Propaganda vs Reality

Here is a video to cheer you up on a Sunday :smiley:


Have a blessed Sunday y’all :heartbeat:


Null-sec tactical SOP mandates that the hostile nano buffer Thorax’s presence is not to be contested until the emergency response fleet has at least 80 combat vessels available for duty.



Not quoting my entire post by leaving out the final period is a straw man ad hominem attack against me.




The great Sarcasmo strikes again :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean the Great Troll strikes again.
He’s not worth wasting time answering to.
A :roll_eyes: suffices.

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To be fair, Destiny is merely channeling their inner Anderson, mostly for laughs.


Mostly for fights, you mean.

Mostly to sucker out whiners who really have nothing to whine about…

Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook, and the viewpoints of even the most extreme crank are indistinguishable from sufficiently advanced satire ~ Variant of Poe’s Law


I resemble that remark! :crazy_face:

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you and me both, but I have a piece of paper that says otherwise


Crap, I never did get tested. But my ASVAB score put me in the kook range. To stupid to use my smarts… :rofl:

If that’s an armed service aptitude test, I went through the UK equivalent with flying colours and ended up as an avionics tech in the Royal Air Force for a few years, until I broke my legs and received a medical discharge; my entire career was in similar fields until corona put the stoppers on it.

Bummer about the injury. o7

I never did join. Just to stubborn to take orders.

I wanted Air Force, A&P tech. I made a lot more money in my field instead. All for the best I guess.

I did get a ride on a B 17 once. It was the ride of a lifetime. Taking off in the early morning flying east out over the ocean at low altitude while climbing out. For someone like me who has emptied libraries on military history. That one fraction of a second where I felt the fear these men must have faced.

That leaves me no fear in EVE.

Sorry for going off topic.

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Rugby, nuff said.

The training was excellent though and I managed to transfer a lot of the knowledge I gained into civilian jobs, a couple in aviation and a load in the automotive industry ranging from bloody loud audio installs to telematics and safety systems.

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I understand, real football.

(Sometimes it’s good to be old!)

While a funny vid…

As far as Propaganda vs Reality, all games do this.


And I don’t think EVE is anywhere near the worst.
(though I will say that entosising is NOT something most people would think of when talking about battles for sovereignty)