PVP turn off feature

You know what you may be right. Highsec should not have PVP!
Additionally CCP must remove missions, anoms, mining, rats/FOB, and everything else that spawns. What a glorious safe no PVP game we would have.

I’d be fine if CCP removed all level 4 missions, anomics, and anomalies and move them to low.

well then it will remain you and Shower_Ben_Dover playng the game and you both can be happy ganking eachother to the death

You should leave EvE and play ED. I do think you would like it more. No PvP, all PvE


People wanting PVP turned off is always going to be present, or at least I hope so anyway. In the same way, there’ll hopefully always be others like myself, that want more opportunities for destruction in the game.

As long as CCP doesn’t satisfy either of us, or the several other competing views about what changes should be implemented, but keeps the tension between all the playstyles, then the breadth and depth of the game will still be there, and EVE will continue to offer something for us all.

So good luck with the request OP. I hope CCP never implements it, just as I hope CCP never removes the value of PVE from the game either by allowing me to purchase all ships directly without other players involved in producing them.

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We could do with a classic server where we can enjoy EVE again the way it was meant to be played.

Sure, lets destroy EVE as is, and then create a new server or new EVE-universe game for those who played EVE for what made EVE EVE so they have to start over from scratch and pay us $$$ again.

Good plan, assuming the players would be that stupid.

Meanwhile and alternative for carebears from EVE-universe exists and it is called EVE Echoes.

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Even if CCP wanted to do it, I doubt that an older “classic” version of the codebase would even run on current generation hardware.

So they’d need two entirely distinct development branches of the current game, doubling the number of game designers and devs involved.

By the same token, if CCP implemented a classic/harsher/colder/darker version of the game, we could hardly object to also moving the modern version in a PVE only direction; and that would result in sharding of the playerbase in a way that I think would be pretty detrimental to everyone.

The tension between playstyles would be gone and neither instance would offer what TQ currently does.