Proving Grounds Event Final Leaderboards

Use a locator agent?

Killing a great content, to try to make a fake copy of the community ranking.

  • Your ranking and rewards is so bad, this is for no life player 24/7 rewards
  • You should have get in contact with abysra to build a real ranking rating

ref at

  • For each fight you won, you will gain XP and level up, and more you’ll be at risk of losing big against lower ranks ( dynamic Kfactor based on a ELO rating )

ref at

  • The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess

They had to throw something together in a day or two. It is summer in Iceland. Nobody wants to be in front of a computer screen fiddling with a bunch of equations.

I was very excited about coming back to eve for real ranked pvp arenas, So far they have been insanely fun. As a “ranked” system, it needs some work. Similar to the AT, it encourages unhealthy gaming habits, and rewards isk investment over skill and teamwork. I’ve never seen a ladder system based solely on number of wins before. I know ELO might be difficult to implement so I have some alternate suggestions:

  1. Only count the first ~100 matches per event towards rank. The amount of wins for that first 100 is your final score for that event. This is basically a w/l ratio rank, but ensures a minimum amount of matches are played.
  2. Restrict module types to T2 and no implants or drugs (or nothing over ~3%). Clubbing seals with an isk bat is fun, but has no place in competitive pvp.

Thank you CCP for finally taking interest in competitive pvp. I hope we can help you make it as great as it has the potential to be.


Easy implementation, trust me.

  • this is just some more sloppy work.

F1 for the win : no piloting skills needed, only isk. (FOF missile)

What do you think about having elo rating + restricting mods to t2 or worse, 3% implants (no sets), no drugs?


Thanks for the screenshot kadesh :slight_smile:

  • and less ewar, this ain’t nothing to do with real PVP. (caracal damps, vexor damps!?)

Each format would need intense knowledge to make great content, and real hard work.

I think ewar is cool because it makes meta more complex. Otherwise you have only tank, damage and projection to work with. Without disruption of different kinds, there wouldn’t be much competition to ships like caracals and mallers.

And, btw, have no idea what screenshot you are talking about.

scroll up , over your first post.

  • Ewar cool , not really, is a caracal triple damp cool? nah

Useless and worthless to EVE online PVP knowledge. This ain,t happening in real PVP.

  • Ewar limited to Ewar ships. OK!

You cannot warp away here, you do not fit warp disruptors, ship types are limited and escalations are impossible, arena has limited size. This is not and will never be EVE online open world pvp replica.

So personally I do not care. What I care is about is having somewhat complex and interesting meta.

ps Oh i probably should tell our dudes that our double damp jackdaws are not real PvP

Well wow, lul, with that mind set, eve is truly going down.

  • Where do you PVP kadesh? with that Jackdaw? Why not playing it and quit the game?

Dual damp jackdaws are core DPS ships for a frigate-destroyer skirmish fleet we take out to e.g. phorde. Damps are shutting down either projected DPS (1 nado or couple of corms), ewar or are focused on LR webbing ships like lokis/rapiers to protect frontliners from being slowed down and eventually overrun.

TDs/ECM have traditionally been used on sacrileges, TDs were used on volta legions. There many more examples if you care to look.

I know you participated in abyss 1v1s alot. Those did not resemble EVE’s open world PvP in many ways too, and you know it. Cruiser 2v2 arenas are not much different.

I think the suggestion to limit the price of ships is kinda dumb. If there is ever a place for mad-money ships in Eve, it would be in a tournament like this one.

Sure, maybe you are right. But then, imo there can be no win condition for the event by ELO rank, because it will mean that requirement to enter the top will be spending vast amounts of ISK on your ship.

As of now, expensive ship buys you higher time efficiency. You get higher winrate (less time spent on draws/losses), faster matches (naturally higher DPS, and some enemies knowing what they are dealing with just ram the boundary). Sounds like enough by me.

Yeah? But if you are a better Eve player, you will have a better win rate, too. That isn’t fair to the people who suck. Everybody needs to be #1.

It is a question of taste. I would prefer if win condition depended on theorycrafting (40%-ish), execution (40% too), isk (10%) and luck (10%).

Turning it into 80% isk 15% theorycrafting 5% execution is just dumb. And remember that ISK is often a derivative of grind too.

If you are up against expensive ships and you win - you get the loot drop from them.

Boy are you ever in the wrong game!

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Anyway this content is really bad. Old proving ground was way better. People were already complaining about expensive ship used, but a caracal worth 15m with 10b on it is 20x worst then an iki with 10b.

  • and I’ve kill some commander IKI gun worth more then 10b with less then 3b.

But now it just became ridiculous amount ratio ( ship worth : fit worth )

Sure, you can’t beat the blinged-out semi-pros, but from the sound of it, there are a bunch of rabble in this event - so there is still a good chance of getting a favorable match-up. Is the prize loot in the arena any good?