QoL Industry : Automatic On Docking - Unload ore / Corp ore tax

This is to extend functionality of mining ledger, and reduce spreadsheet work to implement an ore tax/contribution model for corporations.

Restriction : Corp members only

On pilot tethering, allowed certain automatic actions:

  1. automatic unload of ore/ice/moon ore/compressed ore from ore hold to personal hangar/corp hangar
  2. automatic transfer to corp hangar of ore, percentage determined by CEO/director. (0-100%)
  3. log each transfer for time, amount, location, pilot name in new section of mining ledger
  4. display floating text to player on what was transfer, in what quantities, and how much was taxed.

Create a new setting under the mining ledger, ore transfer management:
Pilot only settings

  • toggle on/off automatic ore transfer (select station with corp ownership / office)
  • toggle on/off automatic ore transfer all stations

Corp only settings

  • toggle percentage ore/moon ore/ice/compressed ore/compressed ice taken (corp only)
  • toggle start time and expiration time for automatic corp take (so that rules only kick in for corp ops)
  • toggle on/off ore hold scan only, cargo hold scan only, or both
  • toggle applicable stations (corp only) , since some corps may only wish to turn it on for certain stations.
  • toggle on /off all stations
  • toggle on / off ship types, to prevent accidental double taxing (default exclude freighters, include exhumers, rorquals, orcas, porpoise)
  • trigger calculate Reconcile deposit vs mined : prompt for start / end date, displays chart of percentage and amount deposited by player vs mined in a time frame.

Display :slight_smile:

  • Total ore mined, total ore taxed, type of ore / ice / compressed ore, est. appraisal value, pilot name
  • pilot can only see self
  • officers can see all members in corp with contribution > 0


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You do know that you do not have to dock to unload your cargo, though I’m not sure if it also works with Ore hold, “Deposit Cargo” should be there as an option (atleast for Player structures) if close enough. This “Deposit Cargo” was a feature added, I assume, as a means to counter ACL-lockout that courier-scammers used to do. Read here

Most of this is already possible through the Ledger

OMG! A new, innovative crazy idea to flame on. These don’t come along very often.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

You can in fact empty your ore hold using the Deposit Cargo function. The only reason to dock while mining is to manipulate your ship fitting or manage hangar inventory, or to reship of course.

Fair. I was spending most of the conceptualizing on the other aspects.

One word changed in revision, from docking to tethering.

That would be worse.

What’s missing in the OP is an explanation about …
… why people “need” this …
… and why something has to be automatic.

It is so that their corp members cannot evade the crushing taxes imposed by the megalomaniac CEO.

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Flashrain is a very imaginative player. She has proposed Pokémon Evolution for Ships, Wild Magic for Weapons, XXL Structures, Weapons-That-Get-Weaker-Over-Time, Ships With Super-Duper Special Abilities!!1!, Autopilot Warp-to-Zero as a QoL change, supported Missileboat Attack Battlecruisers… I can link several other items. I am dying to hear what good reasons exist to justify this “”“QoL”"" change. (FYI: QoL changes are supposed to be straightforward and uncontroversial - contrast with WTZ proposal.)

Flashrain: What need does this fill? And/Or how does this enhance the game (doesn’t seem to) - without also ■■■■■■■ it up?

Smart, creative person.
Puts effort into her posts.

Look at threads made by other people.
Compare that to hers.


Keep going. :slight_smile:

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