Project Mekhios

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Y’know she undocks practically every day and it’s even streamed for those peeps like you who stay in their stations watching holovids and munchin’ on popcorn or whatever it is y’ Matari have.

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(Isha Vuld) #103

Yeah, probably not. And on that note, the fact you are absolutely correct regarding the motives of this station just makes the whole situation that much more delightful.

(Rana Ash) #104

I find this very offensive to faries, they have done nothing to be bunched together with that kind of people.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #105

I would like to clarify that this is not a Project inherently hostile to the Rite. A significant amount of those who pass through it will be adherents of the faith and it’d be rather nonsensical to start deprogramming all faithful, indoctrinated or not. The only requirements (in that particular regard) for freedom in the Republic is respect for freedom of belief, understanding that proselytizing is unacceptable and an understanding of how ludicrous the “true amarr superiority” is. Roughly speaking.

While it is still being set up, there will be a section of Project Mekhios entirely devoted to the spiritual and faithful ministry and care of the inhabitants. I will be publishing a little piece from the section lead once things are set up and polished. While the amount of Caldari and Gallente among the inhabitants aren’t exactly high compared to Minmatar and Amarr, we would like to be prepared to cater to those in that manner as well. A full time position at Project Mekhios will not be necessary, but volunteers with understanding and experience with State or Federation religions, faiths, spirituality and such are welcome to submit procedures and guidelines for such. If they are better than the ones we have, rewards will be in order.

So while you are all welcome to have your own views on ‘skyfairies’ and so on, that sort of edgy arrogance isn’t particularly helpful in the real world. Spirituality is a significant component of many people’s lives and need as much care and treatment as physical and mental ailments.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #106

I know, I’ve started watching religiously after I saw a fleet of hers destroy Imperial Navy Battlecruisers, with them target broadcasted at that. I mean, coming right on the heels of Selkie getting demoted in the 24th for shooting Amarrian targets, it’s quite the entertaining feed. There’s more random neutrals, pirates and strangers in those fleets than Amarrian loyalists.

(Arsia Elkin) #107

Okay, let’s tackle the claims Del’thul just made, shall we?

Yes, by having a big tent and inviting people into Amarrian activities, we can slowly turn these heathens towards the Light of Amarr and Reclaim them by inclusion. As I have al ready brought many individuals into the militia via this method, it seems to be working.

For one who cries about more aggressive reclaiming methods, this complaint seems odd. Perhaps Del’thul is actually a fan of some of our more aggressive methods.

Yes, there is the problem. Sometimes fleet members who first join do lack discipline, knowledge, and judgment causing them to do foolish and destructive things.

Believe me, on the night of the incident you’re referring to, I spent basically the rest of the fleet interrogating half the members trying to identify the responsible parties who continued shooting despite the orders given to cease fire.

The only break I took from that was when we destroyed your battleship, by the way.

Regardless criticism of my methods to figure out the perpetrators may be valid. The spin you’re putting on the incident is not.

I don’t see why you feel the need to lie to exaggerate an event when you’re already capable of using it as ammunition. While flying an Inquisitor, I accidentally activated a warp scrambler on a target whom I was repairing for about a second or so. This did lead to an aggression flag via CONCORD regulations and such a demotion via the automated system. A far cry from “shooting an Amarrian targets.”

You’re a joke, Del’thul. But thanks for your input.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #108

Just pointing out the irony and hypocrisies involved, Selkie dear. How people react to or treat others over… incidents, seems to vary rather wildly. No consequences when it’s X, Y or Z committing… how does that form letter put it? “Crimes against God and Empire” I believe. Or perhaps when they donate seven digits to Blooder psychopaths. If it’s others, doing no actual harm to anything but the arrogant pride of…

… well perhaps we don’t need to go into public detail. Consequences for ones actions are suspiciously absent whenever it’d be inconvenient or against certain people. I’m sure you’ll never have to actually face any no matter how much your staunch words doesn’t match ‘righteous’ action.

