GENUINE concern for people who are incorrectly held at the hands of illegal slavers, there are plenty of efforts that actually DO make a difference.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Slaves has actively (although not always publicly announced) worked toward the fair treatment of slaves, liberation of those held improperly and ensured the proper religious education of those in their care. Part of the way they achieve this is by NOT picking fights and then placing slaves in the middle of them as shields.
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque have both actively fought the illegal holding of slaves and the ill-treatment of legally held slaves.
These efforts actually make a difference. There are many millions free today that would not have been if not for these efforts. There are many more millions alive today that would not have been if not for these efforts.

Some would suggest there are no good people or bad people, only good or bad actions. Picking a fight and then putting slaves (illegal or not) in harms way to protect oneself is a bad action, regardless of who does it.

(Deitra Vess) #74

Yes, forcing a religion upon them is totally the better path, right… Didn’t we emancipate ourselves and form a Republic to defend from that? I’m hardly seeing where this is any better or worse.

(Ascentior) #75

And I don’t see how a grape can be grape juice and also become wine. I don’t blame my lack of understanding on winemakers though.

(Deitra Vess) #76

Maybe so, but it’s another version of what you yourself are deplicting as the right way. Just because the wine is made with elderberries as opposed to grapes doesn’t make it any less wine.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #77

How’s that working out for you? I mean, your nation signed off on the current treaties and market availability, so it’s clearly not an issue for the Empire that slaves are treated in this fashion. None of the other nations even allow them within their borders, so it sounds a bit strange that it’d be any of them that pushed that little clause in there.

Haaah. Samira Kernher put the work in, with my aid. You and the rest of you lazy little mouthbreathers did exactly nothing, be it SFRIM or PIE. Don’t start taking credit for your failure to act.

They’re safe as houses and you know it, you two-faced little shite. Upwell structure systems ensures that, and even if it didn’t I have plenty of JFs ready to send any that are in “harm’s way” to Republic safety.

Or legal. Or tolerated. Or hush hush. It’s not the few actual illegal slavers that are the problem here. It’s your institutionalized machine of suffering, torment and indoctrination.

(Diana Kim) #78

Looks like we have Nauplius ver. 2.0 - now with Fortizars instead of Astrahuses.

I’m looking forward to see this structure meeting the fate of Elder’s fleet under Her Majesty’s guns.

(Deitra Vess) #79

With respect Strike Commander, defensively I don’t see that happening…

(Arrendis) #80

My intent to point out that if she’s going to rail against CONCORD, she has to accept that she’s railing against the Empire, as well? What do you think (among others) meant, anyway? Yes, the Republic is also part of CONCORD. So what? I’m not saying any of the involved parties are innocent of any ‘corruption’ going on, but I’m not the one asserting that the literally pay-to-play wardec system is ‘corrupt’.

It’s not corrupt. It makes no claims of being anything other than what it is: a fee you pay to be allowed to shoot a particular group. To be corrupt, it would need to be a violation of CONCORD’s regulations and laws concerning capsuleer activities. It’d also likely be hidden and secretive. It’s neither. It’s like claiming that Amarr slavery is ‘corruption’. It’s frikkin’ evil as hell, but it’s not corruption. It’s literally how the system is designed to work.

Similarly, the wardec system is literally designed to work exactly the way it works. CONCORD allowing wardecs is not corruption. CONCORD allowing assets to be transferred from a non-dec’d/dec’ing corp to one involved in a wardec is not corruption. She is factually wrong.

But, and this is important, again I point out that my intent was simply to shine a big light on the fact that if she’s so damned pissed off at CONCORD, maybe she should take the matter up with the people she thinks aren’t ‘corrupt’. Because they’re a party to it. Just like the vast majority of us have appealed to the one entity on CONCORD’s executive panel that doesn’t want slave-owning universally outlawed among capsuleers to change that.

You might want to put on airs about how ‘Imperial Loyalists’ stopped ‘a capsuleer’ from buying a million slaves and murdering them in a horrific way, but last I checked, I’ve been involved in more than one of these temples’ destruction, and this latest ‘I’m going to kill a million slaves to get an answer from God’ was stopped by an Amarr loyalist… and Mizhara.

As for this…

You can keep your cultural rape, thanks. Brainwashing is still brainwashing, and anyone who tries to force it on someone should be shot. Many times. Non-fatally. At irregular intervals. For millennia.

So, really, you can take your self-righteousness and shove it up a fedo, for all I care.