PSA: Next expansion will turn low sec into null and high sec into low sec

Yep. I use this char to post. My combat main who has seen the eve world out of empire is not aacount active, yet.

I could post on my angel militia…and then get “post on main” since the 1 year old char can share stories about seeing delve in 2010. In short…I can’t win here lol.

Lowby sent to angels since I cba to fix my standing on this char. When in flose area…I do sites and pvp as it comes up. Not spam standings fleets. 9 years of killing angels I just said screw that lol. Not really hiding much. I have many deaths on that char. I am rusty as hell at this game. I am breaking many eggs. At some point I hope to make a damned omelette lol.

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No, there couldn’t. If you are expressing an opinion that is allegedly based on 20 years in the game…how about coming on using that character that has 20 years in the game, rather than coming on as a 5 day old noob. Creating noob forum alts doesn’t ‘bind’ one to any position…so people use them to argue throw away stances and then disappear.

They don’t control which of my chars I log in, or where they go, what they do there or what happens on the way, or what ships and skills I train for or buy or what corp I play for.

You have it all figured out. What’s next for you?

@Altara_Zemara you missed the point
The PVE was countered by closing down known systems to pochven, and championion for players staying where ever they want just don’t push your doctrine on me, and I’m fine with it keep your EVE religion to yourself (not specifically talking to you just anyone looking down on someone for choosing to not stray away from hisec) especially if you are PVP focused they can get off their lazy butts and PVP each others gatecamps. The standings from choosing between trigs and edencom ended up with a lot of assets getting lost to the trigs and edencom with a lot of folks. So closing down systems to potchven made less choke points and more gatecamp kills wich is not PVE. This is all under the assumption that the new player base isn’t ever changing which it is, the major question of a newbro is how do I make good isk. When for years since I started in late 2015 all that was pushed in rookie chat was why do you want to go to lowsec, don’t go there it’s to dangerous you will lose your ship. The person that I am lived in lowsec moldent heath for two years just because cats in rookie chat advised against it lost my ships to pirates Gnosis, first day then gila, then gila, then megathron before alpha could fly BS I wasn’t whinning and crying, but you know who was the greedy jaba the hut lookin pvp pirates. It wasn’t enough it’s never enough for these freeloaders.

For Altara, more of the same. But I have up and coming new chars in which I will do my own thing. I’d actually like to take advantage of all these new expansion changes.

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Things only appear on zkillboard if you’ve either posted them yourself or you’ve given zkillboard access to automatically post them.


Bye! o/

Highsec between empires should have been isolated by low or null sec from the very start anyway.

It is not an obstruction. It is an opportunity.

If you can’t get around that, just stay and mine, rat and trade in the empire you stage from. Whats the problem? Prices on market? Well prices in minor tradehubs are crap especially because it is so easy to get to and from Jita.

If you are high-sec “PVE only” player I see what else can be a problem for you if there is no safe route between Amarr and Jita.

If you are a hauler and move stuff between Amarr and Jita constantly, then if you can’t think of a way how to get around it, then I say that you being stuck in highsec for so long stopped you from actually learning the game and you should take it as an opportunity to re-learn it. Or maybe just trade in the Amarr instead of buying all cheap local production and move it to Jita?

Anyway, if you absolutely cannot deal with it and you believe that CCP is killing the EVE by doing this, then vote with your wallet! And if you do that, can I have your stuff and skillpoints?

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Sorry, I didn’t read the whole mechanic explanation, but:

Corrupted systems in high sec have a neon sign beware the corruption! to whoever gets nearby, similar to incursions; so if you don’t want to risk to get camped, avoid corrupted systems …?

As long as I’m aware, the system works the same as low-sec gate camps in FW systems, except it’s in systems that get corrupted. Besides, popping into a corrupted system instantly makes you a target for everyone, so it’s more than likely you will have to fight your way in and out anyways.

psa to the psa…the timer for vard comes up today’s DT reset.

So be wary around amamake (it be the more known system to some) area. I’d put rens in there since like 3/4 jumps away when this spills over.

I hide my account so you assholes won’t follow me home and stalk me. Granted my billboard hasn’t been interesting since I took up high sec care eating, but idgaf.

Amarr has higher prices than Jita. The problem is that things sell more slowly in Amarr and certain things are not even available there. The best shopping and selling is in Jita.

Basically. Since short on time with the new FOB shorter times I bit the bullet and paid even rens pricing for resupplies. I’d gather amarr is not better off than rens.

NGL…I will be putting in some au’s on the hauler near jita to get crap for the next next fight. Some non jita markets have sellers who don’t even hide the gouge. One dude was charging t2 med or even large rig prices for a t1 small resist rig. I wondered if that worked to pull in suckers as I removed it from buy all for ship/fit.

Do not be afraid. In all the Prophet’s time here, he has never had someone load some antimatter and try to kill him due to his words here.

Even if they said they would.

No I was making a completely different point. If Eve is a ‘sandbox’ then the players should be deciding the content.