Public opinion match! Diana Kim vs Ibrahim Tash-Murkon!

Thank you, but these are not our methods. I prefer meeting enemies face to face.

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I’m not a talented Mystic like my mother but I can still hear the echos of Kim’s ancestors collective facepalm in the spirit realm. There is neither honor nor pride to be found here.


So I’m in Ichoriya right now to check things out and maybe I’m half an hour late but come on …

It’s tomorrow 1500, not today

Aww crap.

And there’s my cue.

Are you one of those who by some reason didn’t hear yet that Minmatar were enslaved by Amarr about a thousand years ago?

Though, considering you have tuned into discussion just to blame me in random things, like daring to accuse me in “betraying allies”, that obviously had never happened, even daring to blame me in being prideful, when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s wrong to gallentean mindless grey mass of “electorate”, who shouldn’t really jump above their head and bleat together, supporting their next showman who gonna be elected a president? Yes, I guess in that case pride for you will be a demerit.

And, honestly, you don’t look like someone who have earned even to address me. Look at yourself, what do you represent yourself at all, except being a loud aggressive forum poster?

As for those who will come… I hope nobody will, as I’d prefer to keep it as private as possible, and especially I don’t want to see such useless people like you. But if you will dare to show up, you will have to deal with my security guards, as I tend to put every gallente propagandist and obvious libel writers as you as suspects.

For everyone else, it’s today 1500 NEST.

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Uh… Ever hear of the krusual tribe? Majority of them never got enslaved, or atleast a large portion.

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I highly doubt that. If you wanted to do that you would have, you know, kept the whole affair private.

It was one of conditions for everyone willing to be able to see.

Commander Kim;

You and I have spoken in the past. And then we fought. You know I am a woman of personal honor and conviction. You know that I do not lie. Thus, I hope you will hear this, and realize what has been done to you: you must not do this.

At the root of the Amarr faith, the Amarr have been given a mission: to Reclaim all others. To turn them, little by little, over a very long period of time, away from the traditions and beliefs of their own people, until they act like Amarr, and even begin to think like Amarr. I fear this is what they are attempting to do to you, now.

There is no honor in this. There is no satisfaction of a duty or responsibility. There is only a self-inflicted punishment for failing to live up to a standard, in this case ‘popular opinion’, established by an Amarr. And there we see the lie.

You have, in recent weeks, been assaulted by one of their ‘honorable’ officers. Another has demanded an apology, but has refused to give you the chance to deliver one, will not deign to hear you. Instead, they have their minions publicly berate you.

And then this farce. Lord Tash-Murkon’s choice of weapon was one designed to push the Amarr imperative: conform, or be denigrated. A public opinion poll is no fair contest. For all you know, he or his allies paid for votes. But more, look at the mechanism: once you added the whipping punishment for the ‘loser’ of the poll, he knew he had you.

The Amarr are the most organized and cohesive capsuleer bloc on the IGS. Do you really think any of them were ever going to break ranks and fail to support one of their own? He was never in danger of losing the poll. He could appear to bow out, knowing that you would lose the poll. And he knew that even if he did, you would apply the punishment yourself. And just in case you didn’t, he went ahead and subtly suggested you might, just to put the idea in your head if it wasn’t there already.

In this, he is being extremely Amarr. Consider: self-flagellation is an Amarr practice, used for the mortification of the flesh—to use pain and discipline to curb their desires and ‘sinful’ behaviors, and focus their minds upon a purer life, a more ‘Amarr’ life. A life where they can think, speak, and do, just like everyone else in their culture. A life where good little Amarr feel guilt over imagined transgressions and seek atonement and reconciliation with a being… who never answers, never gives even the first sign that they are listening.

So now, because of their maneuverings and manipulations, you are poised… to be Amarr for them. To act like one of them, because they put you in a position where that is the ‘proper’ social response: to conform to the decision of this… rabble. Of voting.

They have you subject yourself to a very anti-Caldari process, and trick you into applying their religious discipline to yourself as punishment. This is how they work, Commander… a little bit at a time. Just a little touch here, a small push there. They are patient. They move slowly. That is why they enslave children: because the slower they go, the less they rush, the stronger the manipulations take hold.

Lord Tash-Murkon has withdrawn. He has forfeited. This means, Commander Kim, that you have won, not lost. If you do this, if you apply Amarr religious discipline to yourself in obedience to democracy, then they will have succeeded. They will have gotten you to turn away from Caldari culture, and obey their direction.

