Project Mekhios

(Mizhara Del'thul) #121

Still haven’t gotten out of the rocking chair on the porch there, Aldie? You know, that after all this time that Fortizar hasn’t seen a single attempt from your lot, I’m almost amused. Almost half a year of continued, uninterrupted operation, processing so many people. Healing those in need, teaching and guiding those in need, simply comforting or giving hope to those in need… and nothing.

“Get off my lawn.” you say…

… and didn’t even raise a finger.

That it takes PIRAT to do it must sting, really.
Don’t worry, you’re cordially invited to come peck too.
It’ll let you guys pretend you had anything to do with it going down.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #122

I bet you hired them yourself just to deny me the pleasure. You are certainly spiteful enough.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #123

At 04:23 tonight, the Slave Liberation and Treatment Center in orbit above Mekhios was pushed past the Armor Timer and into final reinforcement stages by a PIRAT fleet. Numbering 21 Rattlesnakes and 16ish miscellaneous logistics - enough of them Neutral and out of Fortizar reach to be a severe nuisance - they reinforced the Fortizar practically without loss. One Osprey and one Unidentified Wreck remains on grid, in a neutral corporation both.

A Fortizar is a strong force multiplier, but on its own it can’t stand up to that nor break the enemies.

This is hereby official notice to all who use Project Mekhios, you have just over a week from now to evacuate or entrust your belongings to Upwell.

In all likelihood, this is the end of Project Mekhios. It’s not too bad, I must say. Almost half a year of uninterrupted functioning. Almost half a year of continuous and perpetual service to freed men, women and children from across the Empire. Facilities advanced enough to handle TCMC reversals, identifying and synthesizing vitoxin and vitoc antidotes, small legions of the finest therapists and warmest people in New Eden, embracing and caring for the tormented and enslaved. Almost half a year of continuous shipments into Republic space, in a single bound from the heart of the Empire to the depths of our home. Almost half a year of a certain Backwater Divinity printed on a piece of mylar and set on a swivel constantly pointing directly at Aldie’s porch as it passed underneath. The Insorum Project that has been running non-stop since then is currently in the process of being moved elsewhere, but obviously the change in facilities and staffing options will in all likelihood reduce its potential significantly, but it was always a long shot to begin with. Well worth the attempt.

… dying to PIRAT of all things. Not once did the Amarr have the courage to even try it. Not once could they muster the strength to challenge it, other than impotently shaking their fist here or in Sarum Prime.

The mighty Amarr. The Empire’s finest.

… outshown with ease by the freakin’ hub campers.

Project Mekhios was a success when the first soul passed through it to freedom. It’s been a great success since then, but now it seems that will have to end. While the Amarr remain impotent before it. Now that is almost the best kind of end it could have, shaming them even in death.

(Tyrel Toov) #124

Well, the Amarr have always liked getting others to do anything resembling work…

(Ecth Tirian) #125

Well. Considering the uses the facility’s been put to in the past, this is a great victory for the Blood Raiders. With the destruction of this facility, much of the ongoing research into their Deathglow weapon will suffer a significant setback, and may be permanently hampered.

It’s a shame that Empire loyalists remain unwilling to put the well-being of trillions ahead of their own national pride. I’ll be speaking with Dr. l’Agusta regarding sample and experiment evacuation over the next few days.

(Kalaratiri) #126

Is this an interesting new kind of “Didn’t want that Fortizar anyway” where it’s somehow a victory because the wrong people are removing it?

(Mizhara Del'thul) #127

No, it’s a loss no matter who takes it down obviously. The destruction of this Fortizar means the loss of:

  1. A processing center for freed slaves, significantly reducing the losses to health problems, Vitoc dependency and other such issues during liberation.
  2. A place for all who work towards liberation of slaves to be able to come together and unite and coordinate.
  3. RnD on Vitoxin, Vitoc, Insorum, Deathglow and other things is screeching pretty much to a halt for the foreseeable future, until new facilities are up.
  4. Spirits below only knows how muck ISK total, although that was considered spent/lost upon erection.
  5. Lives, and no one yet knows how many. The combat crews will be there to the end of course, but there’s also the question of potential saved lives we now lose instead.

And so on. It’s undoubtedly a loss and a severe one.

… but it still shames the pitiful Amarrbloc that they are so pathetically weak that they are massively upstaged by “hub humpers”. Half a year and they couldn’t muster the strength or courage to even try it, instead whinging impotently. Victory? No, it’s a loss for KYN, and a loss for AmarrBloc’s dignity.

(Talon Fair) #128

@Kalaratiri TLDR: ‘yes’.

