Prosperity Comes To Intaki At Last

It is said that immitation is the best form of flattery.

Almost exactly eight years after first making headlines in YC111, the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub continues to capture the imagination and inspire.

The Intaki Liberation Front, and wider Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance also experienced rapid growth, and were quickly able to publish trading fugures to the point we declared Intaki V-5 a success in mid-YC112.

Seven years later, and the group behind today’s announcement lace their statement with repeated references to “Intaki Prosperity”. This comes after their declaration of war against us and extended efforts (lasting the majority of YC116) to lampoon and parody the same ideas they now claim to support, tells us that our ‘Prosperity’ brand is still going strong.

The ILF and IPI are confident enough to welcome market competition, and earlier this year reached out to the United Neopian Federation to congratulate them on their Eugales Harbor Complex freeport only a few short jumps from Intaki.

Today’s announcement is simply the latest in a string of Serpentis-sponsored, narcotic-infused attempts to undermine the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub. 4FUNN are not the first, and no doubt they will not be the last.