Quantum Cores - Updates begin 8 September

In the wake of Korean localization, we saw that ‘small amount’ jump up pretty well.

@Arrendis any way then we can suggest he take a year off …go sit in Fiji on a beach…leave the Dev’s the hell alone.

I don’t get a kill in four days, and I start getting “holy ■■■■, Brisc undocked” jokes from Horde guys in local.


And that’s when you hit 'em with the “I was killing your momma with my alt yesterday.”

So rather than kill two birds with one stone by making asset safety part of the drop mechanic where hangars have a 20% chance of going into a loot bucket (even online strux) and following the ship drop mechanic, you’re going to make all structures double the price? Not everyone is wealthy and in the case of refineries, the moon mineral prices have dropped significantly already, making them less likely to break even or profit already.

I guess you’ll have to address all the loot drop theft whining that will happen again as well since all but XL can be scooped by a DST or smaller.

… and they purposely forgot about w-space, and the back-pedaling on that is just a ruse for the benefit of the Eve community.

It is all carefully planned and strategized.

There is no issue with people attacking larger then small structures? Anything bigger then small already drops a lot and seems to be worth the trouble. What happened to abandoned? This seems pretty ridiculous. And how do you get cores into WHs that you built your structures in because of owning it for so long and holes are too small for larger ships to get through. Way to punish WH again.

I’d be okay with upping the price to get into structures, but you have to roll back the nerf on them and double the building inputs, not this. Why would the counsel think this was a good idea?

Because it is. It provides incentive to destroy structures, and conflict is content. The only people it’s a problem for are the PvE-only farmers who don’t belong in EVE.

Other then small structures there is already a significant amount of isk from drop and salvage from structures. This isn’t needed to drive content on anything larger then small structures.

totally agree, how foolish of them not to ask you how they should play… the nerve of some people