Purpose of customs offices?

In almost every system, I see the places with their own special icons that are labeled “customs office” in their names. I warped to a few either by accident or out of curiosity only to find out they had absolutely no use to me. Is this permanent to where they are useless or are they under development? I would like to know.

They are part of Planetary Production.

Customs offices

There’s a very useful thing called ‘Google’ which helps with answering such queries. Quite easy to learn. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Try using the in-game channels such as Rookie Help and Help for such questions.

We also have a forum section for new players where you can ask your questions: New Citizens.

EVE is life.

So it’s all about Death and Taxes.

Customs office are a mechanism in this, like everything else in EVE.

Customs offices are an isk sink.

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I love how OP thought they were a dead/broken feature because he couldn’t figure out how to use them within 2 minutes xD

I managed to resist several comments in relation to that tidbit across a wide range of contextual options. So proud.


Fixed that for you.

I can’t resist the urge… others have answered this question perfectly, but they missed the golden opportunity.

You launch goods from your PP in the POCO. With luck, they’ll make their way through the supercapital shipyard II and result in a baby Titan.

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Fixed that for you.
They are both an isk sink and a conflict driver.

If they bother you and you find them useless, just right click one of them in your overview and select “remove from overview”. Problem solved! No more accidental warping (you shuld seriously look into that as it may be a serious problem in the future).


Extremely rude sir. I asked a question and then you make fun of me?

Welcome to Eve.



Ctrl+click and press F1 to remove from overview

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While the are an isk sink they are almost never a conflict driver, and that is the final word on the ‘fixed it for you game’, thanks for playing, even though you all lost except me.


So they are a conflict driver sometimes?
That means they are a conflict driver.

If you classify that as ‘extremely rude’, then never venture onto /r/eve

Yes OP…how dare you ask a EVE related question on the EVE forums! What were you thinking? Always spend hours researching any question about EVE you may have and if you dont find an answer, spend hours more before considering asking questions. And then, make sure you word your question in a way that makes these vets who know the game by heart feel like big shots and maybe they wont talk down to us pee-ons for asking questions!

Out out of hi sec, for that matter.

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There is a section called “New Citizens Q&A”, where unbelievably, questions from people new to Eve are gladly answered by those vets who frequent that section. This section is called “General Discussion”, for discussing more important subjects like if local should be removed, how cloaking destroys the game, how the Rorqual and Falcon need yet another nerf, if EvE is - finally - dying or not, etc.

Asking what the use of customs offices are is the equivalent of “which key is the any key again”. It might be expected in an introduction to computers class, but not in the final year of a comp sci degree. Go away.

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