Prophacy of fire

darkness on company wallets i see
yes yes - blackout forse is strong in them, there are no hope.
angry people i see, bad times, war but not on battlefield.
is it right to kill what should be immortal ??
sad story :frowning:

next day, middle of the day - we are going up!

If they let themselves die, it is not in nature’s uhhh nature to stop them.

Dang I suck at poetry


Poetry I can handle, bad poetry that looks and reads like a tweet from digitally challenged lizard people of a tangerine hue…

Not so much.


they said blackout is counter for too much isk - i readed it on goonswarm news. But they are many more better methods to reduce isk for example - let only NPC sell fuel (isotopes) for ships - (remove production from PI) - for lets say 10.000 isk per 1 isotop. It should be tremorous isk sink and blackout is not needed at all that way. Let people farm and play and make big sink so economy can live it is simple. They are killing the game - is decision of shutting down eve was already made ? CCP ?

Well then it must be true then lol


thay wrote as i remember Hilmas said it in talking in stations - it is chackable

WTF am I drunk or is this all ?

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Saw the title of the thread and thought “Yep another Blackout whine from Null sec”

Post in the Null sec whiner baby thread not a new one.

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but I don’t moan - I don’t farm for a long time …
I just think we deserve the truth, not lies after a decade gameplay or more.

Why should CCP behave differently to any other business or organisation?

/me hands out shovels and masks.

Duro is posting.

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I know it’s hard to finally face the reality but those 10k the you miss now are just the 10k botters that were in the game and that regequittet…

Minus 15 k casuals CCP already had driven away by not doing enough for them let the server stranded with 15k left compared to the 40k it had 5 years ago…

But the good part is that it revals the lie that “this game has no bot problem” ccp spit out for so long…

THIS what is NOW is what EVE has left of its playerbase and even if it may be 20k at some point of the day that’s all that is left…be proud CCP…

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This, coming from you?


Your assumptions != reality, mate. I’m seeing plenty of botters still out and about. No reason to think 10k of them just up and quit. They are the least likely to ragequit because of stuff like this. They just want their moneys, game balance and such be damned.

beeing pathetic is one of your hobbies right? :slight_smile:

Better for it be a hobby than to live an entire life that way.




Dont make me wake Billy up to talk to you

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Well some must have left…

And pvp has no reason to leave because nothing but slight inconviniences changed for them…

Grr goons

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What is that even supposed to mean?

I don’t get it…