[Proposal] Optimize / Rework Corporation & Alliance Settings!

The corporation section could use some QOL love and a UI overhaul. Here’s some issues and suggestions:

  • Introduce more roles or an easier method for customizing what roles have access to what.

The easiest example of a problem is for things that you have to grant someone a director role for, but complete director access is too much.

  • Include a “Warmaster” role or options for an appointed player to put in Wardecs and receive surrender requests.

Currently you need to be the CEO or full blown director to do this. In situations where you have a leadership team responsible for handling wars, it would be really nice to delegate a specific and isolated role to them without giving them access to everything.

These are just a few issues that others have brought to my attention. I’m sure others can give feedback on how a QOL change would be beneficial and what it’d include. @Brisc_Rubal I might as well tag you here since you’ll end up on the next CSM.

+1 , also I would suggest same idea about the industry and market roles, it’s a pain to manage that without risking asset security. Market orders made on behalf of corp should be able to be modified/visible to people with proper roles.

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Added to my list.


Corporation rework is one of my primary points in my CSM campaign including roles that are tied to too many things, such as container management role is tied to POCO anchoring permissions.

I know that my approach on the CSM is different from the meta as i am not going to balance caps or make low sec great again. Instead i want to make the corporations more flexible so that the players can fully utilize the corporation mechanisms and create their own solutions for the problems and that other players looking to join these corporaitons will find their way into them without doing massive research on third party sites. However i think it is a fresh and needed perspective as it is the players and corporations who make the game alive and not the balance changes.

I wrote an example of a reworked corporation system on my campaign page https://ikaruscesaille.com/objectives.html#_Toc38705118

While id love to see a total rework of corporations i understand that it is a long shot and requires a lot of work. This is why i have also included things that could be fixed with smaller changes without a complete rework and fixing the permissions and title system is one of the things.

The corporation system was last reworked (in a significant way) five years ago. Since then we’ve seen the addition of new tools, new in-game information and personal dashboards (activity tracker), and the development of 3rd party tools that empower us to do more. It only makes sense that the Corporation UX get some love - where that fits into CCP’s dev timetable is up to them, but I think your ideas merit discussion.

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If nothing else id love to see some of those personal tools also applied for corporations. If not to rework the whole system but for internal corporation information purposes. The UI could also use some love, even converting it to similar to the agency window in my opinion would be a great update to the current one. I think i need to make some concept images :slight_smile:

For starters i find it frustrating that i have to explain it very often to new players how they can actually accept the invitation to the corporation as it is under multiple sub menus. When you are not in a corporation this option should be pushed right at your face. Yes you get a notification but many new players miss this as well so what we do is send an additional ingame mail for them to know how to accept the invitation.

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This was something that I asked about at EVE London last year. For all the new player experience that they’ve been hyping, this is one area of the game that has been ignored for far too long. Like I said during the event, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the game for 1 month or 5 years - if you’ve never seen the corporation management window before, you’re going to be just as new as everybody else when it comes to ensuring your settings are correct. That interface is way too clunky and difficult to deal with.

Agreed. That’s why it’s on my list. One of the least intuitive systems in the game, and way overdue for updating.

Not to mention how overly complicated it is to get into a corporation once you finally find one you think suits you. I frequently get new guys trying to get into our corporation and they think they get in when they first apply and we then invite them and even send them a custom mail that reminds them that they still need to accept the invitation once more.

While it wont suite most corporations id like to see also an option for instant joins without need of the clicking around. Mostly suited for large corps like us and horde who accept everyone in anyway. Could maybe use the ACL to prevent applications from band standing players. Reason for this is that most new guys don’t wana wait even for the few hours to get in and yes eve is a long term game but the faster we can connect people the more likely they are to stick around

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