Project Mekhios

(Ascentior) #81

You did a whole day’s work. Well done, I hope they spend a whole day erecting a statue in your honour in your little military outpost.

As with most things, the ‘leg work’ doesn’t start or finish on the day you witness.

Once again, any “CONCORD allows it” argument is irrelevant. We (Amarr Loyalists) have no input in what is allowed and enforced by the SCC. What we (Amarr Loyalists) have done to prevent it is the serial destruction of assets and subsequent liberation of those held within wherever we find them. What we (Amarr Loyalists) have done is the systematic destruction of structures set up with the purpose of mistreatment of slaves.

The fact that you don’t think any of those is worth anything, is again, telling that the lives of these people mean nothing to you. Claiming a victory over your enemies is more important than helping anyone.

(Ascentior) #82

Ironic that your prescription to dealing with someone with different values than you is to force them into generations of suffering.

(Samira Kernher) #83

While this latest effort did involve certain non-loyalist parties, it should be reminded that the Butcher has been fought over 4 years and Imperial loyalists were, with a few exceptions, the only ones acting against him.

(Arrendis) #84

What goes around comes around.

Besides, you’re a capsuleer, it’s not ‘generations’. It’s just you.

(Ascentior) #85

Oh, so by “anyone who tries” you actually meant “the fence I’m barking at”

(Mizhara Del'thul) #86

You know, when you actually go out and try to stop that kind of guy, instead of just waiting until his damage is already done, you actually have to put in more than the hour and a half total an Astrahus takedown might take. You have to actually locate the guy, his logistics people, hound and harry them, and then watch… in this case for over a week but I know you’re well aware of this and have decided to be a lying little shite instead. How very… dignified of you.

Your government does. They signed off on it. Are you saying your government signing off on these things are not representative of the Empire?

(Arrendis) #87

No, but when it’s not a capsuleer, they’re not going to live for millennia, no matter how much I think they deserve millennia of agony, now will they?

Please, though, do show me where I said any such fate should be shared by their descendants in any way. That kind of barbarity is purely the province of the Amarr.

(Ascentior) #88

The simple fact that with the possible exception of the jove, I’ve not heard of anyone living for millennia. But obviously I have misread your words to suggest any actual action.

Oh, that week must have been traumatizing. And to think, you might even have to hold up this charade for longer than that.
You are correct, I DO know how much effort it is to address these types of operations. And if a week of work is something for you to hang your hat on, then you better pass your slave emancipation efforts onto someone with a little more resilience. From our experience, rarely is anything over in a week.

(Valerie Valate) #89

Alright, this is getting good now.

You get a grape :point_right:. And You get a grape :point_left:. Everyone gets a grape ! :grapes:

(Arrendis) #90

Another sin the Amarr have to answer for now: Valerie actually had the opportunity to say something amusing.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #91

Not particularly, but it’s a week more than you’ve ever put in, you sanctimonious shite. You and the rest of your “Admiralty”.

(Arrendis) #92

C’mon now, that’s not fair and you know it. Admirals don’t do work.

(Anabella Rella) #93

Wow, this is rich coming from a slaver sycophant.

Look imperial, you can accuse Miz of many things but she’s hardly a psychotic. She uses violence because that’s the only language you people respect and understand. She prosecutes limited wars against military targets with the ultimate goal of freeing as many of our brothers and sisters from your vile clutches as possible. Unlike some other organizations she is quite conscientious about not intentionally inflicting baseliner casualties and fighting those who are well capable of fighting back.

Instead of attacking Miz and the rest of us attempting to right a wrong that YOUR ANCESTORS committed against our people why don’t you try dealing with the true psychopaths living in your own backyard like Nauplius or the Blooders.


P.S. since you’re with PIE I’d be happy just to occasionally see you undock or maybe run a combat patrol in the warzone rather than spewing your faux outrage on the IGS.

(Ascentior) #94

You might find that easier if you learned where the warzone was. You’d find Commander Elkin regularly as she’s been one of The Empire’s most active combat pilots for many months running.

(Valerie Valate) #95

Truly it is the darkest of Dark Times .

(Arsia Elkin) #96

Glass houses aren’t the best place from which to throw rocks, my friend.

Perhaps you should check public combat records before making claims like that, or you may end up doing something silly like telling somebody else who is fairly active to undock when it doesn’t look like you’ve done that yourself for months.

But it’s just standard Matari projection, so I can’t really be surprised.

(Anabella Rella) #97

Had you bothered looking you’d know that E-M only very recently took a break from the TLF so I’m quite aware where the warzone is. Hell, I just flew through the Bleaks 2 days ago moving rescued slaves and supplies from Sarum Prime.

Also, I’m not your friend, slaver. I stand by the rest of my statement. Deal with your own garbage first before accusing others of living in a filthy house.

(Arsia Elkin) #98

They still roam around enough to be considered part of the TLF. I literally fought your alliancemates two days ago in Arzad.

I know many of you types are far from educated, but my accusation wasn’t that your “house” is filthy. I mean, but made of glass while you throw stones. You’re a hypocrite, in short.

In the end though, your people will appreciate all the sacrifices the Amarr make in order to save them. Until that day, friend, we’ll just have to keep up our selfless efforts.

(Arrendis) #99

We’ll appreciate it a lot more if you take your imaginary sky-fairy and go the hell away.

(Deitra Vess) #100

Fences make good neighbors, friend return your unwilling house guests and stay on your side.