PVE section need one more catergory

Since there is no common place for it, the PVE section need another category for things related to FOBs and Pirate Sotiyos because it’s a player vs environment thing.


I proposed “fixing” FOBs by spawning a number of anoms and sigs along with it in order to deplete its defenders, to the point its doable by bunch of disorganized locals. Or even its being exposed to removal by CONCORD.

Combat anoms to reduce defenders numbers and stop them from respawning indefinitely.

Data sites to expose its pocation to turn it to a beacon in local, to stop its combat mods from functioning.

One of the features with FOBs and especially Sotiyos is them being hidden. In good days of olde one had to run a sysyem wide scan to find if there are any signatures. That could be a way not to expose their presence too early, their signatures could be hidden and needed to be discovered first.

Sotiyos are fine afaik, but FOBs lack incentive to run them, ie reward is ship.

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Instead of combat sites I would use missions. You can do lots of cool things with them like rescuing civilians, helping navy ships to defend a structure from the pirates, do reconnaissance on the FOB and so on. All that can be used to wear down the capabilities of the FOB and create lots of good PVE with a meaningful goal.


Yeah, something like this would also be awesome.

Or Agency Event-like. Or System limited Incursion-like. With a progress bar of players participation. Or a progress bar for pirates crippling system infrastructure, like lowering effective security status temporarily, if not taken care of in time.

Meaningful is the key word, in every activity actually. Can’t stress this enough. @CCP_Ghost presentation in Evesterdam this year was quite inspiring in that meaningfulness is something they are now at least taking into account, sort of.

Something like an “Advanced AI Warfare & Tactics”, perhaps? I could see that working.


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Sure why not. I didn’t propose any names, just thought they don’t quite belong to PVE ships and fits or missions.

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