Proving Ground Reward Medal Critic and Solution


So someone who’s born rich, lives with mom and dad and collects unemployment?:sweat_smile:
You forgot “lives in the basement”

I agree. It will be called the “Mediocrity” medal. Go get it champ!:trophy:


Well, win 10 matches first. No easy task. But this crap with the dudes getting 1300 wins getting medals only is crap. I don’t mind if they get an additional medal, but medals should be handed out more generously here!

A medal is better. Wearing a trophy just looks silly.



Let me help you out with a little secret:

As you can see on the second image in the second post you can also create your own decorations aka medals. :wink:

Note: That you keep the decorations even after leaving the corp, the titles of course are corp bound.

We? No, not we, you. And you don’t have to. That is a conscious choice you’re making, so you have no one but yourself to blame for your lack of time, since this is a restriction you impose upon yourself willingly. The rest of us don’t have this problem you’re having, because we’re able to manage our priorities properly. Maybe you should stop feeling so entitled.

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Is somebody salty they didn’t get their participation award in a fictional videogame?

Maybe you should have thought about living off of unemployment, being rich and living in your mom’s basement before competing. That would have put you in the same level as the rest.

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I do.

But I have this little trick. It’s called time management and I spend my free time doing things that I enjoy. And if non-essential activity requires more time than I can devote to it, I don’t do it. And I’m not about to start a rant on an internet forum complaining about how I don’t have the time for it, and the developers should fix that problem for me by altering the activity to fit my schedule.

Creating own medal is for losers .

Nice try. This isn’t the year 2007 anymore.

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Congrats for having made it in life to one (or all) of the three points I mentioned earlier. :clap::clap::clap:

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Are you implying @Adrian_Vexier is a loser or something? :thinking:


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@Expendable_Unit See, we’ve just subverted your expectations :smiley:

You’re right. Now it’s all about equality of outcome.

You’re salty because you couldn’t devote as much time into the event as other people and that isn’t fair.

So now you’re crying on the forums about it.

Newsflash. It’s a videogame. Nothing real or of of any value will come from pixilated awards. The fact that you were out working a real job while others were sitting on their asses grinding away at something as trivial as this speaks volume.

You don’t need an award for being a productive citizen. Awards can be lost, stolen, refuted, or even taken away.


Or just laughed at.

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He’s placing too much emphasis in the medal itself.

I can kinda see what he’s getting at, if they were service military medals. But outside that, the vast majority of people just don’t give a ■■■■ if you placed first, or 100th in some videogame event.

What is happening basically is, that people that don’t do anything but play all day long, get a medal during these events. Basically, less than 1%. Is that the incentive now?

Just because you don’t like medals and probably never won one, doesn’t mean you can be salty about people that do care about them.

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Where did you get that from?
I never said that. Or even implied that.

I was actually agreeing with you on the 1% that ceaslessly play this game and contribute no real value to their fellow man or society.

The only person here who is salty is you, and its tinting how you receive what other people are saying to the point that you can’t even see when someone is agreeing with you, and praising you for being a hard working productive individual.

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