Public facing Issue tracking database

Currently we report issues via forum discussion threads and F12 bug ticket.

The problem with this is, the forum is not a good way to track bugs uniquely and aggregate information additions to such issues and the F12 bug ticket seems to be a blackhole and possibly ends up with duplicate tickets since nobody can search that the issue has been reported before and optionally add more information to the ticket.

A public bug issue tracking database, perhaps authorized via SSO like the forum so all players can participate without creating new accounts on a different platform.

I think this would greatly increase transparancy and add more value to the issues from less dupes and more information being added to the right place.

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Would be great as an open-source project.
I don’t see the benefit to CCP in this case.

Do we really need more fuel to 'itch and moan about? We do a pretty good job without honestly.

Eve ESI API has an issue tracker here Issues · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

Eve SSO issue tracker here Issues · ccpgames/sso-issues · GitHub

Frontier ED game has one Frontier Issues Tracker | Frontier Forums

Eve game actual really needs one imo rather than the current situation.

You’re probably right.
The issue really is constructive feedback.
So, I guess I’m suggesting an appropriately geek aligned platform that subtlety screens the maddened hoard from helpful nerds.

Templates, tagging and ability to add information from other players fills in the repro steps and environments.

Searching itself will help reduce duplicate submissions.

Even this subforum for features and ideas can be moved to a ticketing system with a feature request template and tags…

a forum for unpatched bugs and exploits, with instructions for reproduction… brilliant.

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