(Arsia Elkin) #109

Right, because we’d obviously inform our good friend, Mizhara Del’thul, of any disciplinary actions taken. You’re clearly in a position to be fully informed and not just talking out of your posterior. You’d never do that.

The accusation of hypocrisy coming from you is hilarious. You’re the one whom, for what I can tell, complains about me trying to peacefully bring others into the Light of Amarr via inclusion and guidance because she likes being able to play the victim when a more hostile approach to reclamation is taken the one who expects us to believe her citadel has noble purposes when she’s such a compulsive liar that she has to blatantly lie about what happened with an event that for all intents and purposes can already be framed to fit her narrative just as well, and the one so short sighted to realize that the safety features on her little citadel prevent her from using innocents as a human shield for a base of terrorist operations, as they’re in no danger regardless of what happens to your fortress.

Not only are you a joke, but you’re not even a funny joke.

(Arrendis) #110

4 lines. 134 words, 3 commas. 1 horribly complex compound run-on sentence. Say whatever you like about Miz’s point, but holy fedo farts, fix this. It is literally painful to read.

Edit: in all fairness, though, you did avoid the ‘all intensive purposes’ screw-up so many people think is actually correct, so kudos on that.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #111

“Oh we totally do the thing. We just… like… hid it really well. Because reasons. No no, trust us, it’s all true and how dare you not just take us at our word based on nothing at all?”

… where exactly is the ‘peaceful’ bit?

Where’s the lie? Oh dear, hostile action against 24thIC personnel ceases to be relevant because it’s a scram instead of a weapon’s discharge? It doesn’t seem to have been worthy of much distinction by the authorities you labor under, does it?

Make up your mind now. Am I using them as human shields, or am I not? I certainly never made that claim, instead relying on the fact that it’s heavily armed and protected. I even made a point out of Upwell ensuring their safety as well.

I recommend keeping track of who makes which claims. Makes it harder to accidentally start railing against your own blather.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #112

I think they overheat when they get flustered. Certain processes go out the window.

(Teinyhr) #113

Hey now, she might be a joke, but she’s our joke, so cease.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #114

I really love your one-liners, Teinyhr. I really honestly do.

(Ascentior) #115

You’ve misunderstood the point being made. I’ll make it a little clearer.

Anyone who matters knows what disciplinary action is taken. Your opinion of internal PIE matters is, as with your opinion on most matters, worthless.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #116

Lotta salt over something worthless there, boyo.

(Arrendis) #117

None of which addresses the truly important issue: that snarled monstrosity masquerading as a sentence is still uncorrected!

(Mizhara Del'thul) #118

A milestone has been reached. The first batch of slaves and freed slaves, along with some refugees seeking a new life in the Republic, has been cleared for transit and transported into Tribe space. YC120-10-21 will be a date to be remembered for over seventy-five thousand men, women and children. After a little over a month of treatment, education, training and preparation for a free life, the Rhea Star Wanderer piloted by my associate left Project Mekhios and landed at the end-point of the Network’s citadel stepping stones, in what is the first of many journeys to come.

Over the weekend, the bureaucracy of the Republic will inevitably fail to provide legal status to roughly two thirds of these people and we’ll have to finish the journey through smuggling. This is of course a practice many of us have become experienced in, so it should be little trouble. The Chainbreak Terminus will see many Blockade Runners and other vessels over the next week.

I would like to thank everyone who worked with Project Mekhios to make this a successful venture. From the countless baseliners, through capsuleer support and others, there’s so many lives that will now finally know freedom and hope.

A small beginning has come and gone, but a beginning it is nonetheless.

Matari Invictus.

(N'maro Makari) #119

Hey now, don’t you underestimate those walnut smugglers.

I learned that the hard way…

  • Thousand-yard-stares, flashbackingly *

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I told you to get off my lawn.