(Kithrus) #129

When I was in SFRIM the discussion with PIE surrounding the citidel in question normally went like this:
“She bases her attacks from there because it’s a safe port she controls. It must be destroyed!”
“It’s also a humanitarian opperation, even if we don’t agree with it we can’t risk hurting Innocents or worse Mizhara deliberately using them as political shields.”
“So if we do nothing she attacks with impunity, if we attack her we risk being baited into shooting civilians?”

So the very honor and decientcy or ability you claim the Amarr Bloc lacks was tempered mercy really. Not for you but the people you think we don’t care about.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #130

Is this same logic applied to the countless freeports? Ashab is a damn sight better place to “base my attacks from” with none of the expenses. I have enough “safe ports” in Amarr space that you’d have to burn down your very Empire to be rid of those. That makes no sense. Nor does the rest of your claim make much sense given SFRIM’s latest reversal on that subject.

(Kithrus) #131

Maybe, but you can both litterly man a citadel yourself before undocking to ensure the coast is clear and if it isn’t attack whomever is waiting for you. Don’t claim that’s not a very pointed advantage.

(Edit because I missed the question)

Sfrim has in the past made it policy to pretend you don’t exist. My own feelings aside, when I left they already had plans to attack they just didn’t know exactly when. Sfrim never made an about face tern as much tolerated the problem till it went too far.

They have way more patients then I would in have in the same command boots.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #132

Given that they’re rather unlikely to try and sit within gunrange of a citadel, this advantage is roughly equal to undocking into a tether and d-scanning from there. The coast is always clear on a freeport or citadel, unless you’re in null/wh space and the enemy has the time, energy and manpower to bubble every single possible warpable direction and the prey doesn’t have a single tactical anywhere. Being able to d-scan from inside the citadel is not a 20-30b advantage and a single employee or companion in a CovOps is a far more powerful tool in that regard.

Well well, isn’t that interesting? This rather predates even the excuses they placed in their notification. Taking your word for it, which of course SFRIM can contest unless there’s documentation, this means that there was a plan to violate the publicly stated stance towards Project Mekhios and the cause for it was invented in retrospect.

This comes as a surprise to everyone involved, I am certain, and is surely merely some sort of slander aimed towards SFRIM’s bullet-proof trustworthiness.

Naughty naughty. It’s remarkable how much foot you can avoid chewing on if you just mean what you say and try to stick with it even if it’s a little inconvenient.

(Karmilla Strife) #133

I think that in recent weeks we’ve seen what Kithrus thinks constitutes a plan. He never had that level of access within SFRIM, and is probably confusing discussions among our membership about what sort of fleet numbers and composition it would take, with a concrete plan or policy. Lunarisse only brought the change in RoE up for discussion with the alliance directors the day before you were messaged.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #134

Far more reasonable interpretation, indeed. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for taking everything from anyone involved with a thimble of salt at this point, though. The timings, very odd changes and decisions, strange justifications and so on are all rather… coincidental as it were.

(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #135

Ms. Strife is correct and I add no further comment re; Lord Kithrus except to join hers.

And since no op-sec is at issue anymore, I can clarify. Within the past week (before the apparent Pirat dec which were unaware of until it was called to our attention), our partners in Thebeka brought up the issue of the Citadel in connection with various potential joint operations, some of which have now occurred. I informed them of SFRIM’s outstanding ROE at the time, but also promised to bring the issue up for review to the Board in light of myriad developments, as well as public statements by different actors, since we originally made the policy quite some time ago. The matter was presented to the Board thereafter. A decision was rendered and a note delivered by me to Miss Del’Thul, because, whatever her faults and our disagreements, she has generally been forthright with me and I felt it best to be forthright to her and advise of the policy change.

(Mitara Newelle) #136

The seemingly inevitable removal of this structure from above Mekhios I find quite satisfying, but the manner in which it is being removed is… unfortunate.

On occasion I have fired upon this structure simply out of principal, but here with these mercenary pirates there is no honor to be had in being part of it’s destruction. A regrettable turn of events indeed.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #137

There was never any honor to be had from destroying something of her’s anyway. Only satisfaction. That is my only regret in this.

We’ll find another way to grind your head back into the dirt, slave.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #138

If you ever proved that you have never had good intent in your many attempts to keep us from fighting you and yours, these kinds of posts would be it. These posts are why you can’t feign surprise or even complaint when free Matari take up arms against you.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #139

Only for you, you hollow thing made of hate and fear.

(Kyle Saltz) #140

I personally don’t mind the mercenaries here. The person that is bemoaning mercenary use is also actively hiring mercenaries against CVA. We didn’t even hire them in the first place. So I believe the pot should meet the kettle.

Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz