Prune Unused Solar Solar Systems Into Capsuleer Built Warp Gate Points

There are numerous solar systems that are hardly used or are never used in High Sec. I would suggest to CCP to prune those systems to reduce server load and then increase server use elsewhere in the game.

Or at least allow Capsuleer built Warp Gates to link a High Sec system with any system within a range.

For example allow Capsuleer’s to build a Warp Gate between Sucha and Choonka or Galeh to 5108-U

My worry with gates is that they bypass choke points and reduce content.

This would not be good.


Or they could create new choke points thus creating new content by allowing ships to pass through two different choke points.

Content Accelerator X 2

Are you speaking of one way catapults?

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Possibly a one way Warp Gate but with a distance limit so that Alliances couldn’t simply catapult a Titan fleet into enemy territory from ten jumps away.

Null Sec Capsuleer Warp Gates could only connect Null space to Null Space systems. Low Sec to Null or High and High Sec to Null.

Then it would have a size and recharge timer. Similar to a wormhole but the destination is just the system. You’d probably land randomly after the jump.

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Yes you would land randomly in the destination system.

The Warp Gate would have a mass limit that once reached would have a cool down period, could be attacked without gaining Concord aggro and also cloaked.

There would be the Combat Warp Gate that would have less warp mass capabilities with a longer cool down period and could be cloaked. Once uncloaked the gate itself is vulnerable for up to three days before being able to be cloaked again.

Warp Gate warping limitation : 15 LY in fully fueled mode. The range of the gate decreases by 1 LY for each 5% level that the gate is kept un-fueled. For example a CWG is at 75% fuel capacity which means that is loses 5 LY worth of warp gate distance. (100-75 = 25 / 5 = 5 * 1 = 5 LY)

A Standard Warp Gate would have the same mass capabilities as a C-6 wormhole. But when the SWG is used to link to a system a message is displayed in the local channel regarding the emergence of the SWG in the region.

Deploying a SWG would take 30 to 45 minutes. Once deployed the end point warp to gate would take an hour up to three hours to complete. The SWG end point would appear on the Overview five minutes after the SWG had completed its deployment cycle in the insertion system and could be warped to within 100km.

The SWG would have the same warp gate fuel limitations as the CWG. The SWG would remain vulnerable for the first five hours after its deployment in both systems but would then require a war dec to attack it if one of the points is in High Sec space.

Attacking the SWG in Low Sec would not result in a Criminal Suspect flag.

Systems don’t create any measurable load… players doing things in systems does. If anything, having additional systems would allow greater scale-out, thereby reducing load on individual nodes.

It’s like saying remove the big empty warehouse in order to free up space for more boxes. Doesn’t really add up.

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