There is no honor in this. There is no honor in a Caldari officer submitting to a democratic vote that commands them to follow Amarr ways. Do not let them trick you into betraying your culture.

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That’s a stupid condition to agree to if you’re aiming to keep private matters private.


He forfeited already after the results came out. And one thing you should know: it was my offer that the loser shall be beaten, because he offered simple “public opinion” as a weapon, which really does not hurt anyone. While in the Empire they might have thing as “self-flagellation”, here in the State there is actually an actual corporal punishment. I think you would agree, there is a difference between daily “whipping” of slaves to make them work harder with one time whipping that they should remember for their whole life to not break a certain rule, the whipping that is so hard that they literally can’t work after that for a day or two?

And I cannot really refuse it, disregarding if Lord Tash-Murkon has cheated or not. Yes, he was asking even in IGS channel if that would be okay just to buy votes. But, disregarding of what he did and what he said, I gave my word. And all his actions and words cannot change it. If I said I will do something, I will do it one way or another. I know these ideals are not accepted widely in the cluster, but this is my way. All promises must be kept, however good or bad they are.

That’s an excuse you could hear from a Jita scammer.

You probably heard about this one: they would rename, for example, an Omen to Omen Navy Issue and would sell you it for a price of Omen Navy Issue. That’s basically what you’re doing now, trying to prove that Omen named “Omen Navy Issue” is actually “Omen Navy Issue”, while it’s clearly a FAKE, just like a punishment that you wouldn’t take.

I know that in our cluster it’s not really a hard violation under CONCORD laws that allows this sort of thinking and behavior, which you with your alliance represent in such vivid forms. Yes, I might be in minority that I consider these scams to be dishonorable and would arrest you and lock you in a cell - unfortunately, you are with the rest of like-minded people are still protected by CONCORD. But, trust me, it won’t last forever. Because there are always be people like me, who will be fighting for fairness and justice no matter what.

But for now, think about this: no honorable Caldari has liked your posts yet. Your likes show people who think the same, who would try to fool others and act in dishonorable way for their personal pahtetic needs. Capsuleerhood perverts minds of people, turning them into that pitiful resemblence of humanity that you represent.

You are vastly underestimating Amarrian punitive practice.

Quite probably. According to your previous post you surely know about whipping way more than me!

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Irrelevant. He forfeited.

Also irrelevant. Once you set that condition, the Amarr manipulated things with that condition in mind.

Whipping slaves to make them work harder is not what I referred to. Self-flagellation is the scourging of one’s own flesh as punishment.

As well, whipping slaves to make them work harder, with an overseer standing above them cracking a bullwhip at them as if they were oxen drawing a cart, is a myth. When slaves are whipped, they are whipped as punishment. They are whipped as lesson that they should remember for their whole life not to do whatever it is they are imagined to have done. And yes, sometimes they cannot work for a day or two after. Sometimes it is longer. And sometimes, they are whipped because they have been unable to work after a prior scourging. Some are even flogged to death.

You gave your word as part of a set of conditions for the resolution of a challenge. Those conditions changed. Lord Tash-Murkon declined to choose an executor to carry out the punishment, and then forfeited. This is not a matter of ideals. This is the Amarr using your ideals to make you turn traitor to your culture, if only for a short time.

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It was a good whipping, I very much enjoyed watching it.

Well, I don’t know a lot really about slaves and how they are treated. Probably the most I heard about them is… what Mr. Nauplius does, which, I believe, is not really full representation of what is happening. I never been exposed to a regular slave life, just heard that some slaves live way better than regular Federal citizen, and some slaves are… well, property of Mr. Nauplius. And I have unfortunately admit, that this “slave whipping to make them work” is probably a result of gallente media and propaganda, which I believe I saw by accident…

And still, my word was given. What I promised, I always do, even if conditions changed.

I am wondering, do you even realize WHO was assaulted in that party, or you’re like one of those “I see that part, I ignore the rest”? Oh, of course if someone will punch YOU that hard, and you by ACCIDENT will fall on someone, you really should bring apologies, and I indeed felt a bit terrible and very sorry. But do I feel sorry now? Nope, not at all. Because, you know, when a party that got hurt by accident demands apologies from a party that got hurt on purpose, and not just simply demands them, but at first refuses even accept them - and then later complains she didn’t get them, that’s just… PETTY and immature, you know?

Of course, it is shameful.